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RIP Kinect, you had a good life…

It’s a sad day, we’ll sort of, Kinect is no more.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that the Kinect will no longer be manufactured. Despite selling 35 million of them it quickly got a bad reputation when it’s new version was bundled with the Xbox One.

Microsoft later reversed their decision and unbundled the camera from the Xbox One. It had promise, with the excellent Xbox Fitness and games like Just Dance and Kinect Sports Rivals allowed it to thrive.

Although Kinect is dead, it’s research and parts of its hardware live on through HoloLens and MS’s Hello cameras.

Will you miss it? Will you still continue to use it if you still have one?

Let us know!

Kung-Fu for Kinect review

Remember that device that sits above your Xbox One or TV and is used most of the time to pick up you shouting commands at Cortana to watch TV or record some amazing feat you had done, well that device is called Kinect. It was a concept first introduced back in the days of the Xbox 360 to challenge the very fabric of gaming with hands free motion and voice detection without the need of a controller of sorts in your hand. Its early adoption was great as led to titles such as Kinect Sport, Dance Central 2 and of course my personal favourite Zumba Fitness. However with the introduction of Xbox One the Kinect excitement soon fell away and to be honest I thought we had buried it. However like a phoenix from the ashes Kung-Fu for Kinect has kicked its way through our front door.

Released exclusively for the Xbox One by Virtual Air Guitar, Kung-Fu for Kinect might be recognisable to old 360 Kinect fans as a title originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2011 under the name Kinect Kung-Fu High Impact. However for all you Kinect novices out there the basic concept of the game is that you fight, kick and punch your way through levels of bad guys by flailing your arms and legs in a sort of Bruce Lee manner until they are all defeated.

Kung-Fu Kinect 1

Movement is also controlled by your kicking and flailing arms and depending on what direction you face, allowing you to jump and slide across the screen. However you’re not just limited to kicking and punching and as you progress through the levels you uncover new moves like a ground or double punch. Combine these with character upgrades that you earn as you progress through the game and you start feeling like the next Bruce Lee. Now where’s the one inch punch option?

Kung-Fu For Kinect 2

When you finally clear a level after defeating several waves of bad guys you are then asked to pose for a few photos, fame at last. The next level then starts with the story being told through a comic book style feature and low and behold there you are super imposed into the story. I have to say I do like this feature as it makes the game more personal and brings backs memories of playing one of my favorite games with the kids “You’re in the Movies” on the Xbox 360. The game then flings you back into the fighting in a sort of Groundhog Day scenario but with a different background but hey this doesn’t really matter as I was too embroiled in kicking bad guys Kung-Fu style.

Kung-Fu Kinect 3

The Campaign comes with 22 levels to keep you happy and if that’s not enough the game also offers you 8 replayable challenges and a one shot mode for staging your own finishing moves. The graphics are sharp, crisp and detailed, and even though they won’t win any awards they keep to style and comic book feel of the game really well. The core concept from the original game has been ported across and there is nothing wrong with that as on the 360 I have to say Kinect Kung-Fu High Impact was one of the best games out there for Kinect but that’s where it ends. The whole game has had a facelift and been reprogrammed using Unity Software bringing little extra’s like rag doll physics to the game and because of this the new motion detection is really noticeable. Gone are the days when you needed a small tennis court in your lounge to use Kinect and I was really surprised with just how little space was needed and how clear the movement detection was.

Kung-Fu for Kinect 3

I have to take my hat off to Virtual Air Guitar as they seem to have the Kinect market cornered and even though the games aren’t cutting edge, all the ones that have been released are well polished and more importantly Fun. Kung-Fu for Kinect fits into this category and even though I won’t be seeing myself playing it over and over again, the kids loved it. I other thing I also like about this game is even though the kids are playing video games they have no idea they are also keeping fit at the same time. (Win, win, on them rainy days).

