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Dead Alliance Review

Dead Alliance is one of those games where I was really excited about playing it, as we all know I’m a bit of a sucker for some hype. I watched a few videos but stayed away from reviews just in case it swayed my opinion somewhat. So did Dead Alliance live up to my expectations? Read on and see.

The short answer is no, it didn’t, not by any stretch of the imagination, but in the interest of fairness, I will tell you why. Dead Alliance is brought to us by Illfonic and Published by Maximum Games. To give you some idea of what they’re all about Illfonic bought us Friday the 13th, which incidentally is a bit of a smash on PC. Maximum Games gave us The Surge also a smash, I think you’ll agree two spot on games. Just check out my The Surge review, I loved that game. Dead Alliance sits somewhere way way lower than those two classics, when I mean low I mean like, sewer low.

The story is quite straightforward, a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and the only remaining safe zones are military bases and you have to kill the zombies as well as the opposing team. The game brings elements of a MOBA into an FPS action shooter, which sounds amazing right? I think so, hence the reason I was so excited to play it.

A twist of irony was in one the trailers I watched and a warning appeared at the start stating that the video did not represent the final quality of the game. Well, it certainly doesn’t, in fact, the game is worse, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before. Dead Alliance is basically broken mess. One thing I really didn’t like was the control scheme, it uses the basic FPS layout but the movement is inaccurate and often causes you to completely miss your target, you make a slight adjustment to your aim and completely miss again. I would normally put that down to my skill, however, I played with the settings and it made little to no difference at all. The constant missing and hits not registering on targets made for quite a frustrating first few minutes.

Graphically the game is poor too, the appalling framerate issues did not help towards the inaccurate firing at the enemy. The best way I can describe it trying to play a triple-A title on a machine that isn’t designed to run it, you get the same glitchy gameplay and none of the visuals that you should have or are used to from modern games.  Along with the graphical atrocity comes the connection issues too, connecting to a multiplayer game take a few attempts and quickly became boring.

There are basically a few game modes you can play, these aren’t anything different from most online games though and to be honest aren’t implemented very well in this at all. The twist in the multiplayer tale is that there are zombies strolling around the map, I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this idea in one hand I quite like it but on the other, it got quite annoying especially when the opposing team were winning and you had to knuckle down. You can, however, use the zombies to your advantage by using tactical weaponry to lure them into tight spots etc. There are lots of weapons and load outs to choose from which is nice, you earn money to buy new ones etc etc.

An interesting selling point though is if multiplayer is your thing. You can buy the game as a standalone multiplayer experience. If you like just the single player aspect then you can buy that on its own too, you then have the freedom to upgrade to the full package from either version. Be warned though, there is no campaign and the single player is basically multiplayer but with bots… pointless really.

This has basically been a slating hasn’t it? To be honest with good reason. I was fortunate enough to have a review code for the game but this game is full priced and I would be pretty angry if I’d have been greeted with these issues after spending 30 notes on an unfinished game. Let’s face it though it’s not the first time this has happened is it? I’m looking at you Destiny. I have no doubt in my mind that with a hefty update the main issues could be fixed and maybe that’s in the pipeline but for now as it is I would say Dead Alliance is pretty unplayable. Time to go back to Destiny 2 for a while.

Thanks to Maximun Games and Xbox for supporting TiX

The Golf Club 2 review

If there’s one sports genre whose video game adaptations have largely been ignored over the last half decade, it’s golf. Mini golf titles are a dime a dozen right now but when it comes to actual golf the number of titles released can be counted on one hand. And those that have been released have been pretty mediocre; good ideas and gameplay wrapped up in something less than adequate. The original Golf Club brought us a closer simulation of the game than titles such as EA’s PGA Tour franchise had delivered. And it was fun, too. The problem was slow loading times and some niggling bugs bringing the whole title down a bit. The Golf Club 2 fixes those issues, and with no competition to speak of it absolutely dominates the genre.

