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Xbox Store – EA Sale Now On with DLC and Games discounted

  Another Xbox LIVE Sale has appeared and this week it is a big old EA Sale going on. With Full EA Games for £5 and DLC for Mass Effect 3, its a great time to pick up some classic EA games and co...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Review

Commander Shepard’s swansong has arrived, with heaps of love and nods to the many fans of the Mass Effect series which just about gleans over what little actual game play the DLC has to offer. S...[Read More]

Play Mass Effect 3 To Unlock FREE N7 Armor in Dead Space 3

EA has announced that in honor of the release of the Dead Space 3 demo, which has now gone public on Xbox LIVE – you can unlock a very cool in-game bonus for fans of both Mass Effect and Dead Sp...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Omega Launch Trailer

Been looking for a reason to get back into ME3? Me too. Well here is it… Omega has been seized by one of Cerberus’ most accomplished and brilliant agents, General Oleg Petrovsky…and ...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan Review

Leviathan is equally one of the best DLC contents I have played in a long while and is also a huge waste of time. Confused? Let me explain. There is a presumption that you have played with Mass Effect...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Dated

Only last week it was announced that Mass Effect 3 was on course to receive a nice chunk of single player DLC entitled: Leviathan, and today it has officially been dated.

Mass Effect 3 Single Player DLC announced


Mass Effect 3 has received some of the largest multi player DLC for a traditionally single player experience that has been seen for a long time, an indication of how multiplayer is becoming a bigger f...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 – Extended Cut To Expand Ending, Not Change It

oooh remember the ending controversy with Mass Effect 3? Well, from next week you now get a whole new Extended Cut to disect and pick to pieces…if you can even be bothered to return to the scene...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Improves Ending – Free Until 2014

News just in that BioWare will release Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a free downloadable update that will add further additional cinematic and epilogue sequences to the game’s rather crap ending ...[Read More]

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 DLC “N7 Armour” from Mass Effect 3

Square Enix and BioWare has today announced that Mass Effect 3 will be lending one of its armour designs to FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Although – we bet you knew this already?

BioWare Co-Founder Speaks Out To Mass Effect 3 Moaning Minnies

To complain about the ending of a game and to cause as much fuss as Mass Effect 3 fans have is a sign of moving times. If you are going to create epic games and hype them up with CGI effects, huge bud...[Read More]

OMFG LOL of the Week: Mass Effect 3 Song from Screen Team

Mass Effect 3, surely is one of the biggest titles of the year to date for the Xbox 360 – and Screen Team have put together a catchy Mass Effect 3 Song! Parody of Breathe Carolina “Blackou...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Install Size is HUGE

Mass Effect 3, released today in North America and available across Europe from Friday 9th March will come on two discs that can be installed to your console’s HDD (as with all games) but if you...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 – Launch Trailer

Finally – a decent launch trailer! No over the top CGI cinematics, no movie-esque commercial teasing, but this time a real launch trailer to get your heart racing for one of the biggest games of...[Read More]

ShopTo Rubs Salt Deep into GAME’s Wounds previously announced this week a dramatic surge of sales on Mass Effect 3 following the announcement that struggling retailers GAME would not be stocking the biggest new release of the year...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Now In Space – Watch The Launch Trailer

From today, Mass Effect 3 has been shot into space and lucky gamers who find copies of the game when they hit back down to earth will get to play it before anyone else and win themselves a nifty prize...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC Launch Day Release

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace has leaked out Mass Effect 3 DLC content today which caused a bit of a fuss on the Bioware forums with many users complaining that a huge chunk of the story may have been hel...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 – Take Earth Back Extended Trailer

The Mass Effect 3: Take Back Earth Extended Trailer has hit Youtube and is shown below. The teaser was only released yesterday and is a CGI form of video marketing to hype Mass Effect 3 to the max.

Mass Effect Art Exhibition Opens During the 2012 GDC

WALLS 360, the on-demand wall graphics company, will showcase large-scale artwork from the Mass Effect universe in an exhibition at the Hotel des Arts, with an opening reception during the 2012 Game D...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 – Take Back Earth Trailer

Are you starting to feel the warm fuzzy feeling of upcoming-game-syndrome yet? Mass Effect 3 is released on March 6th for North America, and March 9th 2012 for Europe as Earth is ground zero in a batt...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Demo Publicly Available To All

If you were not fortunate enough to have grabbed yourself an early access code, then today you’ll be pleased to know that the Mass Effect 3 Demo is available to everyone – head on over to ...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Demo Single Player Hands On

thisisxbox received our redeem codes today for the anticipated and exciting Mass Effect 3 Demo which uses Kinect voice commands for the first time in the history of Mass Effect – mainly because ...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Achievements Revealed

If you’re at a loose end during the waiting period for Mass Effect 3, due for release on March 9th – then why not have a peek at the achievements for Bioware’s upcoming title to give...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Demo on February 14 with Kinect

A new video demonstrating Kinect functions within Mass Effect 3 has also confirmed that a demo is inbound for February 14th – so you’ll be able to share your love with Kinect on Valentines...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Pre Order Bonus Revealed

Are you starting to feel the warm fuzzy feeling of upcoming-game-syndrome yet? Mass Effect 3 is released worldwide on March 6th, 2012 as Earth is ground zero in a battle to save the galaxy.