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Mad Max Motion Comic

Imagine if protecting your car was more important than protecting your own wellbeing. Meet Chumbucket, the dedicated, but peculiar, mechanic who is an integral character in the upcoming Mad Max game, and find out how he met Max in a gritty new motion comic from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment. Following the prior […]

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

The new Mad Max gameplay trailer has been revealed and to check out just how #Amazing it looks, hit the play button above! Right now, don’t think about it – do it! We’re excited for the release on Xbox One next year. Developed by Avalanche Studios, Mad Max is set to launch in 2014 on […]

Mad Max Gameplay Premiere in 3 Days Time

Avalanche’s new game for Xbox 360 and Xbox One – Mad Max which was revealed during E3 this year is set for a gameplay premier video in three days time. The news has hit both the official Mad Max Facebook and Twitter accounts with a screen tease. Scheduled for release in 2014, Mad Max will […]

Mad Max: E3 Announcement Trailer

Alright I admit it, I love the OWPA (Open World Post-Apocalyptic) genre… and there is a reason for that. My favourite movies of all time are the Mad Max ones. No seriously they are. I own them on VHS, DVD and BluRay. When I was little I would watch them back-to-back at the weekends. I […]