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LEGO The Incredibles review

Based on the success of the original movie it was hardly surprising to hear that The Incredibles 2 would be getting a LEGO based video game, thankfully, LEGO The Incredibles is an excellent addition to the suite of LEGO titles already available.

Lego The incredibles will give you the opportunity to play through campaigns of both movies, while giving you opportunity in between to explore the open world of the game to fight crime and discover what the world has to offer.

I was a little disappointed at first to discover that you would play through The Incredibles 2 first, considering the game and film release in the UK at the same time it might well spoil some of the story for fans. I figured playing through the first movie may introduced the family of incredibles a bit better for those who may not have seen the film.

Nevertheless, the story campaigns are fun to play through, on your own or in local co-op. Certainly the levels seemed a bit easier than some of the LEGO Batman games, you were directed what to do most of the time, and the puzzles were never particularly difficult. Each character you get to play has a special move that you can unleash after you bash enough baddies up, Elasticgirl unleashes a volley of punches and kicks to anyone within 10 feet of her, while dash runs round as fast as possible destroying anything in sight.

Each character gets the chance to use their super abilities during the game to help you progress through each level, Frozone can freeze areas and create ice sculptures, while Mr Incredible uses his strength to smash through to new areas. Violet use her force fields to access more dangerous areas and works with dash to create a speedy force field. Every character you unlock has their own unique special power, so there is plenty to discover.

A new feature that has been introduced is the group build, during certain sections you’ll need to collect incredibricks and when you have enough each character stands on a platform. A little button bashing game begins and when it’s complete you’ll build an item to help you on your way. It’s not significantly different to a master build from the LEGO Movie game but it feels different enough to keep it interesting. Each of the levels are entertaining, as per most of my LEGO reviews a lot of time is spent watching my two sons play the game, since it’s aimed at their age group, the cries of ‘This is Awesome!’ were heard many times.

Away from the story missions there is an open world for you to explore. Municiberg very much has a Pixar feel about it especially since there are group builds here to which unlock characters from Pixar movies including Finding Dory, Cars 3 and more. You’ll need to collect more Incredibricks to unlock the builds. Throughout the city there are red and gold bricks to collect as well as lots of side missions, grouped in to Crime Waves, depending on how far through the story you are.

Lego The Incredibles feels as though it has been made even easier than other LEGO games, gold bricks don’t take any effort to find and when you do it’s just a matter running over them rather than having to solve a puzzle. Levels feel more simple too, which lends to the younger audience the film is aimed at. Visually the game looks great, but it’s let down by the voice acting, my sons were quick to tell me that the characters didn’t have the right voices, they soon enough forgot but it was an interesting reaction.

LEGO The Incredibles isn’t incredible, but it’s a good enough game that will keep the family entertained during the holidays.

DC Super-Villains are taking over LEGO

Warner Bros & TT Games have announced LEGO DC Super-Villains, which means for the first time we’ll playing as villains rather than heroes. Not only that, we’ll be able to create and play as our own Super-Villain, teaming up with all of DC’s well known enemies.

In the game, the Justice League has disappeared, leaving Earth’s protection to a newcomer group of heroes from a parallel universe, proclaiming themselves as the ‘Justice Syndicate’. Renowned DC Super-Villains from the ‘Legion Of Doom’ discover Earth’s newest heroes may not be the heroes they claim to be. With each player’s completely customisable Super-Villain character in command, this team of misfit lawbreakers must join forces to discover and foil the evil plans the incognito strangers have in store.

LEGO DC Super-Villains will be released on consoles on October 19 2018.

LEGO The Incredibles officially announced

The internet is dark and full of leaks. LEGO’s next entry into the world of video games is The Incredibles, which was unofficially revealed earlier this month. This will be Pixar’s first entry into the world of LEGO – odd how they never entertained the idea of LEGO Dimensions – and it ties in neatly to this year’s cinematic release of The Incredibles 2.

