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Star Wars: Rebels Pinball review

After a slightly disappointing table for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Zen Studios had something to prove with its next release. Fortunately, Star Wars: Rebels re-captures the excellence the developer ...[Read More]

Star Wars: Battlefront release date announced

Seems that the eagle-eye’d NEO GAFer that brought the rumored release date for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game was spot-on (strong in this one, the force is) and the games release isn...[Read More]

EA Opens New DICE Studio in LA for Star Wars Games

According to reports made by The Wall Street Journal, EA is investing in a swanky new Los Angeles studio for DICE who shall be “a key cog” in the creation of a new series of Star Wars vide...[Read More]


If you came here looking for news on a trailer – we were issued with a notice regarding our reporting on a link from LucasFilm. Where at the time of writing this, Kotaku and other ...[Read More]

Kinect Star Wars Review

Co-developed by Terminal Reality, Good Science and Microsoft Studios, Kinect Star Wars has every intention of bringing Star Wars to life in a way like never before, by putting the power of the Force i...[Read More]