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Incursions and more coming to The Division in April

During a special stream, Ubisoft and Massive announced the first free DLC, Insursions, and some new features coming in the April update.

In the first of two free expansion for The Division, Incursions adds a new endgame activity specifically designed for squads, and rewards players which are triumphant with some all important high-end loot.

The first Incursion, titled Falcon Lost (which now appears on the map in the south east corner) is set in a brand new, underground water treatment facility, which has been turned into a Last Man Battalion stronghold. There will be two difficulties available for Falcon Lost, hard mode and challenge mode, and will not have checkpoints throughout the mission. If your team goes down, you all have to start from the beginning of the mission, however, if you are successful you will be able to repeat the mission multiple times and still be rewarded new loot.


A further Incursion, Conflict, is due to launch later in the year, which takes Agents into New York’s Columbus Circle region, but no date has been set for this.

The April update doesn’t stop at new endgame activities, new gear will also be available to obtain. Featuring four new sets, Sentry’s Call, Striker’s Battle Gear, Path of the Nomad, and Technician’s Authority, each set has been tailored to cater to specific play styles; the Sentry’s Call set promotes constant precision, and the Striker’s Battle Gear is for the more assault-focused player, for example. When players find an equip four pieces from a specific set, they will unlock a brand new talent for their Agent, but developers are not specifying details at this moment in time.


Massive have also introduced a mechanic similar to that in Destiny, where the Agent level is capped at 30, however equipped gear will boost your abilities beyond your level, and are seen as a new way to level up for top-level players. Falcon Lost will be the first activity which will require Agents to have higher gear score, as the hard mode will be recommended for those with a gear score equivalent to 31, and challenge mode will be even tougher.

Something which many players have been looking forward to is loot trading, which has been confirmed to appear with the April update. When an Agent picks up some loot, they will be able to drop it on the ground for other group members to pick up. For those of you brave enough to enter the Dark Zone, you will only be able to do this inside the Dark Zone gate.


The April update will also introduce Assignments, new tasks for Agents to carry out to earn Phoenix Credits, Division Tech, and other rewards. These appear to behave much like the daily activities introduce in the open beta, and will include tasks such as killing 10 Cleaners. These are completely optional, but with the high rewards at stake, I know I won’t be ignoring them.

The Dark Zone has not been completely forgotten in the April update, and players will periodically see supply drops fall from the sky. These will contain uncontaminated loot, so an extraction will not be required, however the temptation of new loot will be too much for other Agents, and skirmishes are expected. These supply drops will also be protected by tough NPC enemies, so make sure to bring your best gear and squad to have a chance at obtaining the items within.


Speaking of NPCs, new challenges will appear with in the introduction of enemy drones. Agents should also expect to be pitted against an armoured personal carrier, which will behave much like a boss enemy, and is impervious to bullets, forcing you to think of other ways to take it down.

One thing which I do know the community have been crying out for is also coming in April. Currently, if you’re dead and your squad is continuing the fight without you, you have little choice but to stare at your dead body until either they hit the next checkpoint, or fail. Massive are introducing the option to switch your camera to one of your teammates, allowing you to follow what they are doing, and to offer call outs and assistance while you wait to be revived.

Of course, what good is an April update without a release date? You’ll be pleased to know that all this will be coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on April 12, 2016.

The whole announcement is available to watch below.

Watch live video from TheDivisionGame on www.twitch.tv

Post-launch details released for Tom Clancy’s The Division

With the imminent release of The Division, many players have been asking what will come after launch? Up to now, Ubisoft and Massive have been keeping tight lipped about any future content, until now.

Following launch, players will be able to take on new tasks and challenges with special daily and weekly missions, within the main storyline, end-game, and the Dark Zone.

Along with these events, two free updates are expected which will add new features and some much asked for functionality. Incursions will arrive in April, and will introduce a new end-game activity developed specifically for squads. Teams can expect to have their skills tested, as they face seemingly unstoppable enemies, in the quest for high-levelled weapons and equipment. This update will also add one of the most-wanted features, loot trading, allowing players in the same group to trade loot during co-op sessions. In May, players can expect the second update, which will bring new features to the Dark Zone, and add a new incursion in the iconic Columbus Circle.

But that’s not all they confirmed…

Three paid expansions have also been announced, which will be released over the next year, and shall be available to those who pick up the Season Pass, the Gold Edition, and the Sleeper Agent collector’s edition of The Division. Each expansion will build on the original content, continuing the player’s journey, and shall introduce new gear and gameplay.


The first expansion, titled Underground, will release in June and will let players explore the uncharted underworld of New York City. Players will take on deadly enemies with their squad, as they make their way through an endless maze of tunnels and subways.

The second expansion, Survival, which is due this summer, will challenge players to survive as long as possible whilst collecting essential supplies in a hostile environment.

Last Stand is the third confirmed expansion, due next winter, a new threat rises as players and their squad prepares to defend against a relentless foe.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to release on Tuesday March 8 on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4.

Ubisoft release The Division: Collapse browser-based game

If the two week wait for the release of Ubisoft and Massive’s new open-world RPG shooter is too long for you, Ubisoft has released a cool little browser-based mini game.

Collapse asks you to input your postcode and from there will simulate the collapse of humanity, with the spread of a deadly smallpox virus. You go through the simulation, responding to prompts such as where would you go if you had a fever, which local shop would you visit to pick up supplies, and so on. Each decision you make changes how the infection spreads, and how long humanity survives.


Using local landmarks, such as hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacy’s, etc, Collapse really makes you think about what you would do in a situation like The Division.

How long will you survive? Check out the Collapse website.

Ubisoft also released the Cash Contagion browser-based mini game, which would “scan” your currency to see what substances could be sitting on your fiver.

The Divsion beta breaks records with 6.4 million players

Ubisoft have announced that the open beta for The Division pulled in a record breaking 6.4 million players, making it the largest beta ever for a brand new IP.

On average, players spent 4 hours and 52 minutes in the beta, with more than one third of that time spent battling other agents in the Dark Zone, and over 2.5 million of you went rogue.

“We want to thank the millions of people who joined in on The Division’s Open Beta. We hope everybody enjoyed playing, and we think the beta is going to help ensure a great launch for the game. We’re looking forward to everyone getting their hands on the full game when The Division is released on March 8th.” – Magnus Jansen, creative director

The open beta was an opportunity for Ubisoft and Massive to test the online infrastructure, as well as any changes made from the closed beta. It also served as an opportunity for players to try The Division before release, and allow them to provide valuable feedback before launch.

The Division is set to release on March 8, 2016, on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4.