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Ryse: Son of Rome – The Fall Episode 1 Released

    To prepare for the release of Rome: Son of Rome for Xbox One on November 22nd, Microsoft have teamed with Machinma to produce a new web series called  The Fall. Episode 1 of this live action series has been released today. http://youtu.be/xxDtKNN0Wtc Roman soldier Marius Titus’ story is put into motion as his […]

Xbox One Exclusive Machinima App On Day One

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc_vUf1C8b8 Xbox has today announced that Machinima will launch a new app exclusively on Xbox One, in conjunction with the console’s release on November 22nd. Machinima’s new app takes advantage of Xbox One’s exclusive “Snap” feature, giving gamers the ability to do two things at once, on the same screen. Simply say “Xbox, Snap Machinima” […]

Machinima App Hits The Dashboard

Machinima – the next generation of video entertainment for gamers well – more than 202 million unique gamers, has landed on the Xbox 360 dashboard in the form of an App! The number one all-time entertainment channel on YouTube can now be viewed directly from the comfort of your own chair, bed, whatever takes your […]

Black Knight Sword 50% Off

Co-published by D3Publisher and Digital Reality, Black Knight Sword explores a bizarre world that pits players in the role of The Black Knight as he attempts to rid the world of the villainous and super evil Dark Princess. With a strange spin on a classic fairytale, Black Knight Sword blends traditional side-scrolling action with an unprecedented visual style. I […]