The Golf Club 2 continues to simulate the actual game. You swing the club with the analogue stick and rely on skills, control and a little luck when it comes to hitting the ball straight and true. The unique selling point with The Golf Club 2 is there’s no trajectory lines or power meters, it’s a simulation. Instead, you can change the camera to get better views of each hole, spotting the distance markers along it, and it’s up to you to hit the ball with the right club at the right speed and strength, determined entirely by your swing, to bring the ball down where you want it. It’s hard to succeed at, but hugely gratifying to pull off.

Indeed, in that way The Golf Club 2 very much captures the spirit and skill of the real thing; you need to read the fairways, take note of the wind, understand your club choice and appreciate the physics of the ball. It’s great stuff, difficult stuff but still great. Moreover, with EA having not produced a PGA Tour game in several years, there’s nothing else that really speaks to the serious golfer when it comes to video games, and in comparison The Golf Club 2 is a far more comprehensive title that EA’s disappointingly shallow one.

Sliders and cosmetic options allow you to create your own custom character, with in-game currency earned from playing being used to buy more elaborate clothing. This currency can also be spend on building your society, essentially a club, with member’s fees and club tournaments adding a nice social option to the game. It’s then off to pre-made or custom made tournaments with a wide selection of courses. Better still, many more courses are available online thanks to the community creating their own, with a nifty editor allowing you yourself to get in on the course creation action. As such there’s a huge amount of content that you can play as individual games or as part of lengthy sets.

Furthermore, some terrific visuals truly brings each course to life, with the vegetation casting dynamic shadows over the fairways and greens and really immersing you in the natural beauty of each location. The locations themselves have wonderful variety to them, running the gamut from desert to tropical. Meanwhile, the crucial physics of the ball are excellent, with the wind adding enough unpredictability to keep matches interesting. You can rarely guarantee a victory, or even a loss. Things can go wrong for you and the AI at the drop of a hat. And indeed that’s how it should be, although it does feel occasionally like there’s some rubber banding going on.

However, as excellent as it all looks and plays the lack of official PGA recognition does hurt it. Much like with Pro Evolution Soccer verses FIFA, The Golf Club 2 just doesn’t have that authenticity behind it to truly win over golfing fans. Meanwhile, a lack of true online multiplayer severely limits the competition to local play and asynchronous sessions against ghosts. Although, those currently playing the course at the same time as you online occasionally show up, but playing against your friends in a closed session isn’t available. The simulation factor also makes it highly inaccessible for newcomers to video game golf.

Indeed, the Golf Club 2 is a brilliant golfing simulation with a huge variety of courses, made practically unlimited thanks to community created content, but while the licensing can be ignored the lack of true online multiplayer is hugely disappointing.

Thanks to Xbox and HB Studios for supporting TiX

Road Rage gets an official release date

Road Rash is coming back to consoles on October 24, well… kind of. Road Rage, published by Maximum Games and developed by independent Team6 Game Studios, is inspired by Road Rash and is the closest we may get to seeing the motorcycle brawler return to console.

Road Rage is an open-world city that is run by underground gangs intent on pummelling each other while riding at high speed on two wheels and over 90 missions, which include both story-driven and side mission objectives.

You can preorder Road Rage from your favourite retailer for £19.99 / €29.99.

New IP “Extinction” Announced for Xbox

The dictionary defines being Extinct as died, no longer exists, destroyed or defunct, but that definition does not apply to new IP “Extinction” from Iron Galaxy Studios and Maximum Games as today’s announcement is the new beginning for this title!

If you’ve heard of a certain game called Destiny then you will be aware of the work of Iron Galaxy Studios.  They were put together in 2008, primarily to assist on other developers games in porting them to other platforms.  However they were the developers for the Xbox Kinect game “Wreckateer”.

“As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been at war with itself. For generations, kingdoms have fought amongst themselves while the real threat loomed in the distance. Only those trained in the ways of the ancient order stand a chance at defeating the 150-foot-tall ogres and the armies that trail in their wake.”

You are one of the world’s last sentinels, a soldier named Avil, equipped with the skills to battle the endless wave of Ravenii.

