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Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode One Review


Irrational Games already had an absolute winner with the experience of Bioshock Infinite alone. Their first piece of single player DLC was always going to be a big seller, and many clamouring for their DLC after buying the season pass, it was time. All Irrational games had to do to make the general public giddy with excitement, was mention one word. One name rather, Rapture. So what with the game taking its glorious return to the where it all began, it was time to see if it could live up to the name, and to the expectations of the many who hold Bioshock in the highest regard.

So onto the content itself. Burial At Sea is set just before Rapture becomes the underwater haven that we know it as today, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth are back together again for the adventure of a lifetime. Their mission is to find a missing young girl known only as ‘Sally’. Booker is well established in this implied alternate timeline in Rapture. He’s known as a bit a sleuth, a private detective that takes on any contract. Elizabeth is more of a mystery, much as she is in the single player campaign. Elizabeth has been given a wonderful fifties makeover. Complete with an elegantly fiendish looking outfit and cigarette. There are some characters and cameos you may recognise, but when I saw them I was pleasantly surprised. So I shan’t be ruining it for any of you fine folk.


Gameplay offers much of the same in the way of weapons and vigors. The return of splicers does add to the excitement somewhat. Not that it changes much of the gameplay, it’s just feels good to dive right in at these bastards again. Ammunition is quite scarce here. This leaves you to come up with creative ways of tangling wih your foes. Such as luring them to a wet patch and using Shock Jockey to send several thousand volts of electricity to their brains. This section of the review is of course short. As I’ve said, there’s nothing new here. We’ve all played this before, it works well and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Rapture looks just as stunning as it always has. Fans of Bioshock 1 and 2 will feel completely at home here. I spent as much time looking out of the windows and staring at the damp décor or Rapture as I did the first time I played the original Bioshock. Rapture as it always has been, is a marvel to experience.image_307100_16x9_940

For all my cries of “it’s very samey”, I don’t feel as though I was cheated out of a good experience while playing Burial At Sea. The story is fantastic, the graphics and the setting are wonderful as ever, gameplay although the same is solid to its core. The only area where this truly falters is its length. With minimal exploration, it can take less than an hour and a half to get through the entire thing. Although if you choose to play it in the true Bioshock way, it can take a lot longer. There is of course a lot to see, many audio files and bits of gear to find sprawled around the wet landscape. To sum it up in a sentence, Burial At Sea – Episode One is a good piece of DLC. It’s very short, but that is compensated for by the excellent narrative. The size of the content isn’t worth its price, I’m afraid. But it is still an excellent piece of work to play through. I can’t wait for episode two.


ThisisXbox Top Ten: Video Game Companions

After having spent some time playing the astounding Bioshock Infinite (which we scored a staggering 10/10), it got us thinking about about Elizabeth’s character. Is she the perfect companion? We thought we’d run through gaming’s most extravagant companions to see how she would stack up to the rest. We define a companion as either an AI controlled partner or just someone talking down a headset to help enhance the story and your objectives.

Let’s run down the top 10 right now.



Rush (Megaman 3, 1990)



Rush is Megaman’s trusty robotic dog who would appear to help Megaman get past tricky obstacles by using his ability to transform into a submarine and by using his springboard coil to bounce extremely high. Rush has appeared in almost every Megaman game since and has also made a handful of cameos in several Capcom fighters.



Captain John Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 2007)

Captain PriceIf you were ever asked to name one Call of Duty character, 9 times out of 10 you would name Captain Price. A former member of the SAS, Captain Price is a no-nonsense soldier that alongside Soap MacTavish, goes through hell to stop the man who initiated World War III, Vladimir Makarov. Captain Price’s quick quips and charming British narcissism makes him a favoured companion amongst this list.



Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved, 2001)



Cortana is a digitized clone of Dr. Elizabeth Halsey, who became centric to the Halo universe since the beginning. Guiding Master Chief on his journeys through thick and thin. Even having something of a starring role in 343’s Halo 4. Cortana is a fan-favourite amongst the Halo fandom, and it seems that she will be for a long time to come.



