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Doom multiplayer closed beta incoming

Who’s excited that classic shooter, Doom, is drawing closer to its release date? With the latest multiplayer footage it shows off its classic Doom style and finesse with a few hints of Quake and Unreal Tournament. If you’re one of the lucky few who can take part, you’ll get to dominate everyone in your path […]

DOOM pre-order details revealed

I remember playing DOOM on my very first Windows PC. I used to play it in the dark with surround-sound speakers and scare the pants off myself. It was great. When I learned that id Software and Bethesda were bringing it bang up to date and dragging it kicking and screaming to consoles, I have […]

DOOM blasts its way back onto the scene

The time has come for the closed alpha DOOM tests to begin, This weekend 23/10/15 – 25/10/15 people who pre-ordered or purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26, 2014 would have been sent out a code to participate, so check your mail! There seems to be quite a bit to play around […]

Xbox @ gamescom – Doom is soaked in gore

Doom returns looking more like the successor we always wanted and then some. Fast gameplay, gore, shotguns, gore, amazing melee animations, gore, big bosses and your trusty BFG! – did I mention gore? Bethesda and ID Software have outdone themselves this time round, and ID Tech 6 looks amazing. I cant wait – roll on spring 2016!

E3 Bethesda Conference – Doom coming Spring ’16

Doom returns in style as Bethesda and ID returns to the games’ roots. Big ass guns, and lots of blood, that’s what you think of when it comes to Doom. If this is what you’re expecting you won’t be disappointed. Coming to our living rooms in Spring 2016, Doom promises to deliver everything we love […]

Doom Teaser

A short teaser from Bethesda today shows off a snippet of things to come in the upcoming Doom game, I look forward to seeing a lot more gameplay from their E3 showcase on June 14. Those who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will be able to access the beta, coming soon.    

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies review

You’ve likely noticed that we at TiX have a love for Indie games, whether it be titles released via the ID@Xbox program or up and coming games needing support and featured in our TiX crowdfunding spotlight, our staff are big supporters of the Indie scene. To that extent I was invited and asked to review GameLoading: […]

RAGE: The Scorchers – DLC Out Now

Return to the Wasteland to  battle an all new clan; The Scorchers, explore new areas and take  hold of  new weapons. Out now as DLC on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.