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Curve Digital to give us a Four Sided Fantasy


When I saw the trailer for this, I really thought I’d stepped into a video-game representation of the inside of Vic Reeve’s mind. Four Sided Fantasy, as you’ll see when you watch the trailer, is totally mind-bending.

The aim of the game is to maneuver past various obstacles using a key feature of an old-time classic. Remember how in Pac-Man, if you wandered off the right edge, you’d appear on the left? Four Sided Fantasy runs along the same principals using what the developer, Logan Fieth of Ludo Land, calls ‘screen wrap’.

When you leave one side of the screen, you wrap around and re-enter the other side. This is made even more of an ability as you can toggle this on or off at any time. Is there a tree in the way? Who cares, toggle screen wrap on and wander off the edge of the screen, then, when you’ve reappeared on the other side, turn it off again and carry on past the tree. The trailer explains it much better. Give it a watch.

The game isn’t coming to Xbox One until 2016, but Curve Digital are so excited about it, they’ve announced it already, which is great. What do you think?