Claptrap (Borderlands, 2009)

ClaptrapClap Trap (CL4P-TP) is a Hyperion manufactured general purpose robot that you will often see slumming around town in the Borderlands series. His particular brand of humour which involves outdated pop-culture references and pushing dubstep upon the player, has made him accepted annoyance. Borderlands fans often speak highly of Claptrap, and it’s clear that with the unavoidable Borderlands sequels to come, Claptrap will definitely be involved.



Miles “Tails” Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 1992)

TailsTails appears to be some kind of genetically mutated fox with two tails (hehe, I get it) that give him the ability to fly. He is one of the most famous sidekicks in history, next to Robin and Luigi, he may be THE most famous sidekick. If you weren’t aware (which I astonishingly wasn’t until I was way into my 20’s) that his name is actually a play on words meaning ‘miles per hour”, you may facepalm yourself into oblivion, much like I did. Tails wormed his way into our hearts with his annoying cries of “SOOOONIIIIIIIIIC”, and he will forever live there. What a guy.



Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect, 2007)

Garrus VakarianGarrus Vakarian is the popular Turian from the Mass Effect series. A former C-Sec soldier and the most badass member of the Normandy crew, Garrus had military training at fifteen and is the crew’s resident sniper. A character so awesome, that he brushed off horrific facial scars with a witty comment like  “Ah probably for the best. They were all ignoring you and hitting on me. ‘Bout time you got a fair shot.” when referring to the lovely space ladies. Garrus is cool, calm, collective, funny, and extremely badass. It’s a shame he couldn’t be higher up the list.



GLaDOS (Portal/The Orange Box, 2007)

GLaDOSWell this is a first. An antagonist making it as a top companion. GLaDOS is the central core to the inner working of Aperture Science. The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System lives solely to test. When the protagonist Chell awakens from a coma, GLaDOS is ready and waiting to throw test after test after test at the newly awakened mute. It is truly GLaDOS’ humour that makes this machine a top companion, the writing staff at Valve truly have created a character for the ages in this machine. They certainly couldn’t top it. or could they?

As an added extra, check out this amazing post credits song performed by GLaDOS herself.



Otacon (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)

OtaconHal Emmerich, code-named Otacon is a scientist and chief engineer of Metal Gear REX. Also best friend of Solid Snake. This relationship makes for some of the most hilarious codec conversations in the entire series. Listening to Otacon’s conversations with Snake about being trapped in compromising positions and even about Otacon urinating all over himself, means that the bond between the two makes for one of gaming’s best relationships.



Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite, 2013)

ElizabethElizabeth didn’t quite make it to number one, even though she is gaming’s most perfect companion. Her relationship with Booker DeWitt develops as the game goes on. Her frail naivety develops into a strong independence. Her knack for not just being a damsel in distress is what makes her interesting. Booker wouldn’t survive his journey in Columbia without Elizabeth, and it’s easy to see why she is one of the most popular new characters in the last few years. I would hope that her story doesn’t end with Infinite, and that there are at least some glaring references when 2K make the next installment in the series.


Well after all that, who made the number one spot? It’s tough to find a character as whole as Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth. But the number one isn’t even a good character, he makes it there for the sole reason of being the funniest character in the history of gaming. So, let’s check out who it is…


1. Wheatley (Portal 2, 2011)

WheatleyWheatley is hands down the funniest character in gaming history. Voiced by lanky Western English comedian Stephen Merchant, all of his country charm is transfused with the robot nature of a Portal robot. In Portal 2, GLaDOS is still the villain, but Wheatley is the hero that saves the day. Bringing you through several of Aperture Science’s most rigorous tests to help you defeat GLaDOS and end her reign of terror. But don’t take my word for it, just check this out.


Thanks for checking out another ThisisXbox Top 10, come back next week for our next installment.