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PES 2014 : Konami Issues Official Apology




Konami has released a full public apology to Xbox 360 PES 2014 players who have been experiencing many game issues since the game launched on September 20th. Konami Digital Entertainment President Shinji Hirano  posted the below apology and statement on their website:

We would like to apologise to any users who have been unable to enjoy PES2014 online and would like to reassure fans we’ll be fixing the issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime we’re setting up a special section on the PES2014 site to keep users up to date on issues, feedback and general help with the product. Our customer support team is also providing as much personal support as possible”.

Speaking about which issues they are looking to address, Konami has stated – At present, users receive a ‘Download File is Broken’ message when trying to implement Data Pack 1.00 having installed Patch 1.01. KONAMI is dedicated to providing the best possible gameplay experience to its users, and is working closely with Microsoft to solve the issue.

For players wanting to follow up Konami has provided this Progress Update URL 

Konami Digital Entertainment Sign Chile


Konami Digital Entertainment today announced an agreement with the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (ANFP) to bring 18 Primera División teams to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. KONAMI has also enlisted the talents of national football announcers Fernando Solabarrieta and Patricio (“Pato”) Yáñez, to call the action in each game. Some of the premier teams that will be included are Colo-Colo, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, Cobreloa, and Unión Española.

For the next chapter in the Pro Evolution series, we have been working hard to secure licensing that will excite our fans. Even though the sport is globally celebrated; we understand how important it is for fans to be able to interact with their beloved hometown teams and players.

Says  Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series holds a wide range of soccer licenses from around the world, including Europe’s premier club competition, the UEFA Champions League, and the AFC Champions League. Just last month, KONAMI also added highly-regarded AFA Primera División teams. With this newest addition of the ANFP Primera División teams, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 aims to extend its range to further resonate with football fans around the world.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be available on Xbox 360 on September 24, 2013.

For more information on Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, including screenshots featuring the Chilean Primera Division in-game and other assets, please go to: www.konami.com/downloads


PES 2014 Features Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for PES 2014 from Konami.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 centers everything on the ball including how it moves and how players use it. First touch and sublime control are what set certain players apart from others. The ability to not only read a pass, but to be one step ahead and to know what is needed to gain yards on an encroaching defender. Trueball Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed bar-centric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player’s body will automatically shape to receive it. The Pro Evolution Soccer series has long since treated the ball as an individual entity, allowing the player huge amounts of freedom to pass into space, run on to a knocked-on counter, or produces short triangular passes to make space. Trueball Tech adds even more freedom, with full 360-degree control within several yards around the player and the ability to shield the ball from opposing players, use deft controls to wrong-foot them, and intuitive methods to master close control.

Kiefer Sutherland Takes On The Legendary Role Of Snake

Kiefer Sutherland

Well we heard the news that David Hayter would no longer be voicing the role of Snake in the Metal Gear Series as he was unceremoniously not even told that the game was being made. But we had no idea that the new role would be from someone as well-know, talented, and perfect for the role as Kiefer Sutherland.

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Konami Announces Its Pre-E3 Presentation on June 6


Konami plans to unveil its key E3 titles via its third annual Pre-E3 presentation, on June 6th. The publisher will use its online showcase to debut exclusive trailers, footage, interviews and news on a wealth of new titles.

The extensive showcase will update fans and gaming enthusiastic, with a number of key announcements, all-new trailers, and interviews ahead of the E3 event in Los Angeles. The Pre-E3 show will provide insight into upcoming titles from KONAMI’s social games studios, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Producer Kei Masuda regarding the next edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series. The presentation will also unveil exclusive information on Hideo Kojima’s latest METAL GEAR SOLID epic: METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. Similarly, MercurySteam, the Madrid-based team behind the stunning Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, will share a new trailer and insights to the new game. The Pre-E3 show will also make a number of additional key announcements.

The special Pre-E3 Show 2013 will begin at 19:00 CEST (18:00, UK time), and can be watched via www.events.konami.com and the GameSpot app on Xbox LIVE.

ThisisXbox Top Ten: Video Game Companions

After having spent some time playing the astounding Bioshock Infinite (which we scored a staggering 10/10), it got us thinking about about Elizabeth’s character. Is she the perfect companion? We thought we’d run through gaming’s most extravagant companions to see how she would stack up to the rest. We define a companion as either an AI controlled partner or just someone talking down a headset to help enhance the story and your objectives.

Let’s run down the top 10 right now.



Rush (Megaman 3, 1990)



Rush is Megaman’s trusty robotic dog who would appear to help Megaman get past tricky obstacles by using his ability to transform into a submarine and by using his springboard coil to bounce extremely high. Rush has appeared in almost every Megaman game since and has also made a handful of cameos in several Capcom fighters.