If you are one of the few that still has Kinect on your Xbox One and you’re looking for a get up and go game or a replacement for Xbox Fitness then look no further. What could be better than kicking, punching and jumping your way through a game and getting fit at the same time without even realising?

Thanks to Virtual Air Guitar & Xbox for supporting TiX

Beatsplosion for Kinect Review

I imagine that like me, most of you had a great Christmas. You probably got some great presents (and maybe some socks) and you probably ate and drank way too much. New Year came along and all of a sudden your scales groaned as you stood on them for the first time. At that point a New Years Resolution came along, and you began to look at ways to shift some timber. What do you mean that might be the case for you Moran?

Ok, maybe a little bit, but thanks to Kinect I’ve got a game that will definitely get the blood pumping and some calories shifted.

Beatsplosion for Kinect

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a ninja, in the comfort of your own home then Beatsplosion for Kinect will get you some of the way there. The premise is simple, stand in front of Kinect and bash and swipe at objects as they approach you, while dodging obstacles and trying to score as high as possible. Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. To get a decent score not only do you actually need to hit and dodge, but time you actions well. It takes some getting used to but after some practice you’ll get quite good, all the while you’ll be working up a sweat! Kinect does a great job of doing what it is supposed to do, work. It tracks your movements accurately and for once didn’t cause me any problems during my time with the game. The UI is simple looking but its easy enough to get around, via Kinect or the controller.

Beatsplosion for Kinect (3)

There are three worlds per belt, which increase in temp as you play through the ranks. It starts at 130 bpm and tops out at 200 bpm when you become a black belt. Each belt has three worlds to complete and once those have been defeated you can either play through a quick play level that will thrown random challenges at you or the ’20 Minute Challenge’ which throws 6 levels at you in a row. It’s a great way to get a dally workout, there is also a handy graph in the top right corner showing you how much you have played, perfect for those who want to register activities on a fitness tracker.

When I was given the review, Rich pointed out to me that the kids would probably love this, and when you see the brightly coloured levels, and the large hands your digital self is given you can see why, but once my boys started to play they quickly lost interest, saying they found it too hard, and that was just the tutorial. To be fair, I struggled to get a good score in the tutorial.

Beatsplosion for Kinect (2)

I played through the game on the easy setting, but there is an expert mode available. I think you have to be an actual Ninja to have any chance of getting through it though. The levels have a hypnotic feel to them, with great use of right colours and a good soundtrack that will help you get the blood pumping, its a perfect game for Kinect users trying to get fit, but I’m not sure how much life there is in it, especially with games like Just Dance that are more forgiving.

Thanks to Virtual Air Guitar Company and Xbox for their support

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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 review

Fruit Ninja is one of those games that you need “just one last go” and it was the only Kinect game I bothered to regularly play on my Xbox 360 – mostly when friends were over for a few drinks – it was fun and the motion controls worked really well. Kinect has had quite a rough run since its release and not even the more advanced Xbox One version could save the device from being labeled as a failed gimmick. For those of us that want more than a voice activated remote control, there are a small number of games that are worth playing and Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is a welcome addition, but can Halfbrick and Hibernum Créations inject a new lease of life into the fruit ‘em up?


As you’d expect, multiplayer is at the heart of the Kinect sequel and it returns with Battle and new mode on the block, Party. Battle has a new twist, the power-ups are now power-downs and by slicing one of the super bananas you can impede your opponent by flooding their screen with bombs, reducing the size of the fruit or speeding things up. It makes for some amusing matches, although I would have preferred a few more power-downs – there’s just not enough variety. I also feel that the frequency of the super bananas needs to be higher and made slightly harder to slice. Rather than offering a preset multiplayer experience, Battle should have had its own set of options so you could choose the length of the game and frequency of the super bananas.

The most fun to be had in multiplayer is with Party mode, where four players can challenge each other with the added thrill of mini-games that are activated by striking a special coin. There’s a good variety to them with the weakest being the Ninja pose – Kinect struggled to recognise each position – the most fun is the Ninja stars that you throw at passing balloons, the novelty of throwing rather than slicing was a big hit with my household. Another family favourite was where you have to avoid a spotlight while still attempting to slice fruit – it was most entertaining watching the family duck about while madly trying to slice the fruit.


