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How to Survive 2 infecting a console near you.

505 Games and Eko Software have announced today that How to Survive 2, the cult Zombie Co-Op Crafting Survival game, is coming to consoles in February 2017 after a successful release on Steam back in September 2016. Sequel to the multi-million selling How to Survive, the game is set 15 years after the first game and players now find themselves trying to survive a massive Zombie infestation in Louisiana.

15 Years on and the local infection that started in Los Riscos’ archipelago has now turned into a worldwide pandemic. Everyone around the world, groups of people or lone wolves, try to survive one more day among the infected, attempting to recover a semblance of normal life. You find yourself in Louisiana and your survival chance starts by building a safe camp and becoming a skilled survivalist.

Key Features.

  • Multiplayer is here! You can invite up to 16 players to access your camp and 4 of you can play simultaneously.
  • Teamwork: all players can contribute to a bigger, better camp and can perform co-op actions and strategies.
  • New improved camera follows your character, allowing you to zoom in and out on the fly!
  • New randomized environments: from the unforgiving Mississippi Delta bayous to the abandoned streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter.
  • Create your own character: learn new and different skills to specialize as you level up and equip with scavenged and handcrafted armor, tools and weapons.
  • A new deeper crafting system will allow you to use items and materials to create hundreds of items, tools and weapons to upgrade your character and your base camp.
  • Set-up, upgrade and protect your camp as you want: choose from a wide upgradeable variety of traps, barricades, obstacle and workshops that will open different skill trees and allow you to create more materials and items.
  • Quests and infinite random raids.
  • Night & day cycle and weather conditions.

Players will have to scavenge for resources, craft tools and weapons, build base camps, and interact with the many colorful characters that populate the area. Players of the original game will discover that series favorite, Kovac, the masked stranger & author of the ever present survival guide will also be on hand to help players outlive the zombie plague.

How to Survive 2

How to Survive 2, will be coming to Xbox One in February 2017 at a price of £11.99.  Anyone who pre-orders through XBLA will get 2 free pieces of DLC content, which will unlock pets, headgear, and an upgradable weapons that your characters can equip. For further information check out the official How to Survive 2 website.

How to Survive Review


How to Survive, a title produced by 505 Games, the same guys that brought us Payday 2, and developed by Eko Software is another Zombie survival game newly released onto the Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a title that’s taken many of our wish list features/game-mechanics and attempted to pack them into one small bundle.

In How to Survive, the player is pitted against a shuffling horde of zombies and other scary creepers on a (mostly) deserted chain of islands. It’s an engaging title that keeps you playing right through to the end, albeit with its flaws, it’s a good game all round. Players must run, smack, and shoot their way through undead mobs to escape before the never-ending procession of ghouls rips them apart.

In an interesting decision Eko Software chose a top-down perspective for gameplay and kept the controls reminiscent of old isometric games. The design is simple but easy to use and frustration-free. Instead of aiming in free-form mode, players can only aim in a 360 degree radius around them. Players are able to see where they are aiming via a thin white line showing the direction and this will change depending on whether or not they’ve aimed long enough to land a critical shot. Close combat consists of swinging various melee weapons from sticks, machetes to flaming branches. This is a little more frustrating and will have players manically bashing the corresponding button or holding it down for a stronger swing.

How to Survive Screen 2
Ranged weapon aiming is simple. Time to spill some brains.

Recently State of Decay introduced survival on a group scale seeing players having to scavenge for multiple supplies and resources to help manage a group of survivors and keep everyone happy. How to Survive has instead gone for a simpler, more effective, method of including a basic needs system: thirst, hunger, and fatigue all slowly drain at unequal rates. This forces the player to hold enough food and water to sustain their adventure while making sure they can reach a safe-zone to sleep in once fatigue threatens to overtake them. Due to the small size of the islands and an abundance of resources, you’ll never have trouble fulfilling a given need unless you’re truly careless.

One of the most fun inclusions from Eko Software is the crafting system. Players will find a slew of items around the various islands which can be combined in specific ways to create a wide variety of different items. Some items only require the right combination of parts to create while others, like certain potions, require the player to unlock the right skills or play as a certain character. How to Survive doesn’t hold your hand in discovering new recipes, so there is an engaging element of discovery through the first two thirds of the game. However, once you’ve found most of the crafting guides and items available to use, the limits of the mechanic become a little too apparent. The crafting recipes certainly have breadth, but lack depth of choice. Some of the weapons that can be crafted make the game that little more appealing and add to the overall enjoyment.

How to Survive Screen 3
Combine different items to create truly devasting melee weapons.