In Extinction, you’ll fight massive ogres and their minions across a sprawling countryside, defending cities and rescuing native villagers torn from their homes. Swiftly define your strategy as hordes attack from the ground and air. Use the dynamic skill-based combat system to your advantage, tactically disarming and dismembering enemies before going in for the kill.

“Extinction is 100% power and adrenaline,” said Kraig Kujawa, Game Director at Iron Galaxy. “We’re really happy with the fast, fluid feel of the game and we’re looking forward to showing it behind closed doors at E3!”

“As the protagonist tasked with a huge undertaking – both in fighting enormous ogres and saving humans from disaster – each player’s experience will be varied, as the landscapes and battle situations are never identical,” said Derek Neal, Executive Producer at Maximum Games.

  • Features include:
    Deep Story Campaign. Protect the human population across an abundant story campaign, rescuing as many civilians as possible and taking down brutal opponents.
  • Dynamic Side Missions. Complete numerous side missions with various objectives, earning upgrades to aid you in your campaign.
  • Skill-Based Combat. Travel horizontally and vertically, perform wall runs, and use your whip as a vault to perform devastating air assaults. Master dynamic combat maneuvers to effectively traverse the giant beasts and expose their weak points, progressing along different skill trees to develop a path best suited to your playstyle.
  • Interactive Environment. Move freely around a fully destructible environment, and use objects throughout the world to your strategic advantage.
  • Innumerable Battle Scenarios. Every battlefield is different from the last, ensuring a unique combat situation each time you play.
  • Custom Battles. Create unique battlegrounds with varied objectives, and challenge players online to compete for the top score.
    Extinction Mode. Fight off a continuous horde of assailants as wave after wave of ogres and their minions attack without relent.

No release date has been announced yet but Extinction will be shown behind closed doors at E3 next week.

The Golf Club 2 Features Trailer

The Golf Club was originally released early in the life cycle of Xbox One, and the sequel will be released on June 27th 2017.  A new trailer has been released showing the new features of the game.

The new trailer for The Golf Club 2 focuses on the game’s state-of-the-art and highly expansive Course Editor feature, which allows players to replicate a compelling and authentic experience of being on the green. Fans of the game’s predecessor will be pleased to find that the beloved creation tool is returning and has been highly upgraded with brand new, expanded features, including tournament dressings with camera towers and vibrant crowds. The Course Editor feature empowers players to create the perfect course to fit their style, where the only limit is their own imagination.

The Golf Club 2 aims for a hole-in-one by offering a bevy of additional brand-new features including a progression-based Career Mode and the inclusion of dynamic Societies. Players will become part of the prestigious golfing elite by practicing and perfecting their skills in Career Mode, then sharing their success with online Societies, competing with their team of players in single games and full-blown tournaments.The Golf Club 2 is currently in development from HB Studios and will be published by Maximum Games.

Explore the violent world of Road Rage

Road Rage

If you look at the list of games that Maximum Games have produced, you’ll see that it’s pretty impressive. From WRC titles to Sniper Elite, they’ve covered pretty much every genre going. They have a new title on the way, however, and it will introduce you to a time more akin to an episode of Sons of Anarchy than anything else. That title is Road Rage, and it looks amazing.

Road Rage is an open world, melee based combat game, on motorcycles. Set in the massive city of Ashen, players will fight for control of huge neighbourhoods on behalf of your biker gang.

The outward beauty of Ashen belies the dangerous underbelly of the motorcycle gangs that rule it’s streets. From the city of Chitaly to the suburbs of Ruscago, you will need to explore, race and battle for control of the expansive areas of Ashen. If you want to survive and advance from ‘prospect’ within your gang, you’ll need to be ruthless in Road Rage.

In the new trailer, below, for Road Rage, Maximum Games looks at the story involved, the environment and some of the missions you’ll be charged with. This gives you a nice overview of what you can expect when you’re initiated into your gang.

So, Road Rage will boast heavy melee-based combat racing that also promises an adrenaline-pumping motorcycle ride for all. Expect 42 story-based missions and over 50 side-missions as Reef Jackson, the newest member of the outlaw biker club controlling the underground in Ashen. Don’t expect limits in the game either. There simply aren’t any and it is all open-world. You’re free to explore, customise bikes and weapons and fight your way to be ruler of the road.