Outside of multiplayer, Arcade, Classic and Zen mode return. Arcade is a timed fruit-slicing mode. Classic gives you three lives, missing a fruit will lose you a life and hitting a bomb is an instant game over. Zen mode is just you against the fruit in a peaceful timed fruit ‘em up. Each of the modes can also be played, for the first time, cooperatively and also include new power-ups but before you get too far into the quick play modes it’s worth checking out the four new game modes that are introduced by different sensei in the Festival mode.

The four modes see you jumping about dodging spotlights or shurikens, slicing seeds before they grow into bamboo shoots and obscure the screen, or throwing shurikens to pin fruit onto targets. It’s all good fun, although with only four modes there isn’t much variety to them – you will find a more ‘active’ game by playing them and they make for great entertainment watching someone else play.

During any Festival game or while you are trying to top the leaderboards in quick play, you can work toward your next ninja belt – each grade is achieved by completing objectives and each rank rewards you with new blades, backgrounds and shadow effects – you can jump ahead and buy these with star fruit that is collected by playing the game. It’s a nice idea to include player progression and the mission objectives give you something to strive toward but the rewards are rather weak and nothing new from what you were able to unlock from the first title.


At its core, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is the same addictive, fun fruit slicing game but with mutators – it works and does so without making the sequel feel halfbrickedbaked. The mini-games make the action more competitive but spatial awareness is a must. While concentrating on the action onscreen, the wife and I crashed into each other on more than one occasion. It’s a shame there weren’t a few more options thrown in to make the game even more different from its original outing, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it! The biggest strength of the Xbox One edition of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is the addition of four-player multiplayer, which puts Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 firmly at the top of my family’s games pile.

Thanks to Halfbrick Studios for supplying TiX with a download code

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Blue Estate review

There are only two reasons I use Kinect on the Xbox One at the moment, voice commands which work perfectly and Fantasia: Music Evolved which is just brilliant. Without those it’s a bit redundant. I hoped that Blue Estate, developed by HeSaw, would give my Kinect a new lease of life and while it didn’t quite give me another reason to use Kinect regularly, it still ended up being a bit of fun.

The first thing you notice about Blue Estate is that it’s a pretty crass game, the title sequence has a scantily clad pole dancer prancing around and frankly the tone of the game doesn’t improve. The game is a rail shooter based on the Eisner Awards-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev. I’ve never read these comics before and I don’t think I’ll bothering after playing this, it’s just not my kind of style or humour.


You play as self styled “angel of murder” Tony Luciano, he is a bit of an idiot to be honest. He also needs a haircut. He is full of ‘quick wit’ or as I like to call it ’close to the line offensiveness’ no one in the game escapes a put down so at least he is consistent. It’s not all terrible, some of the narration is quite funny and at points reminded me of parts of the Borderlands humour, it just not going to be for everyone – without judging him (too much) Rich really liked it!

While the story and narrative is pretty forgettable, the visuals aren’t. The cartoon art at the start of each menu is gorgeous and each of the seven levels look brilliant too. Water effects are great, the character models are varied and they’re also a treat on the eye.

You can play using the Kinect sensor or by using a controller, but it’s much easier to play using Kinect – there isn’t much to remember either, using your right hand as the ‘gun’ you aim around the screen at the enemies and the game does the rest for you. You don’t have to be completely accurate, if you are fairly close to the head area you’ll get a headshot. To reload, you just drop your hand. The left hand is used for gestures, this can be opening doors, collecting health or lashing out at opponents who get too close. I mentioned earlier that Tony needs his hair cut, and I meant it, at really annoying times his hair covers the screen and needs brushing out of the way, funnily enough it always happens when there are four or 5 opponents on screen. You can duck into cover but it doesn’t work too well, despite getting into cover the game kept forcing me back even though I hadn’t moved. If you have to play with the controller you are likely to enjoy the game a whole lot less, it’s just too fiddly and you constantly feel like you are too slow to react to your opponents – this game is built solely for Kinect!

