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NEW Proposed U.S. Bill Could Affect Xbox One Mandatory Kinect Requirement


The Xbox One has already had its controversial DRM plans scrapped that overturned the need to connect online every 24hrs and place restrictions on how you share and trade games. Now, if a new law is passed in the United States it could cause Microsoft to rethink their plans for an always connected Kinect peripheral?

The We Are Watching You Act, a U.S bill proposed by representatives Michael Capuano (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) would restrict all technology that can monitor and record data. If the bill were to pass, Kinect would have to provide gamers with an opt-in message and a warning prompt whenever it began recording. Microsoft would also be required to inform users on how data is being collected and who could potentially see it with alternative’s needing to be in place for users who opt-out and choose not to have their data recorded.

[This technology] would essentially observe consumers as they watch television as a way to super-target ads. It is an incredible invasion of privacy,” said a press release on the bill. “Think about how you would feel sharing that information with your cable company, their advertisers and your government.

Source: Escapist

Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect


During the Xbox One unveiling recently, Microsoft gave us a few little snippets regarding the new Kinect sensor for Xbox One which it calls on the official media images an “Xbox Sensor” (so have they dropped the Kinect name permanently we wonder?). The Xbox Sensor will boast a full 1080p HD camera which is a massive improvement to the current VGA camera on the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, 30 FPS, Time of Flight technology and 1:1 tracking over a wider view to enable little or no lagging without needing so much available space!

The only ONE drawback is that should the new Xbox Sensor break, get trampled on, accidentally smashed or thrown in a rage – the Xbox One console will not function without it! UK marketing director for Xbox, Harvey Eagle confirmed the console cannot function without the motion tracking device at a London based event.

Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes,” he said. When asked if Xbox One will accommodate people who perhaps play in their bedroom rather than their living room, Eagle responded: “Yes, absolutely. We use the living room almost as a moniker – that’s where we assume the best screen is in the house.

This requirement should mean that every single Xbox One user will be hooked up to Skype, will be able to participate in all games that are cam enabled, be tempted to buy any Kinect 2.0 games, hopefully it can send picture messages unlike the Xbox 360 Kinect – and my one and only all time dream would be that it recognised under-age gamers and blocked them from Call of Duty!

Via GGSGamer

Kinect 2.0 Dev Kits in Circulation – Game Development Underway


Microsoft has set the wheels in motion with the future of Kinect by circulating dev kits to select studios to release games in time for the sensors release. It’s never been made 100% clear if the future of Kinect is upgradable on current-gen Xbox 360 consoles (since it must be for Windows PC’s), or if Kinect 2.0 is for next-gen Xbox only? Continue reading Kinect 2.0 Dev Kits in Circulation – Game Development Underway

Microsoft Reveals IllumiRoom – Likely Next-Gen Kinect Augmented Features


Remember the post a few months ago about next-gen being so immersive it will plaster your walls with images? Well today, the Microsoft Research team has unveiled what looks set to be the future of Kinect and Xbox using the Kinect Sensor and a projection device. Continue reading Microsoft Reveals IllumiRoom – Likely Next-Gen Kinect Augmented Features

Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images

That’s right, Microsoft has high hopes for the future of gaming and quite literally want’s to plaster the environments from games around you in your own living room. What is said to be an “Enviromental Display” device that sits neatly on top of your tv next to your Kinect 2.0, a recent filing for a new patent states that “An immersive display environment is provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user. The peripheral images serve as an extension to a primary image displayed on a primary display.” Continue reading Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images