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KontrolFreek teams up with Destiny

KontrolFreek have launched the first official performance thumbstick to play alongside Destiny. The KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition is the first product that KontrolFreek has created in partnership with Bungie. Emblazoned with the iconic Destiny tricorn logo, the design for Destiny CQC was finalized after extensive research and collaboration between KontrolFreek and Bungie. The companies conducted studies […]

KontrolFreek announce new FPS Freek Snipr

KontrolFreek have announced that the FPS Freek Snipr has had a complete redesign. The new, re-loaded Snipr is tallest product, new features include: Adds 13.9mm height to stock thumbsticks – our tallest thumbsticks ever Increases range of motion by +190% Features deep laser etching to provide a more tactile experience Delivers smooth movements with higher domed top than […]