For the most part your opponents are just goons that you can easily take down, but there are some tougher opponents that require more bullets to take them down. Some enemies throw grenades or have more powerful weapons and the boss levels can take a while to beat. They aren’t very interesting either, you’d shoot at the boss a bit, they run off in a direction and you shoot again, you repeat this cycle until they are defeated. At the end of each level you are given a rank based on different criteria such as biggest combo, number of head shots etc but the more you practice (and the more patience you have) you’ll end up with an S rank eventually, whether you’ll play the game long enough to keep trying is another matter.


As you complete each level the arcade version unlocks, giving you the opportunity to play some quite entertaining game modes. My favourite is ‘Kill to Survive’, a mode where you have to… well, kill to survive. There is no health gauge so you need to keep killing opponents before death becomes you, it’s quite frantic and I found myself saying “one more go!” more often than I thought I would. There are also modes where you can take advantage of Slow-Motion action to beat the clock and a mode similar to the Gun Game from Call of Duty. There are different difficulty levels if you want more of a challenge and online leaderboards to compare yourself to your online pals.

I’ve wrestled with scoring Blue Estate, parts of it I really like but there are just as many parts that I really disliked. If you don’t own Kinect I would definitely avoid it as it’s just too fiddly with a controller but if you do and you can get over the dubious dialogue it isn’t too bad a game although you may find your time being better spent elsewhere.

Thanks to Xbox & HeSaw for supplying TiX with a download code

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Which Kinect Games Will Stand The Test Of Time?

When the motion controlled Kinect technology first came to fruition in 2010 there were high hopes from gamers. Of course the Wii had really made strides in popularity, but with plenty of Microsoft clout behind this one people were expecting a revolution. Originally compatible with Xbox 360, Kinect is now available on Windows and Xbox One. They’ve constantly updated with a string of new versions, leading us to Kinect 2.0 – the second generation which came with the launch of the Xbox One.

Four years on, has it made the dent on the market it wanted and will the output stand the test of time as video game greats? Of course this is mostly a matter of opinion, but some critics praised it and the units flew off the shelves. So there is some justification to say it will have its spot in the Hall of Fame. With that said, it looks like it may have had its time in the sun and is on its way out. We must have had some good times, though, right?

As with the launch of the Wii, motion-sensored consoles and add-ons were routinely seen as entertaining folly for gatherings and social time, hence the popularity of broad-based sports games. Because of this, if you were planning a bet with one of the US’ best online casinos it would be easier to wager the single most played game on the platform would be Kinect Sports. Not flashy, easy to use, and easy to get everyone involved; definitely one of the staples that the Kinect user can’t go without.

The Just Dance series is another hit and again that’s because of the ability to have fun, share and get involved. Kinect deals particularly well with this due to its advanced full-body motion tracking, but it’s not too complex and strikes a good balance between recreation and skill.

Of course Kinect is more than just party games, though, and especially since the release of Xbox One, there has been a surge on the output to satiate hardcore gamers. Child of Eden looks, sounds and plays great, as you blast your way through computer viruses.

Gunstringer has been a fundamental Kinect favourite since its inception, particularly when guys have had too much of being forced to dance around for hours on end. Hell, sometimes they just want to shoot stuff. Point your gun and blast away, just like you did in the playground.

There was more for the young male to get his teeth into, too, as Microsoft teamed up with the ever-growing UFC for the UFC Personal Trainer – killing two birds with one stone by promoting fun and fitness. It was a legitimately tough workout that went beyond what many had offered before, pushing new boundaries and becoming a somewhat realistic tool for real high-intensity training.

Admittedly looking back the quality of games hasn’t been coming thick and fast. There are glaring gaps and many duds. There should be some that are remembered fondly, though. But only history can be the judge of that.