“The Incredibles franchise, full of super-powered characters, adventures and teamwork, combined with all of the humour, puzzle-solving elements and unexpected surprises of LEGO®games makes for the perfect combination for players,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games Publishing. “With LEGO® The Incredibles, fans can experience the non-stop action from both movies while fighting crime together as a super hero family.”

The game aims to recreate the scenes from both movies, so won’t release until July 13, 2018, which is the same day that The Incredibles 2 opens at the cinema.

Once again, it seems that the newest titles in TT Games ever-growing portfolio of LEGO titles will feature couch co-op gameplay. While it’s great that we still see this level of support for co-op, I would so love for the titles to one day get some form of online multiplayer/co-op.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 review

When LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 arrived I was happy for a number of reasons – the main one being that I didn’t have to watch my boys play the old game anymore, they’ve played well over a 100 hours of it!

The other reason was that since the release of the original game the LEGO titles have moved on and improved a great deal. Of course it’s still the same m formula that we’ve known for years, you’ll smash your way around various levels and then eventually swap between the hundreds of characters to use their special ability that allows you to solve puzzles.

The story is great, featuring Kang the Conqueror, it’s the first LEGO game story I’ve found interesting. Kang essentially steals various locations around the world to create his own world called Chronopolis. It creates a fantastic varied world, you’ll visit Medieval England, Ancient Egypt and even Midtown Manhattan. The variation encourages to explore much more and makes the game a whole lot better. Because there is so much to see and do it can feel a bit overwhelming at times and you can quickly get lost and the games struggles to direct you properly causing unnecessary confusion.

The whole Marvel world is embraced in this game, with all the famous characters we are all used to such as Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man but you’ll also get to play as lesser known characters including the Black Knight and Kraven the Hunter. Each character feels unique, from their movement to their abilities. Some have variations which will see Iron Man changing into his various loadouts, Spider-Man turning back to Peter Parker and even Captain American going medieval. You’ll end up using all the characters at some point on the road to getting 100% completion.

Taking inspiration from the LEGO Ninjago game there is a local multiplayer mode that lets up to four people play against each other. The two modes aren’t hugely exciting. One involves holding Infinity Stones to score points while the other one sees you throwing coloured blocks into bins. If you have children to play it’s good harmless fun that brings in a bit of competition.

The game looks fantastic, I played on the Xbox One X and I was impressed with the superb lighting, it really made each character stand out, Iron Man’s suit was a particular favourite of mine, it felt like you could see the fibre on Spider-Man’s suit too. There were a few audio issues in the game, some characters audio was a lot louder than the others but thankfully didn’t ruin the experience.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is a big step up from the original game, there is much more variation to the gameplay and the world is interesting to explore. The campaign is well written and the comedy works on all levels. If you buy this for the kids there is plenty for them to discover and if they like any sort of Superheroes they will love playing this game.

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Lego Ninjago game trailer introduces the Dojo Training Grounds

The Lego video game series was a big hit in this household when my son was growing up. I am proud to admit that I have 1000 gamerscore in most of the early games, with the Pirates of the Caribbean game one of my personal favourites. The latest Lego game on the way is Lego Ninjago, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new game trailer which “takes players to the Dojo training grounds”.

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game features eight large, action-packed, open locations based on the movie story, as well as iconic locations and characters from the Lego Ninjago TV series. Each location includes a host of hidden secrets to collect, as well as its own unique Challenge Dojo where players can put their combat skills to the test, earning high scores and battling with increasingly tougher enemies.

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game launches on 6th October 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be available digitally on the 13th October, with the film launching in UK cinemas on the same date.

For more information on the game you can visit the official game website.

Terrifying New DLC coming to Lego Worlds!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group announced that Monsters, the second downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds, will be available in October for the scarily low price of £3.19 on Xbox One. The Monsters Pack adds Monster Town, a peculiar place full of scary quests, terrifying creatures, haunted houses and ghastly vehicles sure to send chills down players’ spines. In Monster Town, Halloween is celebrated every day! But delinquent zombies are taking their trick-or-treating a bit too seriously. Players must use their LEGO brick building skills to repair the damage and scare away the zombies with tricks of their own.



