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Games with Gold for Xbox One Now Live for June

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The anticipated Games with Gold for Xbox One is now live on the games marketplace this month as both Halo: Spartan Assault, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, await your install. Quickest way to find them both is to “Xbox Bing” them with voice command to search for them and hit the FREE option. Both games are only available for a limited time, so grab the one you don’t own whilst you can for nothing. If you already own them both, hopefully next month’s titles will be eye-catching for you.

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Halo: Spartan Assault scored 85% in our review this year:

Gameplay is very solid as a HALO Experience. You have the action from fire fights against increasingly more difficult Covenant forces form Grunts to Elites, with the later missions throwing vehicle use into the mix with Scorpion tanks, Wraiths and Ghosts all of which can be piloted and used and you can even steal vehicles from enemies with the same satisfaction as booting an Elite off his Ghost just like a regular HALO game. The better you play means a higher score and reward in XP for that mission. Scores are uploaded to a Global leaderboard and you can compare your score against anyone on your friends list with the game as your score determins which medal you get for that mission, bronze, silver or gold for hitting their target scores.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood scored 70% in our review this year:

The first hour of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is spent outrunning the massive giant who inevitably turns its attention to Max. During this what you quickly see is the amount of depth Press Play bestows upon us is mind-blowing. Watching the size comparison between Max, the giant monster, the desert and the jungle tower was captivating. This chase serves a good purpose and forces you to get accustomed to Max’s tighter controls along the way. The game to this point felt like a genuinely solid plat-forming experience, that was until it introduced its main, defining mechanic in its second level: the marker.

Enjoy your freebies!

MAX: The Curse of Brotherhood – Available Today for Xbox 360



The wait is over. First released for the Xbox One, today will see it finally land on Xbox 360. Rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB and 12 by PEGI, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is now available on Xbox 360 for £11.99

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a story-driven adventure filled with action-packed platforming and creative puzzle-solving. Armed with only a Magic Marker, Max must confront evil at every turn in a hostile and fantastical world in order to save his kid brother, Felix. With five magical powers and twenty levels in seven unique worlds, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is an adventure for players of all ages.

Games With Gold Will Start for Xbox One in June

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Games with Gold was first launched as a promotion last year as a reward and as a build up to the launch of the Xbox One for Xbox 360 users. The promotion which gives one AAA title and one XBLA title per month for free to those with a Gold level subscription. It was deemed a success and it continued long after the release of the Xbox One but those who did make the move to next gen Xbox gaming, have been waiting for Games with Gold to apply to them.

Announced last week alongside the reveal of the new Kinect-less Xbox One option, June will see the launch of Games with Gold for Xbox One users who have a Gold subscription. It will start with MAX: The Curse of Brotherhood and HALO: Spartan Assault.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Launch Trailer and Interview

When Max wishes for his annoying little brother to be whisked away, he gets more than he bargained for. Armed only with a marker, he sets out on a perilous journey to get his younger sibling back.

Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb got the chance to interview Mikkle Thorsted, Press Play Studio Director for ‘Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’, released yesterday on Xbox One and coming to Xbox 360 in early 2014.

Xbox: Xbox gamers might not be familiar with your previous title, Max and the Magic Marker. How is it related to and how is it different from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood?

Mikkel Thorsted, Press Play: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a re-imagining of the original idea behind the previous title, rather than an actual sequel. Basically, we wanted another go at it, only much, much more ambitious. When we made the last game, we were fewer people, less skilled, and did not have access to the kind of budget we do now. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is by far the biggest game we’ve made to date and we are very proud of the final result. The new game is bigger in every way – more story, more puzzles, more powers, and more worlds.

Xbox: What new elements does Max bring to the platforming genre?

Press Play: There are a lot of puzzle platformers out there these days, so it is hard to stand out as totally unique. But we believe our Magic Marker is rather special – we have spent a lot of time and effort on making it feel and play really well with a controller, and I like to think that shows. On top of that, our ambition was to make a “proper” world in our game, so there is a lot of depth to our world compared to a lot of other 2.5 platformers. You are never going to see platforms floating in mid-air or the world being presented in cut-sections. If something is in the world, it is there in a way that makes sense.

Xbox: What types of abilities does Max’s marker present to players?

Press Play: Throughout the game, Max and the Marker unlock new ways to interact with the environment. Scattered around the world are glowing nodes – basically tears in the fabric of reality where Max is able to tap into the raw magic of the world – and depending on the kind of node, Max can create trees to climb, pillars of earth to lift giant boulders, make geysers of water shoot him dozens of feet into the air or fire great balls of fire at his enemies – just to name a few examples.

Xbox: Talk about your approach to gameplay prompts – Kotaku praised the fact that the game lets you figure it out instead of hand-holding. Was that a conscious decision?

Press Play: Very much a conscious decision, and we’re extremely pleased at the way people react to it. There seems to be a trend in many games at the moment where the level of handholding goes to absolutely absurd levels, and we really wanted to avoid that. As far as we’re concerned, that level of handholding is not respecting your players, that’s demeaning them. We want to appeal to players that don’t need to be told how to jump, and who can derive a level of satisfaction from figuring things out on their own simply through intuition and (hopefully) clever level design. As far as we’re concerned, that aspect of discovery simply heightens immersion to the benefit of all.

Xbox: What does working on the Xbox One allow Press Play to accomplish?

Press Play: Well, it’s a whole other ballgame in terms of sheer power, obviously. We can lather on the polygons, shaders and advanced lighting and not have the machine die on us. But perhaps more importantly, it is a lot closer to a regular PC in terms of game development, which means more time spent on making games and less on figuring out the arcane rituals needed to make it do what you want.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Announced for XBLA


Press Play, the developer of titles such as “Max and the Magic Marker” (WiiWare, iOS, PC and Mac) and Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin (iOS and Windows Phone), has announced today an Xbox LIVE Arcade game titled “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood”.

This new title mixes traditional Scandinavian storytelling with an inventive and colorful 2.5D platformer, combining classic jump and run gameplay with smart and innovative puzzles. By using the forces of nature, Max can create impressive pillars of earth, powerful streams of water and other elements with his magic marker Max. He must use them to travel through the elaborate cave systems, forests and gloomy castles of Anotherland to save his brother.

The game is built on foundations of Max & the Magic Marker but is more of a reboot than a traditional sequel. Max is still the star but this game is not aimed only at children. The target audience is broader and the core mechanic – the marker – has been refined greatly.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will be showcased for the first time on this year’s PAX East 2013 show in Boston. Here players and press alike will get a taste of the great adventure and a chance to sample what will undoubtedly be one of this year’s most exciting Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

The game is scheduled for release this spring on XBLA.