Xbox E3 2014 Brief – Key Announcements

The Xbox E3 Media briefing kicked off at 5.30pm (after a pre-show) today with some of the most top titles and new announcements. If you watched the LIVE streams as it happened across many different devices and website’s – you too might have almost wet yourself with excitement!

The show opened with Phil Spencer on a smaller stage this year, with the purpose of showcasing the passion and creativity of gaming across the world to millions of viewers live from LA. Creators, publishers and gamers were thanked, “humbled and amazed” said Spencer when talking about how Xbox One gamers are shaping the future of Xbox, “we are better for it” – The entire briefing was dedicated to games to make Xbox One the best place to play games this generation.

call of duty advanced warfare

The first look at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was displayed, showing a war torn futuristic environment and truly spectacular visuals. The game is under development from Sledgehammer Games and will be released November 4th 2014. All DLC will reach Xbox gamers first (confirmed). First impressions seemed very positive and this could be the Call of Duty we’ve been waiting for, for a long time – something on the scale of the original Modern Warfare. Imaginative, action-packed and intense. Noticeably drones appear like Kryl in the Gears of War franchise, swarming in large dangerous bursts of evil.

Turn 10 came on stage to state that almost a million gamers a week are gaming on Forza games. Confirmation that Nürburgring track was to be made available today for FREE on Forza 5. It is a motorsports complex around the village of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (google it for more info). The most important Top 10 Studio’s premiere was Horizon 2 with a full day & night cycle and dynamic weather in stunning 1080p. Drivatar has been evolved for the open world and dedicated servers will allow you to play instantly from September 30th 2014. Over 200 cars and open world freedom – Forza Horizon 2 looks every bit as amazing as you can imagine!

Trapper, Medic or Support… EVOLVE announced a Beta and DLC exclusive to Xbox On. Quite dramatically too that made the game look almost like Aliens, from the creators of left 4 Dead.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was the first time you can join your own brotherhood with up to three friends on Xbox LIVE to define the Assassin’s Creed experience for next-gen gaming. Marquis De Bullion was the major character in stealth mode as he crept around various exquisite architecture. The game looks to be the most brutal and dramatic in the history of the franchise; better lighting, improved AI seemed prominent and 4 player split screen sword fights!


Dragon Age Inquisition, with premiere content first on Xbox from October 7th 2014. The brief trailer showed the lighting effects and dramatic sequences of terror that prevails through-out the RPG. Looked quite something, but with just a minute or just over of scenes – it was a little hard to take in all the epicness at once. Looks to be one of the greatest RPG’s on Xbox One I reckon.

Ted Price from Insomniac Games came on stage to present the insane actions of Sunset Overdrive; to take control of an open world with the intention of saving Sunset City. It’s eccentric take on action and fighting through theme parks didn’t make this look the greatest game of the show tonight, due to appearing a little like the odd one out. It is definitely something different, something completely off the wall, but I wasn’t over impressed on the first impressions I had of the gameplay on show. Quirky and colourful, but maybe it’s campaign or 8 player multiplayer experience for looting will win me over on October 28th this year.

All new DLC for Dead Rising 3 is live as of now… it’s name is so long, you’re better off just looking on the marketplace for it. Turns the game into a Street Fighting experience on Xbox LIVE.

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved will be released this October from Harmonix. Dance Central Spotlight, with all new digital tracks smart technology to get new tracks into the game every week – the game will be released digitally on the marketplace this Fall.

Lionhead confirmed that Fable Legends is a place of magic, fairytale and myth to discover the stories and characters of Albion. Soon to be your home in the game; we was introduced to Stirling, a main character who along with Winter, Rook, and Inga (various heroes) you embark upon a whole new quest in a growing, evolving world. The natural world is ready to strike back which must be defeated, all things in Fable Legends appeared to have a serious attitude problem. Lionhead’s vision is to extend beyond multiplayer with an innovative, dramatic mode – in Fable Legends you can be the villain player to control the world from above like a malevolent God. Every challenge is orchestrated by the villain – it’s your job to do the worst with your evil powers. The outcome of adventures depends on the cunning villain or the teamwork of the heroes!


