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What is in Your Destiny? PC Release, Iron Banana, and Prestige Raid. Again.

It’s Sunday, Guardians! I know this message is a couple of days behind schedule but, like Saladin thinking he was Reaper from Overwatch, I have been pretending to be the Bright Lord of Mordor. B – A – N – N – E – R Much to the dismay of myself (and others?), Iron Banner […]

What is in Your Destiny? Xur, Iron Banner, Level Cap and the Prestige Raid.

It’s Friday, Guardians. We all know what this means; communique from above, and a visit from the beyond. Xuring is Caring What does the Agent of the Nine have for us this week? Vigilance Wing – Pulse Rifle – 29 Shards Foetracer – Hunter Helm – 23 Shards An Insurmountable Skullfort – Titan Helm – […]

Destiny Iron Banner PvP Event Returns

The first Iron Banner PvP event of 2015 is here and Lord Saladin is already waiting for eager Guardians at the top of the tower, you better get grinding though as he’s leaving on 19th January. This crucible-focused event is offering a massive range of legendary gear which can be both purchased and earned as a super […]