Captain John Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 2007)

Captain PriceIf you were ever asked to name one Call of Duty character, 9 times out of 10 you would name Captain Price. A former member of the SAS, Captain Price is a no-nonsense soldier that alongside Soap MacTavish, goes through hell to stop the man who initiated World War III, Vladimir Makarov. Captain Price’s quick quips and charming British narcissism makes him a favoured companion amongst this list.



Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved, 2001)



Cortana is a digitized clone of Dr. Elizabeth Halsey, who became centric to the Halo universe since the beginning. Guiding Master Chief on his journeys through thick and thin. Even having something of a starring role in 343’s Halo 4. Cortana is a fan-favourite amongst the Halo fandom, and it seems that she will be for a long time to come.



Claptrap (Borderlands, 2009)

ClaptrapClap Trap (CL4P-TP) is a Hyperion manufactured general purpose robot that you will often see slumming around town in the Borderlands series. His particular brand of humour which involves outdated pop-culture references and pushing dubstep upon the player, has made him accepted annoyance. Borderlands fans often speak highly of Claptrap, and it’s clear that with the unavoidable Borderlands sequels to come, Claptrap will definitely be involved.



Miles “Tails” Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 1992)

TailsTails appears to be some kind of genetically mutated fox with two tails (hehe, I get it) that give him the ability to fly. He is one of the most famous sidekicks in history, next to Robin and Luigi, he may be THE most famous sidekick. If you weren’t aware (which I astonishingly wasn’t until I was way into my 20’s) that his name is actually a play on words meaning ‘miles per hour”, you may facepalm yourself into oblivion, much like I did. Tails wormed his way into our hearts with his annoying cries of “SOOOONIIIIIIIIIC”, and he will forever live there. What a guy.



Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect, 2007)

Garrus VakarianGarrus Vakarian is the popular Turian from the Mass Effect series. A former C-Sec soldier and the most badass member of the Normandy crew, Garrus had military training at fifteen and is the crew’s resident sniper. A character so awesome, that he brushed off horrific facial scars with a witty comment like  “Ah probably for the best. They were all ignoring you and hitting on me. ‘Bout time you got a fair shot.” when referring to the lovely space ladies. Garrus is cool, calm, collective, funny, and extremely badass. It’s a shame he couldn’t be higher up the list.



GLaDOS (Portal/The Orange Box, 2007)

GLaDOSWell this is a first. An antagonist making it as a top companion. GLaDOS is the central core to the inner working of Aperture Science. The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System lives solely to test. When the protagonist Chell awakens from a coma, GLaDOS is ready and waiting to throw test after test after test at the newly awakened mute. It is truly GLaDOS’ humour that makes this machine a top companion, the writing staff at Valve truly have created a character for the ages in this machine. They certainly couldn’t top it. or could they?

As an added extra, check out this amazing post credits song performed by GLaDOS herself.



Otacon (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)

OtaconHal Emmerich, code-named Otacon is a scientist and chief engineer of Metal Gear REX. Also best friend of Solid Snake. This relationship makes for some of the most hilarious codec conversations in the entire series. Listening to Otacon’s conversations with Snake about being trapped in compromising positions and even about Otacon urinating all over himself, means that the bond between the two makes for one of gaming’s best relationships.



Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite, 2013)

ElizabethElizabeth didn’t quite make it to number one, even though she is gaming’s most perfect companion. Her relationship with Booker DeWitt develops as the game goes on. Her frail naivety develops into a strong independence. Her knack for not just being a damsel in distress is what makes her interesting. Booker wouldn’t survive his journey in Columbia without Elizabeth, and it’s easy to see why she is one of the most popular new characters in the last few years. I would hope that her story doesn’t end with Infinite, and that there are at least some glaring references when 2K make the next installment in the series.


Well after all that, who made the number one spot? It’s tough to find a character as whole as Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth. But the number one isn’t even a good character, he makes it there for the sole reason of being the funniest character in the history of gaming. So, let’s check out who it is…


1. Wheatley (Portal 2, 2011)

WheatleyWheatley is hands down the funniest character in gaming history. Voiced by lanky Western English comedian Stephen Merchant, all of his country charm is transfused with the robot nature of a Portal robot. In Portal 2, GLaDOS is still the villain, but Wheatley is the hero that saves the day. Bringing you through several of Aperture Science’s most rigorous tests to help you defeat GLaDOS and end her reign of terror. But don’t take my word for it, just check this out.


Thanks for checking out another ThisisXbox Top 10, come back next week for our next installment.