343i came on stage to discuss Halo – Whilst Halo 5 is about Master Chief’s journey; his history and past – the game was confirmed for a 2015 released. In the build up, 343i are retelling the launch of Halo history with November 11th confirmed as the start as Master chief returns in Halo Master Chief collection having all 4 main games included on one disc with a single unified user interface. Halo 2 Anniversary HD will ship with the games original multiplayer and will run at 1080p 60fps on dedicated servers with 4000 Gamerscore across the whole disc. Included in the collection is Halo Nightfall, a live action series from Ridley Scott that will lead right up to Halo 5: Guardians. Last but not least, this december will launch a Halo 5: Guardians Beta to celebrate the Arena legacy with new game modes and features that can only be obtained in the collection disc. The entire Master chief story will be available on Xbox One this holiday and have been re-touched for Xbox One.

Phil Spencer also briefly showed for the 2015 line-up: INSIDE ( a new title from Playdead ) it looked very much like Limbo, but next-gen! Dark and chilling with various ways to escape danger. ID@Xbox came on stage to talk more about the indie scene on Xbox One with a look a fraction of hundreds of new games on the way. Showing just brief clips, it was hard to pick out a favourite…

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Lara Croft is all set to return to Xbox One in a whole new and great outing that looks every bit as deep psychologically as it is going underground to find lost treasure. Not a great deal was shown, but the brief teaser was enough to wet my pants and appetite. One of the best games of the xbox 360 of all time (in the eyes of thisisxbox) my excitement for the next game in the franchise is nothing short of off the scale!


The Witcher 3 was played on stage from Projekt Red and looked like a brighter, more graphically enhanced and vivid Witcher 2. It wasn’t all that exciting or thrilling and appeared like something we already played before. As I hold the Witcher 2 as my all time favourite RPG to date, I still have very high hopes for this release next year.

Phantom Dust has been brought back from the dead and will be released only on Xbox One. For those who remember the original, the latest adventure appeared to be a battle of power on screen. The original was a 3rd person card based fantasy title that brought the action to life vividly in on-screen battles.

Game Director, Ryan Barnard presented more information on Tom Clancy’s The Division – showing further gameplay and areas overrun by hostile factions. New content will be released first on Xbox One. The Division is an upcoming third-person tactical shooter action role-playing video game developed by a handful of Ubisoft studio’s and will be released during 2015. A definite appeal for Ghost Recon fans as The Division appeared like a modernised futuristic version.

Platinum Games announced their Xbox One exclusive creation ScaleBound – filled with dragons and action, it all seemed very exciting.

David Jones and Phil Spencer came on stage towards the end of the show to announce the return of one of the Xbox 360’s finest games – Crackdown! The new Xbox One exclusive Crackdown wasn’t dated, but its over-long illustrious trailer showed it to be coming back as one hell of a title just as great as the original.

…and then it ended!

Microsoft to Release a ‘Kinect-Less’ Xbox One from June for £349

xbox one 80


Microsoft have been famous for doing U-turns on decisions for the Xbox One platform ever since their disastrous E3 last year. We have seen them back track on almost everything they had originally said was integral to their vision of new generation entertainment with the Xbox One. Today, Microsoft have now confirmed that as from June, a Kinect-less Xbox One console will be made available for £349 here in the UK from June 9th.

Despite this decision, Phil Spencer says that Kinect is still an important to the Xbox One vision, and that should users of this new bundle decide they want to experience Kinect and the “full potential” of the Xbox One, they will be to purchase the Kinect Sensor as an accessory later this year.

