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Armored and Beast Titans bring it to Attack on Titan

Popular Anime series Attack on Titan is finally releasing onto Xbox One after launching in Japan earlier this year. The game’s campaign extends slightly beyond the anime, with additional missions that have you match up against the Armored Titan – first seen in season one of the anime – and the Beast Titan, a foe that […]

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend PC release announced

Koei Tecmo America have announced the release date for their upcoming tactical action title, based on the popular anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Following the story of the young prince of Pars, Aslan, as he is forced out of his kingdom, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend seamlessly blends the fast paced action indicative […]

BladeStorm: Nightmare review

Cast you minds back to 2007 and you may recall a Koei game that wasn’t a part of its famed Warriors series; instead they brought us a more tactical battlefield romp focused on The Hundred Year War between England and France. Well eight years later and this title has re-emerged on Xbox One, complete with […]

Dynasty Warriors 8 Livestream

It may have suffered a slight delay, but Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is looking pretty good. Check out Koei Tecmo’s stream of an hour of gameplay using a incomplete build of the game.

Bladestorm’s release slips by two weeks

It seems Koei Tecmo have been hit with another delay – Bladestorm Nightmare has slipped to March 20th, two weeks later than originally planned. If you’ve yet to come across the strategic Troop battles of Bladestorm and like being placed at the centre of historic inspired battles with a story arc that develops as you […]

The Dynasty Warriors get knocked down to a February release

If you have pre-ordered Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires then you will be pleased to hear that Koei Tecmo have that there are several goodies for those that have pre-ordered. GAME have the ‘Male Edit Armour Set 1’ and ShopTo.net have the ‘Female Edit Armour Set 2’. Independent retailers also get a look in on the pre-order bonuses with […]