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Magnetic: Cage Closed review

In the future, where the world is on the verge of total nuclear war, victory at all costs is the buzz phrase for warden Keene, the man in charge of Facility 7. This complex houses the preeminent research of Curiatis Corporation in the continuous cold war against an unseen enemy. On the verge of all out […]

Opposites attract with Magnetic: Cage Closed

Locked in a prison made entirely of metal, with various precarious platform hazards and devious puzzles, you must make full use of attract and repel manipulation via your Magnet Gun if you are to best Magnetic: Cage Closed. Previously released on PC, Magnetic: Cage Closed looks like a cross between Portal and QUBE. The Xbox One edition  is available today […]

Feel the pull of Magnetic: Cage Closed in Xbox One trailer

As far as escaping from prisons goes, I have to say, I have very little experience. That could change however with the March release of the newly announced Magnetic: Cage Closed. Guru Games drops you in as Prisoner XE47623, trying to escape Facility 7 armed with only a magnet gun to aid you in your […]