Along with this announcement, Phil Spencer, head of all things Xbox, has also revealed the following for Games with Gold for June:

  • Free games with Games with Gold**. Since Games with Gold launched on Xbox 360 a year ago, over 12 million people have enjoyed great free games, resulting in nearly 200 million hours of free fun playing Games with Gold titles. We’ve been learning from your feedback and have focused on making improvements each month to the selection of titles. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold for Xbox 360 and as a thank you for helping shape this program, members will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June. The Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 in June are “Dark Souls,” “Charlie Murder” and a bonus game of “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.” We’re pleased to bring Games with Gold to Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One in June. Members will have subscription-based access to free games ranging from top hits to breaking indie stars. The program will launch on Xbox One with “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault.” A single Gold membership will get you access to the free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.


  • Exclusive Discounts. Deals with Gold will also launch for Xbox One in June, delivering discounts for great games each month, with significant savings for Xbox Live Gold members. The first titles offered in June will include “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and a few other surprises. In the coming months, we will offer significant savings of up to 50 – 75 percent off certain titles. This program will continue to be available for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360. And new on Xbox One, we will launch a virtual VIP room exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members where we will feature free games, monthly deals, and other great benefits.
  • Popular entertainment apps will be available for all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. Xbox 360 has been a leader in delivering entertainment experiences for years, with over 170 global entertainment apps and experiences available today. We’re constantly adding new partners and experiences to the growing catalog on Xbox One. Coming in June, anyone with an Xbox will be able to access popular entertainment experiences – whether or not you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. This includes great gaming apps like Machinima, Twitch and Upload, popular video services like Netflix, Univision Deportes, GoPro, Red Bull TV and HBO GO, sports experiences like the NFL app for Xbox One, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time, NHL Game Center and more.*** Microsoft experiences including Internet Explorer, Skype, OneDrive and OneGuide will also be available to all Xbox customers.



Blue Estate – Kinect Game Announced For Xbox One



HESAW and  Focus Home Interactive are proud to present  Blue Estate, the darkly funny rail shooter based on the  Eisner Award-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev. Designed from the ground up to exploit the unprecedented accuracy and precision of  Kinect for  Xbox One.

In Blue Estate, the players will play as Tony Luciano, the homicidal maniac son of LA’s crime boss Don Luciano, and Clarence, a broke ex-navy seal who has been hired to clean up Tony’s mess. While Tony wages war with the Sik gang in an attempt to get back his kidnapped “Helen of Troy”, Clarence has to try to end that war against increasing odds.

While experiencing the smoothness of motion control in a rail shooter, using the unique motion sensor capabilities of the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One®, the player will enter a fight for his life against the most absurd and dangerous enemies, such as scar covered champions that fight-to-the-death, Tony’s own hair and Chihuahuas that are too happy to see you. Players are given a series of primary and secondary weapons to help make their way through the hilariously perilous missions which will come in handy defeating the bosses who’ll try to end your game and your life. But sometimes firepower isn’t enough, so think before shooting and use cover to prepare your strategy, reload often, and try not to get turned into grated cheese.

A killing spree is always better when shared, and that’s why Blue Estate offers the opportunity for a second player to join the fun, through a cooperative mode where every headshot counts to show who’s the best trigger in da house!

XBox One – Media Remote To Be Released Early March


Xbox Wire have revealed the new Media remote control for Xbox One, which will be released in all regions in early March. The Xbox One Media Remote lets you control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One. Additionally, there are dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons. The OneGuide button provides one-touch, quick access to your TV shows and movies through the Xbox program guide.

The Media Remote can also control TV/Receiver power and volume through Kinect, which uses IR blasting to send signals to your TV and/or receiver. The easy-to-use remote control has a familiar design with a soft, silicone finish that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. As soon as you pick up the remote, the motion-activated backlit buttons illuminate, allowing it to be used in the darkest of rooms while playing games, watching TV shows, movies and more.

The Xbox One Media Remote will retail for $24.99 ERP in the US and available in stores around the world. (Estimated retail price. Actual retail prices may vary.)