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Verdun release date announced with viral campaign


It’s been out on other platforms for a while and it’s been approved for Xbox release since earlier this month, and finally, M2H and Blackmill Games have announced a release date for their World War I squad-based shooter, Verdun.

This announcement is coinciding with a social media campaign that could see you net a copy of the game. What would you have to do to get your hands on an Xbox copy of the game? It’s easy, head to Verdun’s Nouncy page, here and follow the simple instructions to help the developers to get Verdun on the Xbox with a bang.

Set in the trenches of World War I, Verdun will throw players into the horrors of war. Play one of four game modes, Rifle Deathmatch, Squad Defence, Attrition warfare and Frontlines. In all games modes, there is the option of playing as the Entente Forces or the Central Powers.

Rifle Deathmatch sees players armed only with one of the rifles they can choose from when joining the game. It’s a skill-based mode, relying on marksmanship and tactical cunning.

Squad Defence is a tactical single-player mode where you will fight off waves of AI attackers, in squads of four. This mode is set in the forest of Argonne.

Attrition Warfare is a variant of Team Deathmatch where each of the opposing forces start with a set number of tickets. Those tickets represent the amount of manpower that each side has at its disposal. These tickets are taken every time a player is killed and respawns.

Frontlines is arguably the main game mode. In Frontlines, players form part of a four man squad with the goal being to capture the enemy HQ. Frontlines contains more squad options than the other game modes and allows squads to progress as they gain more experience.

That all important date for Verdun’s release? You won’t have to wait long, it’s finally set to hit Xbox One on the 8th of March, with the developer’s social media campaign set to close on the 7th. So if you want to be in with a chance to win a copy of the game, and to be part of their social media campaign, you’d better get your trench-boots on.

Feel the terror in Verdun


Whilst some folk are excited that Battlefield 1 will be coming to consoles, BlackMill Games have stolen a march on their more illustrious rivals with the announcement of the gritty and realistic Verdun.

Based on the Battle of Verdun, which took place in France in World War I, 1916, Verdun takes place over maps based on real war zones.

This squad-based game where players use a variety of historically accurate weapons, will see you traversing the often treacherous conditions of the French front line.

Utilising the first person mechanic, you’ll use your rifle, bayonet, toxic gas, machine guns and more to defeat the advancing enemy lines. The game will also offer the player multiple modes, including defence and attack. Other playable modes included will be, Rifle Deathmatch, Squad Defence and Attrition Mode.

Co-operating with friends can earn your squad Career Points, to unlock specialisations, weapons and kit.

Verdun will be heading over the top nearly two months before Battlefield 1 as well. Expect to get the rallying cry on the 30th of August.

Raise your morale with this message from the front line.