RIP Kinect, you had a good life…

It’s a sad day, we’ll sort of, Kinect is no more. Yesterday Microsoft announced that the Kinect will no longer be manufactured. Despite selling 35 million of them it quickly got a bad reputation when ...[Read More]

Kung-Fu for Kinect review

Remember that device that sits above your Xbox One or TV and is used most of the time to pick up you shouting commands at Cortana to watch TV or record some amazing feat you had done, well that device...[Read More]

Beatsplosion for Kinect Review

I imagine that like me, most of you had a great Christmas. You probably got some great presents (and maybe some socks) and you probably ate and drank way too much. New Year came along and all of a sud...[Read More]

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 review

Fruit Ninja is one of those games that you need “just one last go” and it was the only Kinect game I bothered to regularly play on my Xbox 360 – mostly when friends were over for a few drinks – it was...[Read More]

Blue Estate review

There are only two reasons I use Kinect on the Xbox One at the moment, voice commands which work perfectly and Fantasia: Music Evolved which is just brilliant. Without those it’s a bit redundant. I ho...[Read More]

Which Kinect Games Will Stand The Test Of Time?

When the motion controlled Kinect technology first came to fruition in 2010 there were high hopes from gamers. Of course the Wii had really made strides in popularity, but with plenty of Microsoft clo...[Read More]

Xbox E3 2014 Brief – Key Announcements

The Xbox E3 Media briefing kicked off at 5.30pm (after a pre-show) today with some of the most top titles and new announcements. If you watched the LIVE streams as it happened across many different de...[Read More]

Microsoft to Release a ‘Kinect-Less’ Xbox One from June for £349

  Microsoft have been famous for doing U-turns on decisions for the Xbox One platform ever since their disastrous E3 last year. We have seen them back track on almost everything they had original...[Read More]

Blue Estate – Kinect Game Announced For Xbox One

  HESAW and  Focus Home Interactive are proud to present  Blue Estate, the darkly funny rail shooter based on the  Eisner Award-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev. Designed f...[Read More]

XBox One – Media Remote To Be Released Early March

  Xbox Wire have revealed the new Media remote control for Xbox One, which will be released in all regions in early March. The Xbox One Media Remote lets you control video playback for Blu-ray mo...[Read More]

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason

Kinect Sports Rivals Free Trial Experience Launches November 22 The Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will run from November 22, 2013 until March 2014, and throughout this time, players will face monthly...[Read More]

Zumba Fitness World Party Coming To Xbox 360 In November

International publisher of video games, 505 Games, today announced thatZumba World Party, the latest installment of the  multi-million selling international fitness phenomenon will launch on November ...[Read More]

Xbox Fitness For Xbox One Is On A Whole New Level

The Xbox team has today lifted the lid on “Xbox Fitness,” a new online service built exclusively for Xbox One that takes the world’s most popular fitness videos and makes them interactive – to t...[Read More]

Just Dance 2014 Track List Revealed

Ubisoft has recently unveiled the full tracklist for Just Dance 2014, which includes more than 45 top songs and features Lady Gaga’s “Applause.” The dance game franchise continues to include a variety...[Read More]

Fruit Ninja is Now Available on Windows Phone 8

Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 8 has landed out of nowhere. It’s already available on Windows Phone 7 devices for quite some time, but it’s appearance on the newer Windows Phone’s has...[Read More]

Kinect FreeFall Racers – Meet the Squirrels

Deep Silver, with developers Rubicon Organization and Smoking Gun Interactive want you to meet the stars of their upcoming motion controlled racing game Freefall Racers for Kinect for Xbox 360. This w...[Read More]

Ubisoft’s Xbox One Kinect Fighter Within Detailed Thanks To Google Cache

Up until now information on Ubisoft’s Xbox One Kinect title ‘Fighter Within’ was pretty slim – but now thanks to the power of the world wide web and the ever caching Google, wo...[Read More]

Xbox One No Longer Requires Kinect

Another reversal from Microsoft who is listening and really delivering on consumer feedback as part of what could be an initiative to further boost sales of the Xbox One console when it is released la...[Read More]

Microsoft Files Patent for Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses

Remember that leaked document that highlighted Microsoft’s plans for the future of gaming with a schedule of all things Xbox 720 (as it was then) back in June 2012. From the information it conta...[Read More]

Xbox One – Import Your Face And Body Mass Onto Created Characters

Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) of Xbox LIVE today at San Diego Comic Con moderated a panel of developers as they talked about new features for the upcoming Xbox One console. One great feature in particular...[Read More]

Battlefield 4 for Xbox One Includes Kinect Functionality

Dice has confirmed via GameInformer that the edition of Battlefield 4 for Microsoft’s Xbox One console will include Kinect functionality. It hasn’t been greatly detailed nor confirmed if t...[Read More]

