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Insomniac Games Announces Song of the Deep for Xbox One

Insomnniac Games have announced their new title, Song of the Deep. Over on Xbox Wire, Brian Hastings, Chief Creative Officer At Insomniac Games has written about the lead character, Merryn and how she came to be. Hastings says: Her journey in Song of the Deep is about courage and discovery in a haunting and lonely […]

The fallen machines rise in Sunset Overdrive’s final piece of DLC

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines will be the final piece of DLC for Sunset Overdrive. Coming April 1, the DLC will include a new area to explore, a new story to conquer and a brand new traversal mechanic to master – want to know more? Then take a look at the latest […]

Three Sunset Overdrive Achievements Added, 40% Off For Gold Members

Sunset Overdrive fans, it’s time to throw that disc back into your Xbox One console as Insomniac Games have only gone and added three brand spankin’ new achievements for you to unlock. These achievements are completely free and will be available to unlock the next time you boot up the game. Each of the three […]

This week’s Sunset TV blows the lid on the Mooil Rig DLC

Sunset TV, the weekly in-game update show that can be watched from within the game, has blown the lid off the upcoming DLC – The Mystery of Mooil Rig. Unfortunately for Brandon, the regular Sunset TV host, Major Nelson has popped by to steal the show and unveil the new story mode which includes new […]

Sunset Overdrive Review

I’ve been curious about Sunset Overdrive ever since Microsoft teased it at E3 the other year, it’s a game that looked truly unique, especially when you compare it to every other game hitting retail right now; complete insanity in an unbelievably colourful world. It’s always a massive risk when a developer attempts something completely different […]

Sunset Overdrive Hands-On #XboxGamescom

If I had to admit that there was one game I wasn’t particularly interested in or over excited about before travelling to Gamescom this year (because I had already made my mind up from watching E3 trailers) it was Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games. It can be surprising though just how you can get the […]

FUSE Demo – Out Now On the Marketplace

EA and Insomniac Games have released an action-packed demo for the co-op shooter, Fuse. The fast-paced demo allowa players to play online cooperatively with up to four other players, or in a 2-player split-screen mode. Fuse is a co-op action game that allows both co-op and solo players to experience the unique attributes of each […]