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Gobble up PAC-MAN 256 on Xbox One soon


He’s coming up to 36 years old. 36! Who would have thought that PAC-MAN would have stood the test of time when he was initially conceived way back in 1980? He’s had cartoons, more titles than you can shake a stick at and even a wife with her own spin-off games. Quite a fun-packed ride for such a simple concept.

To coincide with the wee yellow one’s 36th anniversary, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe are bringing PAC-MAN 256 to Xbox One. This latest version of PAC-MAN is a faithful console representaton of the popular mobile version, even down to the almost infamous “256 Glitch”.

PAC-MAN 256 will feature our little yellow friend with the voracious appetite munching his way through Pac-Dots and Power-Pellets. Even after all this time, he will still need to be nimble enough to avoid the notorious Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. The Xbox One version will allow up to 4 friends playing in a local co-op multiplayer mode. You’ll be nudging each other out of the way to grab a whole host of crazy power-ups though.

Full social sharing will be available in-game as well as 10 unlockable themes.

The game is being developed by 3 Sprockets, developers of Fight the Dragon and Cubemen along with Hipster Whale who are famed for the popular Crossy Road mobile games.

Director at 3 Sprockets; Seon Rozenblum;

We have really enjoyed working with Bandai Namco Entertainment and Hipster Whale on PAC-MAN 256 for mobile, and having the opportunity to ship it on the latest generation of consoles and PC is the icing on the cake for us! We can’t wait to see how much fun players have with it.”

PAC-MAN 256 will be heading to Xbox One on the 21st of June. Here’s a taster of the fun it will bring.