Road Rage is in development from Team 6, published by Maximum Games. Expect the gang to be unleashed on Xbox One, both physically and digitally, from the 15th of November.

It promises to make SAMCRO look like a knitting club.


Lichdom: Battlemage gets release date


Out of all of the first-person styled battle games, the one thing we appear to be short of on the Xbox One would be a purely spell-casting battle game. Sure, a few titles can boast the flinging of the odd fireball, but nothing that might tempt me to start lobbing lightning bolts at various undead and not so undead enemies.

All that is about to change.

Maximum Games and Xaviant have, after teasing us way back in July, announced a release date for their conjuring battler, Lichdom: Battlemage on Xbox One. The title is unique in the fact that there are no physical weapons to attack the enemy, just pure magical force.

Christina Seeyle, Maximum Games’ CEO, explains a little more;

The game is classic in its storytelling, yet completely unique in its gameplay. Like most magic games, there are definite RPG elements, but the game is pure action, through and through.

Lichdom: Battlemage will feature no mana bars and there are absolutely no coll-downs after each casting making it pretty much a full-on action battler. Collect loot, customise your play style, craft thousands of destructive offensive spells.

You’ve been granted unlimited magical powers in your quest for vengeance upon Shax, the evil overlord who has ripped your closest loved ones from your world.

It’s just a shame the developers couldn’t have slipped a deathmatch between you and Paul Daniels in there too.

Lichdom: Battlemage is due for release on the 22nd of March 2016.

Here’s the E3 2015 teaser to give you some idea of the poer you can unleash.


Alekhine’s Gun suffers a delayed release


Those among us with a little bit of culture will know that Alekhine’s Gun is a chess move named after former World Champion player, Alexander Alekhine. It is also the moniker of Maximum Games’ Hitman-esque Cold War stealth game that was due to be released this coming Tuesday, 10th of November.

I say ‘was’.

The studio have announced via their blog that the release will be postponed until the 9th of February 2016, and it would appear that the release of so many AAA titles at the same time would appear to be the main reason.

Maximum Games’ Andrew Nguyen;

We knew it would be a challenge to go up against AAA titles on Nov. 10th, and many of you warned us about that. But, we were excited about Alekhine’s Gun, and we were anxious to get it out to all the fans in time for the Holidays… We heard your concerns and also realised that we weren’t giving the title the comprehensive global launch it deserved, especially since a good many of our fans are overseas.

Alekhine’s Gun will now release, worldwide, on the 9th of February 2016, despite what the video below suggests.

US Retail Worms Collection Out May 21

worms collection us

Maximum Games are publishing Worms Collection in the US, and has shipped to retailers for the May 21st, 2013 launch date. Developed by Team 17, Worms Collection combines three well-known Worms titles in one package, and will include Worms, Worms 2: Armageddon, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem, plus six additional DLC packs. Worms Collection was made available in the UK last year.

Worms, the classic 2D strategy game that started it all, delivers an addictive mix of strategy and arcade-action that offers limitless offline and online entertainment for up to 4 players. It’s golden-age gaming at its comically violent best.

Worms 2: Armageddon pushes the Worms cartoon carnage into overdrive, offering stunning new visuals and an arsenal of apocalyptic arms. From Super Sheep, Napalm Strikes, and Earthquakes to the legendary Concrete Donkey, Worms™ 2: Armageddon is an exercise in extreme execution – and now includes five expansions previously sold separately.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a souped-up, re-vamped, high definition reimagining of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, bringing both games together in one incredibly over-stuffed, over-the-top package. Including all of the content from the original games, Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem also brings a whole host of anarchic additions: more single player missions, more puzzles, more customization – more worms!

You can read our review of Worms Collection from when it was released in the UK last year, not to be mistaken for the recent UK release of Worms The Revolution Collection, which we are assuming to see a US launch later in the year? (maybe)