What How to Survive absolutely nails and gets right, is that it makes killing zombies fun. It doesn’t over complicate things and whilst scavenging for resources and crafting new armour and weapons is great, they all lead to one thing: wrecking walking corpses. The gameplay, sounds, and animations combine in just the right way to make shooting and stabbing zombies addictive. Before you know it, you’ll be 5 hours in and enjoying the mindless gore that comes with each and every zombie massacre.

In How to Survive there are five different types of enemies ranging from the slow mindless walkers we’ve come to know and love right through to the Resident Evil-esqe figures that clamber around on all fours only at night. What How to Survive does well is handle them all effectively and not bombard the player to soon. The campaign is mostly filled-in with small groups of zombies, some of which may sport chest and/or head armour. They usually only require a few swings from an axe, but explosive enemies and above mentioned photophobic night-crawlers add enough variety to require thoughtful and varied strategies. Tangling with limited types of enemies may feel a little stale towards the end, but the game clearly maximizes their potential. On top of great pacing, the final boss fight is a ridiculous, over-the-top satisfying bloodbath of zombie guts. Bring on the gore!

How to Survive Screen 1
Don’t linger in the dark for too long. Trust me.

There isn’t a single defining or standout feature/element to How to Survive, which will put it above other titles in the race to be king of zombie gaming culture, but each one on their own works and they interact in a way that makes How to Survive well worth the $15 it will cost you on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you found State of Decay tedious and just need a quick zombie fix before Dead Rising on the Xbox One, this is the game for you.

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How to Survive DLC Announced

How to Survice DLC Artwork

Listen up survivors! 505 Games and Eko Software have provided us with  supply drop in the form of a new DLC pack. We can now equip ourselves with a fireproof suit and learn the skills to craft incendiary bullets. Whoop whoop, I’ve always imagined myself lighting Zombies on fire and then walking through the flames for that ‘hardcore effect’.

  • Heatwave DLC single character – Purchase a new, fireproof suit for Abby, Kenji or Jack for and learn how to craft incendiary bullets — $.99
  • Heatwave DLC three characters – Purchase fireproof suits for everyone and learn how to craft incendiary bullets — $1.99

Developed by Eko Software, How to Survive puts players in the center of the action as someone who, after an accident, finds themselves on an island amidst a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia … but there are other inhabitants, many who are undead. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a brain-hungry horde of zombies to get the adrenaline flowing … What will you do? Who will you trust? How will you survive?

Keep your eyes peeled to ThisisXbox over the coming days for our review of How to Survive.

How to Survive Kenji DLC

XBLA – How To Survive Released Today

505 Games, a global publisher of video games, today announced the availability of How to Survive, a third-person action adventure game that tests players’ ability to stay alive in a world where the outbreak of an unknown virus has turned most of the population into ravenous zombies. How to Survive is available on the XBLA for Xbox 360.

In order to make it through the day and night, gamers must learn to fulfill their most basic needs such as seeking food, water and shelter, as well as finding an incredible variety of items to combine into dozens of handmade tools and weapons – scrap metal, tubes, bolts, fertilizer, tires, harpoons, and empty bottles are just some of the many items scattered about, but how you use them determines whether you wind up dead, alive or undead.

How to Survive puts players in the centre of the action as someone who, after an accident, finds themselves on an island amidst a small archipelago off the coast of Colombia … but there are other inhabitants, many who are undead. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by a brain-hungry horde of zombies to get the adrenaline flowing … What will you do? Who will you trust? How will you survive?

XBLA News – How To Survive Trailer

How would you adapt to survive on a Zombie infested island? Players must fulfil their most basic of needs – food, water and shelter – and make use of anything & everything they can get their hands on to craft & combine weapons and tools, from handmade shotguns to fishing rods or Molotov cocktail; just to make it through the night.

Along the way players will encounter an ensemble of characters, some friendly, some less so, including the mysterious Kovac; author of the How to Survive guide.  Will his work lead you to safety?

How To Survive is scheduled for release later this year on XBLA

XBLA: How To Survive This Autumn


And still more Zombie games are due to grace our screens with their slow methodical, aimless wandering in search of flesh and brains. Yesterday 505 Games announced their latest title; How to Survive, due for release later this year.

Featuring a robust crafting system, unique survival guide and a host of playable characters, How to Survive strands players on a remote archipelago off the coast of Colombia in the aftermath of an unexplained accident … but you’re not alone. In order to survive, you must fulfill the most basic of needs – seeking out food, water and shelter, as well as crafting dozens of tools and weapons from fishing rods to Molotov cocktails. Players can also team up with other survivors in local and online multiplayer story and challenge modes to take on a growing array of the infected.

How to Survive is being developed by EKO Studios and is due for release this Autumn.

With Undead Labs releasing State of Decay any day now onto Xbox Live Arcade, is there room for another pure survival Zombie game? Let us know after checking out the screenshots below.