Life Is Strange

The awesome adventures of Captain Spirit – New Life is Strange title revealed

DONTNOD are knocking out the titles and from a studio that only really released one at a time, to see a new title set in the Life is Strange universe was quite a surprise and a rather exciting one at ...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm bonus episode ‘Farewell’ coming March 5th

Deck Nine, developer of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm have announced that the bonus episode ‘Farewell’ will be released on March 5th. Farewell reintroduces the first games protagonist ...[Read More]

Life is Strange: Before The Storm – Part 3: Hell is Empty review

After a short wait it’s time for the final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and in my opinion this series still has more to do before it reaches the emotional highs of the original ...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2 – Brave New World review

The second and penultimate episode of the prequel to the highly loved Life Is Strange is here. Will Episode 2, subtitled Brave New World, improve on Episode 1- Awake, or will it suffer from Act 2̵...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2 available on October 19th

Rejoice! The next episode in the Life Is Strange series is out next week on October 19th. A new trailer has been released today, and is subtitled “Brave New World”. Catch this new trailer ...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 1: Awake – Review

Before The Storm is the latest game in the universe of Arcadia Bay and has been developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix. The developers of the original games Dontnod Entertainment are curr...[Read More]

Daughter Channels Loss as an Inspiration for Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s Emotionally Charged Soundtrack

As someone who connects with music – game and film soundtracks in particular – the latest video from Daughter and Life is Strange: Before the Storm gives me positive vibrations for the upc...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm partners with British band “Daughter”

Square Exix have announce that Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will feature music by British indie-folk band Daughter. The original music score entitled “Music From Before The Storm” will be release...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Chloe + David video

The prequel to the amazing Life Is Strange, subtitled Before The Storm is released at the end of this month (Wooooohoooooooo!) and the developers have just released a new 10 minute video. Returning to...[Read More]

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Chloe and Rachel Video

One of the games I personally am looking forward to the most is the prequel to Life Is Strange, which is subtitled Before The Storm. The developers have released a new video showing a behind the scene...[Read More]

Life Is Strange Sequel in Development

Life Is Strange is one of my all time favorite games, so I let out a squeal of delight when i saw the news from developer DONTNOD that they are working on a sequel. Life Is Strange was originally rele...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: Sober Neale High Greg

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 20 Sober Neale High Greg – where the duo talk about how the...[Read More]

Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized review

I’ve enjoyed the Life is Strange season so far. It’s hard to believe that it’s now coming to an end, since it’s initial episode release in February. It has taken an age to conclude, yet it’s with some...[Read More]

Life is Strange Finale hits the store

The season finale of Life is Strange is on its way and is due out today for Xbox One, and Xbox 360. For the fifth and final episode Max will have to make the most pain staking decision of her life whi...[Read More]

A storm is coming… Life is Strange concludes next week

I felt that Life is Strange got off to a slow start – I didn’t relate to the characters and the story failed to hook me into the strange goings on in Max’s world – that all quickly changed...[Read More]

Prepare to weather the Life is Strange storm

Have you seen the weather report? There’s a storm coming. Life is Strange developer, DONTNOD, are leading up to the release of the finale of their excellent and puzzling episodic thriller. DONTN...[Read More]

Life is Strange episode 5 tentative release date announced

Dontnod have revealed that they are hoping to release the fifth and final episode of Life is Strange on October 20, though they will push that back if things aren’t quite ready. The news was rev...[Read More]

Life is Strange: Episode 4 review

As with previous episodes in this frankly excellent series, it feels as if it’s taken an absolute age for each episode to be released. I can only relate it to the interminable wait for the next Star W...[Read More]

Life Is Strange penultimate installment out now

Following last weeks news from Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment that Life Is Strange has reached the magic million, they have confirmed that Episode 4 launches platform wide today. The penultimat...[Read More]

Life is Strange episode 4 release date announced

Episode 4 of Life is Strange will be release on July 28. A new trailer has been released which you can see below. Episode 4 brings Max closer to the truth behind Rachel Amber’s disappearance, as “Max ...[Read More]

Could Life is Strange see a season 2?

Dontnod’s frankly fantastic episodic teen drama, Life is Strange could be in line for a second season, according to the game’s producer Luc Baghadoust. Speaking to Polygon at E3, Luc sugge...[Read More]

Life is Strange Episode 3 review

Where do I start with this? If you’ve been following the exploits of Max Caulfield and her friend Chloe at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, then you’ll be pretty much up to speed on where the story i...[Read More]

Who’s prepared for Chaos Theory in Life is Strange?

It seems like an eternity since I reviewed Episode 2 of Dontnod’s teen drama, Life is Strange. I think I might need to re-play that episode, Out of Time, in order to remind me of the story and w...[Read More]

Life is Strange: Episode 2 review

It seems like an age ago that I reviewed the first episode of Life is Strange. Dontnod’s foray into serialised gaming was by general consensus, a good start to the developing story of Max Caulfield an...[Read More]

Life Is Strange is not Out of Time

It seems like ages ago that I reviewed the promising start to Life is Strange. Episode 1, Chrysalis was just the beginning of Max Caulfield’s story and while it was a solid stepping stone, a gre...[Read More]

Life is Strange Episode 2 available 24th March

Over the last weekend at EGX Rezzed in London it was announced during the Life Is Strange Dev session that episode 2 of the game will be released on March 24th. If you can’t wait that long why n...[Read More]

Life is Strange: Episode 1 review

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to write about games. They’re either so awful that I can’t think of anything diplomatic enough, or they’re so fantastic that I can’t stop myself from gushing about it. Life ...[Read More]

Life is Strange launch trailer

Most of you have probably already played the first episode, but if not why not check out the launch trailer for Life is Strange. The first episode is available from the Xbox Store for £3.99, or you ca...[Read More]

Final Life is Strange Dev Diary

With Life is Strange out tomorrow what better time to release the third and final instalment of the Life is Strange Developer Diary series. The video entitled ‘Creating Arcadia Bay’ features in-depth ...[Read More]

Life is Strange – The Butterfly Effect

2015 is the year for time bending mechanics in games – we all know that Quantum Break features time abilities but Life is Strange, developed by DONTNOD, is also getting in on the time mechanics. In th...[Read More]

Life is Strange – Dev Diary

Life is Strange has been receiving some fantastic support since the announce trailer was released. Developers DONTNOD have released the first of a three part developer diary series for the game. The f...[Read More]

DONTNOD tell us that Life Is Strange

Do you remember DONTNOD entertainment? They created the memory muddling third-person adventure, Remember Me. This time they’ve teamed up with Square Enix to announce a new adventure, featuring t...[Read More]