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Bridge Constructor builds a Portal package of titles

The Portal adaptation of the addictive Bridge Constructor is one of the best game mash-ups I’ve played – you really can’t go wrong with Portal – and now a physical release of the game is headed to stores. If this wasn’t reason enough to pick up the bridge building puzzler, there’s two more reasons why […]

Slime-san slithering on to Xbox One soon


You might have noticed that I’m old enough to remember when games relied mainly on playability rather than sparkly graphics and gimmicks. Games like the Dizzy series were primarily presented in one or two colour glory. Headup Games and, developer, Fabraz have today announced a game very much in the Dizzy mold. Slime-san. Slime-san is […]

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic releasing March 3rd on Xbox One

Pixel Heroes, from developer The Bitfather and publisher Headup Games, will be hitting digital shelves on March 3rd, bring it’s nostalgia inducing, amusing, retro-style RPG to Xbox One. You can get a taste of what’s the come, and the kind of humour involved, in the trailer below: This Roguelike RPG promises a world full of […]

Elder Games hand us Solar Shifter EX

Elder Games have been around for a little while now, since 2007 in fact. They are behind the critically acclaimed real time strategy game, Meridian: New World on Steam. They’ve teamed up with publisher Headup Games to bring a new sci-fi shoot ’em up to Xbox One. Called Solar Shifter EX, you are tasked with […]

Bridge Constructor review

As the name suggests, Bridge Constructor is a game about building bridges, how hard can that be? Playing through the game gave me a new perspective on the structures and shapes of bridges – they aren’t just built to look nice – the metal girder structures and reinforced cables have been placed with physics and […]