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Kim Wu returns in season 3 of Killer Instinct

At the Killer Instinct World Cup today, fans were treated to a trailer for the second announced character for Season 3. Kim Wu returns with a revamped character model wielding her nunchucks as she unleashes her Ultra on Shadow Jago. It is great that her original stage music from Killer Instinct 2 (1996) is still attached to […]

New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Kan-Ra

Ultra-Combo come back again with another updated backstory and this time it is for one of the most hated and raged against characters in the whole game, none other than the trap grappling sorcerer Kan-Ra. Learn how his travels and rivalries began in his newly extended back story. Kan-Ra was a vizier in Babylonian times—an […]

Killer Instinct World Cup is well under way

The Killer Instinct World Cup is live right now in San Antonio, Texas. It’s being live streamed right now for all to see on the Twitch channel of Maximilian_Dood. Right now is the last chance qualifiers for the last four positions and then on to the top 32 tomorrow most of the big players like […]

New Killer Instinct back stories unveils TJ Combo

Finally the one I have been personally waiting for. Thanks to the good folks over at Ultra-Combo, TJ Combo’s new story is up and ready. Tyler-Johnson Garrett was born near Galveston Texas, the birthplace of the first African American Heavyweight Champion—the great Jack Johnson—whom TJ’s dad idolized. TJ’s family was poor and they worked hard, […]

New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Maya

Back after a well needed holiday break the team over at Ultra-Combo bring in more compelling back stories for the characters we love, this time kick starting the process with Maya. A member of a secretive and ancient clan of monster hunters called the Night Guard, Maya has lived her entire life with the knowledge […]

Killer Instinct World Cup

On January 30 – 31 a huge tournament will be taking place in San Antonio, TX playing host to some of the greatest players to ever play Killer Instinct on Xbox One. Such a tournament will also hold a $30,000 prize pool and show off a all new season 3 character in a playable demo. […]

New Killer Instinct back stories unveil Fulgore

Today marks the close of the Season One cast back story updates for Killer Instinct. Much hype has been generated for the Season 2 stories when they drop in the New Year, presumably starting with the heavyweight champ! Fulgore’s new story comes in the form of a dismantling field manual; Retrieval of the cyborg brain […]

Shadow Jago returns

One of the most anticipated updates pre season 3 has been announced for Killer Instinct – Shadow Jago – complete with an updated move list, the update will be free for all who purchased the Day One Xbox Live Gold or the Community Fund Bundle from December 4th. Don’t fret if you didn’t get either of these, you will be able to get […]

New Killer Instinct backstories unveils Spinal

We are back again with more backstories from the great people over at Ultra-Combo, this time bringing you the walking curse that is known as Spinal. In clearer moments, when the insanity of his ancient bane isn’t fully in control, Spinal remembers snippets of his previous existence, before he was cursed, when he was human, […]

New Killer Instinct backstories unveils Sadira

Sadira joined Killer Instinct in 2013 as the first new character to the roster alongside the veterans, today she is used proficiently in tournaments and high level play. Her journey unravels here. Sadira is a cold-blooded assassin who has contracted with Ultratech to quiet whistleblowers, activists, politicians and any other enemies of the megacorporation who might […]