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  • Shining Empire – 1000 hour RPG

    Shining Empire – 1000 hour RPG

    Another title that has grabbed my attention on Kickstarter is Shining Empire, a 16-bit retro style RPG taking us back to the glory days of role playing games, that as the games creator describes; It seems like RPG’s nowadays just send you from point A to point B to complete quests. Where is the adventure!? We’re all […]

  • Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 4

    Just Cause 2 meets Battlefield 4

    Here’s another Kickstarter project with an Xbox One planned release should they reach their first “stretch goal”. JetGetters is a fighter hi-jacking game from the creators of No Time To Explain. To be put really simply, it’s all about flying high in the sky and hijacking other players’ vehicles mid-air. Which actually, sounds kind of cool. Unfortunately it […]

  • ID@Xbox Games Preview

    ID@Xbox Games Preview

    Microsoft has released a new video showcasing five games headed to Xbox One as part of their ID@Xbox programme. The five games featured in the following video are: Super Time Force by Capybara Games – An action platformer in which the player controls numerous characters in different time periods. By recording their actions, characters can team […]

  • FORCED coming to Xbox One

    FORCED coming to Xbox One

    We all know about GDC, right? Game Developers Conference? It’s happening right now in San Francisco, so if you didn’t know about it… shame on you. One of this years developer attendees was Danish Indie studio; BetaDwarf, the guys that literally lived, slept and ate together for 3 years to release their epic Action-Arena-RPG; FORCED. […]

  • Zen Studios bring favourites to Xbox One

    Zen Studios bring favourites to Xbox One

    We always like to hear about more games coming to Xbox One and today our friends over at Zen Studios announced we can expect 3 titles from them to grace our beloved console: Pinball FX2, CastleStorm – Definitive Edition & Kickbeat – Special Edition, will all soon be with us via ID@Xbox. In fact CastleStorm – […]

  • New ID@Xbox Plan – FREE Self Publishing For Indies

    New ID@Xbox Plan – FREE Self Publishing For Indies

    Announced at Gamescom, Microsoft is launching a new Independent Developers @ Xbox (ID@Xbox) program for developers to create and publish digital games on the upcoming Xbox One console. Applications for the ID@Xbox program start as of right now, but it’s limited: “For now, we’ll be open to people who have some established track record shipping […]