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Colour us intrigued, Hue is coming to Xbox One


If you’ve ever used a computer for any image-processing, you may have seen the colour-wheel mechanic. This allows you pick and choose colours from a wheel of spectacular colour. Developer Fiddlesticks, takes this concept and applies it to the story of Hue.

Everyone who he encounters can only see in greyscale, but the world of this hero is far from black and white. As Hue, your mother has disappeared and its your job to solve this riddle. Piece together her discarded research and discover the ability to see the hidden colour in the world.

Once you can do this, you can change it to alter reality. As you shift between shades, obstacles slip between pigments, rifts form and hazards slide in and out of reality. Meet a cast of imaginative characters on your journey to uncover more details involving Hue’s mother.

This world is filled with devious and inventive puzzles. Manipulate objects, unlock new areas and interact with new aspects of the environment. Hue will also offer support for a multitude of colour-changing LED-devices on the Windows version and will also offer a full colour blind mode on both Windows and console. This mode will use unique symbols as a visual aid.

The game will feature the voice talents of Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, two of the UK’s best TV talent. All of this, on top of 30 original music tracks, composed exclusively for the game.

Fiddlesticks’ Director, Dan Da Rocha;

Hue has been almost universally loved whenever we’ve taken it out to shows. So we’re incredibly excited to be finally getting into people’s hands properly. We’ve spent the last couple of years in Hue’s world. It’s going to be brilliant to welcome some more visitors.

Hue, developed by Fiddlesticks and published by Curve Digital, will release on Xbox One on the 23rd of August priced $14.99/£11.99.

Chariot gets immersive Philips lighting system

Philips have announced that their lighting system, Philips Hue, is being integrated into Chariot – what they are aiming for sounds a little similar to where Microsoft were pitching IllumiRoom – the impressive immersive light show that was demoed at E3 2013.

Take a look at Philips Hue in action:

Ok, so it doesn’t draw an expanded gaming environment from your TV, but it does create an immersive ambience to your gaming environment, similar to the Ambilight technology in their TVs.

By using the lights in your room, Philips Hue interacts in real-time with Chariot to create a new gaming experience, which for now, is exclusive to Xbox One. As plants bloom, vibrant colour fills the room, and when enemies attack the lights blink red – whatever happens onscreen is reflected in a glowing light show in your room.

Chariot has been a great title in our ID@Xbox portfolio since it launched into Games With Gold last year. We’re thrilled that Frima is pushing the boundaries with this new technology from Philips Hue and are really excited to see it come to Xbox.

Said Chris Charla, Director ID@Xbox at Microsoft.