ThisisNotXbox Top Ten: Best Playstation 3 Exclusives

images (1)


Many a jealous gamer has spouted their mouths off with ridiculous slurs such as ‘PS3 has no games’. Those of us with superior intellect know that it does in fact have many games. Here to dispel the rumours is a list of the 10 best of the best Playstation 3 exclusives. Have you been playing an inferior console? If you have, we know how you feel.

walking-dead-memeThis here list will give you some insight into the great world of the Sony Playstation 3. Let’s move along.





Resistance - Fall of Man Logo


Do you have a hunkering to shoot down hordes of intergalactic invaders that threaten to overthrow everything you hold dear? Well, Resistance: Fall of Man is just the title to get. The only game of its kind and if there are any other similar games, who cares? This is better.

Resistance Fall of Man shot



9. Killzone 2 Logo

Killzone 2 is the sequel to Killzone from the brilliant Playstation 2. Well it went next-gen with the first sequel and it out did itself. There are no other shooters that have ever encapsulated this kind of impact. Except Resistance, but they are two completely different, amazingly developed games. To shoot things in a very different way than Resistance, give Killzone 2 a go. It is splendiforous.

Killzone 2 shot





Heavenly Sword Logo

Ever played DmC: Devil May Cry? Well Heavenly Sword was ushered into the godlike Playstation community by the very same creators. Ninja Theory currently have a reputation for churning out top quality sleeper hits. Heavenly Sword is no exception to the rule. Hack, slash and Nariko’s wit and superiority to enjoy yourself one hell of a game.

Heavnly Sword Shot





Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Logo


Don’t you just hate it when a platform has a good idea for a game yet can’t put the ink to paper because of their limited mindset? Well the heroes at Sony took a valid formula from the dreadful Smash Bros series, and made it their own with Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Picture Smash Bros with better, more suited characters from the more refined universe of the Playstation. Like Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Raiden, Dante, Sly Cooper and many others.






Little Big Planet Logo

It just goes to show our little powerhouse’s strength when we have a game with such power. Creation is what Little Big Planet is about. Your mind is the only roadblock. There aren’t any other games on any other console that share that mentality. Well, Minecr…no, just Little Big Planet. Plus,Sackboy is so cute.

Little Big Planet Shot






inFamous Logo

No free roaming sandbox style action adventure game has featured a man with superpowers before. Well, there’s Prototype, The Incredible Hulk and several Spider-Man games. But inFamous 2 has a morality mechanism. It is an important part of gameplay as it will determine whether you have blue electrical powers, or red electrical powers. Cole is such a cool guy, too. Much better than Mason and Hulk and Spider. So ner.

Infamous 2 Shot






God of War III Logo


The adventures of Kratos have never been duplicated. The best hack and slash game in history. This God of War has spawned a huge series that cannot be matched. God of War III is definitely one of the contenders for the best game on the Playstation 3, all games ahead of this have earned their spot but from this point on, consider these games the best of the best.

God of War III Shot



Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of te Patriots Logo


Well, here is where the Playstation 3 has instigated a coup. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is our exclusive. No one else has it, we are the greatest. There is no need for me to explain this game. Hideo Kojima has once again graced us with an amazing movie with some linear gameplay that is even more action packed than the previous three.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Shot




Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves Logo

Nathan Drake was the man who overtook Lara Croft and Indiana Jones in every way in the excellent Uncharted. When Uncharted 2: Among Thieves came out, it absolutely blew Uncharted out of the water. Uncharted 2 and the most recent Tomb Raider are definitely in the midst of a battle for the best adventure game there is.

Uncharted 2 Shot



Heavy Rain Logo


Heavy Rain is the best Playstation 3 exclusive. A spiritual successor to Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Quantic Dream once again did not disappoint. Heavy Rain is the most immersive game in the history of gaming. You play as a many protagonists (and possible an antagonist or two) and the graphics are like nothing else you will ever see. Heavy Rain is also an emotional tale of redemption as you play a man whose first son died in a tragic accident. When his second son is kidnapped by a currently well-known serial killer, he most go to leaps and bounds to reclaim his son. On the other end is detective ‘Naaaaahman Jaaydun’. Presumably a Boston cop trying to solve a string of murders whilst working with his on addictive tendencies. Heavy Rain is the best game on the Playstation 3, and its best exclusive.

Heavy Rain Shot

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review


Konami and Platinum Games latest entry into the Metal Gear franchise has hit retail this week in the name of ‘Revengeance’. This title takes the main protagonist Raiden, a cyborg ninja from the Metal Gear Solid franchise who wields a mighty high-frequency blade that can cut through virtually anything, into his first full blown adventure on the Xbox 360. This has to be one of the most action-packed fighting games in existence – 360-degree blade control has never felt so good!