LEGO Worlds review

As any parent will tell you, LEGO gets everywhere, in your shoes, under rugs and right into the soles of your feet. It’s also all over my Xbox One, Stars Wars, Jurassic Park, Batman, Harry Potter and now, LEGO Worlds has joined our collection. At last a game just about the blocks rather than the franchise, but is it any good?

At a first glance you’ll think it’s a Minecraft clone, which is fair, but in this game TT Worlds has put their own spin on things. You play as an astronaut who crash lands on a tropical island, you are surrounded by pirates who have jobs for you to complete in exchange for Gold Bricks. It’s not long before you are whisked off to a new world with a volcano, where you’ll meet cavemen and women who also need your help. These are essentially tutorial levels that introduce you to the different tools available to you.

As you collect more gold bricks you’ll be able to unlock bigger worlds with more to do. As I watched my two boys play together in co-op it was great to see their excitement build as the next world was generated before their eyes. Eventually you’ll get to a stage where you won’t be landing on procedurally generated Worlds, you’ll be building your own.

To do this, you have a set of tools that perform different tasks. The Discovery tool is your most important, with this you can highlight objects on the world and ‘discover’ them. This adds them to an inventory of objects that you can use at any point, it may help you complete a task or it may just be useful when building in your own world. The scenery tool allows you to modify the environment in any way you see fit, you can raise or lower the ground to help you reach different areas of the map or to help you build in new places.

The build tool allows you to, build believe it or not, early on you asked to build a wall (I doubled checked and there wasn’t a LEGO version of Donald Trump). Finally you’ll gain access to copy and paint tools. The copy tool allows you to select an area of your choice that can be copied for later use, early on you’ll take a copy of a Gingerbread House to us me again.

Despite the wide range of tools the game lets itself down by over complicating the building, especially for younger players. The camera is the biggest issue, it seem to require constant attention, making building more difficult than it need to be. You learn to adjust but you shouldn’t have to. If you are building something small then you won’t find too many issues, but if you are looking to build something on a larger scale you are going to run into more problems.

In general, the gameplay is a bit of a let down for a LEGO game, the combat is simplistic,with a wide range of weapons to use, but the execution is really poor. You are lucky if you ever fire a weapon in the direction you want, thankfully close combat with swords is better. I noticed some stuttering in the game when there were multiple characters on screen and weirdly the game freezes slight when switching between your astronaut characters.

Despite the issues LEGO Worlds has, I can’t deny the fact that it’s done a great job of capturing my boys imaginations. We have already had hours of conversation about which worlds we have landed on, and it has inspired them to go and build things with their LEGO again, something that seems a bit more alien these days as we are surrounded by very specific sets to build. LEGO Worlds is certainly a game worth persisting with, my kids haven’t picked up on the issues I have and are still having fun with it, which is a win in my books.

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LEGO CITY Undercover gets a new trailer and release date

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have today unveiled the latest trailer for the previously Wii U exclusive LEGO CITY Undercover.

The trailer spotlights the game’s hero, super-cop Chase McCain, as he utilises a myriad of clever disguises to go deep undercover and ultimately take down escaped criminal, Rex Fury.

The trailer also announces the newly added two-player cooperative mode, which will allow friends and family to fight crime in LEGO CITY together for the first time, and the release date for the Xbox One version: 7th of April 2017.

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens officially announced

This morning we ‘awoke’ to news of LEGO’s next game – and as predicted during a lunchtime discussion at work – Star Wars The Force Awakens will be next on LEGO’s movie to game list.


LEGO Star Wars remains top of my list as the best in the series, so news that the latest Star Wars film is set to be the next film to brick game is excellent news – better still is that we won’t have long to wait – launching June 28, 2016.

