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Bound by Flame Official Site Launched

The Ice Lords welcome you to their new domain! Bound by Flame, the most ambitious RPG to date from Spiders studios (Mars: War Logs (Read our review here), Of Orcs and Men (here’s our review)), have launched their official website! Alongside the launch of the website they have new screenshots of the game that show the companions […]

Win A Copy Of Mars: War Logs (Closed)

Earlier in the week we published our review of the latest RPG out of Spiders Games & Focus Home Interactive; Mars: War Logs. If you haven’t done so already then I suggest you click this link and read it. To celebrate the release, the review and just because we can, ThisisXbox.com have team up with […]

Mars: War Logs Review

Have you ever sat back and wondered ‘Why don’t we see many low budget RPG’s?’. No nor have I really. But that’s because I know the answer… it doesn’t normally work. If I pick up a RPG title I am expecting to get anywhere from 25-200 hours’ worth of gameplay. I’ve gone over the 200 […]

Bound By Flame Additional Details Announced

  With less than a week before E3,Spider Studios have released a couple new screenshots of their big budget RPG before it’s official debut at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Spider Studios have recently gained a good following of RPG fans thanks to the release of Mars War Logs for PC (coming later in Q3 for […]

Mars War Logs Overview Trailer

I have been keeping my eye on this title since Mars War Logs: Roy sees red! back in January. Being I love RPG’s and all things SCI-FI, this looks like a great title to get stuck into. Today Spider Studios CEO; Jehanne Rousseau, gives us an overview of what to expect in Mars War Logs. After giving […]

Mars War Logs: Roy sees red!

Roy continues to make his way through Mars’ wastelands. In these 5 new screenshots, we invite you to follow him along his journey through the cyberpunk universe of Mars War Logs, the new RPG from Spiders Studio.