Doodle Jump for Kinect Out Now

Doodle Jump, from Lima Sky, is now playable on the big-screen as Doodle Jump for Kinect brings the flagship franchise’s cherished mascot, whimsical art style, and vertically scrolling design to Xbox 3...[Read More]

Xbox One – Lack of Headset in Bundle Due To Kinect

Although the Xbox One in-the-box-contents were revealed a few weeks ago now, the whole kit at launch in the box will include an Xbox One console, Kinect Sensor, Xbox One Controller and an all importan...[Read More]

NEW Proposed U.S. Bill Could Affect Xbox One Mandatory Kinect Requirement

The Xbox One has already had its controversial DRM plans scrapped that overturned the need to connect online every 24hrs and place restrictions on how you share and trade games. Now, if a new law is p...[Read More]

Doodle Jump for XBLA Dated June 28

Lima Sky and D3Publisher has confirmed that Doodle Jump for Kinect is coming to Xbox Live on June 28th, 2013. Now, you’ll be able to jump onto platforms, blast away baddies and navigate a treacherous ...[Read More]

Xbox One – Where Are The Xbox LIVE Avatars?

The Xbox One console was revealed itself in real-life hardware form by Microsoft on May 21st; the E3 Press Brief on June 10th was a focus on top upcoming games for the system when it releases this Nov...[Read More]

Kinect Sports Rivals Announced for Xbox One

The best-selling Kinect franchise is back, made exclusively for Xbox One. The all-new, unparalleled Kinect technology captures your likeness as a champion and thrusts you into sporting events against ...[Read More]

Xbox One – Microsoft Disables Youtube Comments

So it seems that sheep mentality strikes again with all the negativity surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox One conference when the new console was shown to the world on May 21st this year. Dubbed the &...[Read More]

Celebrity Cruises Embrace The Xbox Brand For Family Holidays

I’m no stranger to cruise holidays having taken more than eight in the last few years alone with P&O and Royal Caribbean, but todays great news is that now Xbox and cruising can be combined...[Read More]

Gaming Harlem Shake’s You Might Just Love – Or Hate

It’s quite possibly the most annoying thing to hit the tubes since Gangnam Style, but The Harlem Shake is doing the rounds, it’s here and quite possibly to stay for a few more weeks yet &#...[Read More]

Kung-Fu High Impact Finally Reaches The UK

Going way back to December 2011, received a retail review copy of Kung-Fu High Impact for Kinect, but unfortunately it never was released in stores across the UK. Now what thisisxbox ha...[Read More]

2012 Was The Biggest Year for Entertainment and Games Usage on Xbox

Last year was a whopping great success for the Xbox brand as both Yusuf Mehdi, (Senior Vice President, IEB) and Nancy Tellem, (Entertainment and Digital Media President), took part in the ‘All T...[Read More]

EDGE Sources Claim The New Xbox Will Block Used Games

A report from EDGE today claims that the next-generation Xbox will require a internet connection as standard, and will block used games. The “New” Xbox, Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Next-Box or whate...[Read More]

Kinect 2.0 Dev Kits in Circulation – Game Development Underway

Microsoft has set the wheels in motion with the future of Kinect by circulating dev kits to select studios to release games in time for the sensors release. It’s never been made 100% clear if th...[Read More]

Microsoft Reveals IllumiRoom – Likely Next-Gen Kinect Augmented Features

Remember the post a few months ago about next-gen being so immersive it will plaster your walls with images? Well today, the Microsoft Research team has unveiled what looks set to be the future of Kin...[Read More]

Dead Space 3 – Better With Kinect Video

EA has released a new trailer showing some of the features you can experience with Kinect when Dead Space 3 launches on February 8th 2013. As a gamer you can now add voice to your arsenal and amplify ...[Read More]

NBA Baller Beats Uses Real Ball To Develop Real Skills

Majesco Entertainment has announced today that NBA Baller Beats, the first ever motion-based sports video game where you use a REAL ball to develop REAL skills, is now a playable demo on the Xbox LIVE...[Read More]

Latest Black Ops 2 Patch Now Adds Kinect Camera Support

The latest title update for Black Ops 2 is now live and adds a number of improvements and tweaks as listed below. The entire list of fixes comes courtesy of the official Call of Duty community blog. R...[Read More]

Kinect Sesame Street TV and Kinect Nat Geo TV Season Two Inbound

Microsoft’s new initiative with Kinect to offer it as interactive tv entertainment received a glowing reception earlier this year from families across the country, and was rated 9/10 in our revi...[Read More]

Fable the Journey Kinect Review

Kinect on the Xbox 360 undoubtedly makes a great gift for gamers at Christmas if they do not already own the motion sensor device already. The amount of friends I have that would rather someone else b...[Read More]