Unlike the latest LEGO game, Star Wars The Force Awakens will be bringing new game mechanics to a series that has rested on its LEGO laurels for too long. Multi-Builds will allow a choice when it comes to building solutions to get past the next section of the game. Blasters will feature a new combat system to make firefights more intense – pushing back the First Order. Batman brought a new dynamic to flying sections and The Force Awakens will build on this with “high-speed flight gameplay” set in arenas.

We’re extremely proud of the LEGO Star Wars videogames, truly an incredible franchise that has sold more than 33 million copies and helped ignite a passion for numerous fun-filled LEGO games enjoyed by countless gamers around the world,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be pushing the series forward with innovative new gameplay mechanics, while also exploring new parts of the universe that are sure to excite and delight both LEGO and  Star Wars fans, as well as newcomers to our games.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers review

The absolutely stunning Avengers film hit the silver screen in 2012 with immense critical success. What was surprising is that TT Games didn’t follow up the film’s release with their special brand of LEGO humour, instead we saw LEGO Marvel Super Heroes the following year.

One thing I love most about the LEGO games (besides the fact it’s LEGO) is the awesome humour – taking iconic scenes from the films they are based on and having fun with them. This was lost in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Without that anchor point I didn’t enjoy the game as much. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers set this to rights by going back to what the series has done best – focusing around the films.

The game follows the story arc of the Avengers films, kicking things off with the opening scene of Age of Ultron before flashing back to the first film. Scenes from Captain America’s films are beautifully woven in making the game feel like a new story while still centering on the Avengers cinematic story – it’s a shame that TT Games couldn’t weave in more moments like this, instead opting to bring in scenes from Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World and Captain America The Winter Soldier as extra missions accessible via the world map. Just like the many Marvel films, Stan Lee gets some great cameos throughout the game, and there are LEGO versions of the end credit extra scenes.


Before you embark on a story mission, there’s a smaller hub area to play in – some of which are available to explore further when in between missions. These serve as small introductions to each story, either tasking you with building a useful item or getting the team ready for the challenge that waits. Further exploration in these hub worlds when in between missions includes the usual gold brick and extra character collection, plus the option to play several side missions, some of which are as entertaining as the main game’s levels.

Levels are perfectly pitched. They’re not too long and stay creative enough to keep my interest – it’s a shame I couldn’t have said the same for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The hub worlds are excellent and it was fun exploring Tony Stark’s Malibu Island or flying around Asgard. LEGO Manhattan returns and while it feels a little too familiar, new challenges and side missions await – and damn there’s a lot to do.

Combat is fluid if a little tiresome with the incessant bashing of the attack button – a team-up move does help to alleviate this slightly, which can be pulled off once a meter is filled. Classic team combination moves from the films are recreated, as well as new combination moves from the main Avengers team – perfect for instakills when you get surrounded.


The roster has seen an overhaul too. Removing Spiderman, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and The Guardians of the Galaxy, and their many allies and villains – a shame – but in their place is a whole new roster of the lesser-known Marvel characters plucked straight from the comics. Great for fans of paper, but not so much for those only familiar with the star-studded line up of the cinematic world of Marvel.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers isn’t all Hollywood glitz. Boss battles are disappointing button prompt mashes and the sound mix is rather iffy. Character lines have been sampled directly from the movies and sounds muffled, when these are delivered against the new sound effects and one liners, it sounds pretty terrible.


LEGO Marvel’s Avengers does exactly what you might expect from a LEGO game. There’s a ton of characters to unlock, lots of things to collect and a whole world of cinematic Marvel to laugh at – but it doesn’t offer anything particularly new, retreading old LEGO ground in Marvel’s boots. However, the film to LEGO humour is spot on with interesting levels that are pitched at the right length. I’ll certainly be mopping up all side quests, collectibles and rescuing Stan Lee to 100% this one!

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