Raiden, first appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2 many years ago which first hit the Xbox 360 with the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection only recently, but Metal Gear Rising almost never made it to consoles at all. The game was first announced in 2009 as Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a story that would be set between the events of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, but this project was cancelled. Platinum Games took the reins from Kojima Productions in 2011 and aimed the story in a whole new direction which was to follow on from four years after the events from Metal Gear Solid 4 plot. What we have now is a polished and sophisticated third-person-sword-wielder where every corner turned delivers a battle against a mass of cyborg enemies with every intention of killing you. It’s as if every end-of-level boss in all the games in the entire world has reunited for one hell of a mighty revenge on you as a player. Just when you think you’ve taken down some ginormous half beast, half machine capable of destroying cities… along comes another, and then another!


The introduction which follows from a tutorial on how to master your supplied skills and blade sees you as Raiden, suited and ready for business with a Prime Minister who is later brutally attacked and graphically slaughtered in your presence. The story kicks off from those moments, but your history lies within military training and working for a Colorado based Maverick Security firm to raise money for your family. This involves performing many tasks set by the firm and working towards fighting terrorism. Noticeably, some of the games most disturbing moments centre around the harvesting of the brains of children! However, kicking off after the attack of the Prime Minister you learn that a Desperado is leading a military coup in a place called Abkhazia, and each chapter that follows will see you as Raiden defeating military cyborgs and human leaders of various forces associated with the Desperado and his over-all plans for military domination. There some tough and challenging moments for Raiden hereon in as the journey that follows is a test of skill, and what seems to be some emotional references to his past in relation to the harvesting of children – as he himself was once a child soldier known as Jack the Ripper.

Your purpose within the game is literally to just defeat anything and everything that comes your way using the best use of skills and time possible that will improve your end of battle score rank. It sure is both fun and entertaining where you will always feel the urge to keep at it rather than give yourself a break – any game with that mental attachment for completion is a positive sign in my estimation, and that kind of engagement with the character wanting to fight battle after battle to keep pushing to the end is incredible. I can’t compliment my first impressions of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance enough and how impressed I was at both the visual quality of the environments and most definitely the amount of action to keep you on your toes through-out all of your missions.


Although there is not a huge range of diversity in your attacking processes because the buttons are assigned to both a hard or light attack, but it is the combination of your attacks used with various enhancements and skills that can be upgraded with BP points that determines your mechanisms. These points are earned in-game for killing cyborgs and completing the missions, but you can use them to upgrade your armor and skills with improved strikes, kicks, endurance, health and energy enhancements. For limited periods within the game you do additionally get to use another weapon apart from your blades as sub weapons can come into play. Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Homing Missiles, EMPs, and cardboard boxes can all come in useful in extremely difficult scenarios when up against some of the games most destructive enemies. The cardboard box is to hide under despite having a heavy arsenal of missiles – just genius!

Following your completion of missions, you also get to divulge in the many customisation options available for Raiden and to spend those hard earned BP points. New body armor and uniforms can be granted as unlocks for fulfilling certain objectives, and the addition to use a Unique Weapon instead of your main weapon can be used; Unique Weapons can be acquired in-game by killing some of the most deadly foes where you then later obtain their weapon as a form of trophy for your kill. These weapons also come with their own unlockable and upgradable skills and enhancements to ensure your Raiden is equipped with the most deadly of features.


The overall plot and story is pretty predictable though with the action filled environments laden with fights almost everywhere. At times you will forget the story due to the over-whelming quantity of sword fighting, since the game offers very little in the way of exploration and meaningful objectives due to being nothing more than a run, fight, kill, watch a cut-scene and repeat your efforts all over again task. It may be a simplistic game in its purpose, but the presentation of its design and cut-scenes that depict the battles with intensity deliver a sense of satisfaction with every kill. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a challenging game that demands you to learn the art of using a sword to your best advantage, a skilful approach to your enemy with the knowledge of your attack and defend mechanisms will greatly improve your chances of survival. There’s not a vast amount of stealth used in this Metal Gear game as it’s an in-your-face come and get me action orientated offering.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a game full of many surprises and is a highly recommended title. It may not have any multiplayer or co-operative modes to compliment its action packed campaign, but it sure is worthy a decent score for the level of intensity, being completely jam packed with action scenes, sequences, and intriguing cut-scenes that immerse you deep into its military cyborg mind-set.  If revenge is a dish best served cold, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance serves up a hefty chilling slice that will leave you wanting seconds.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review

You don’t have to walk far down the dusty corridors of gaming’s recent past to stumble upon a time when fans of the video-game take on football had a wealth of choice at their feet.

It seems almost ironic that at a time when kids got their football fix from venturing into the great outdoors and kicking one about there were football games all over the place and now when more seem to shun the real thing in favour of its pixelated brother there are but two options.

And here I am about to embrace one that played a big part in my, and many other gamers distant past.

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