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McDROID releases today


GRIP Digital and Elefantopia have been working together to release a new mix of tower defence and action gameplay.

The beautifully cel-shaded McDROID has hit the Xbox store today and in it you’ll take control of a diminutive robot who has crash-landed on lush planet, infested with alien scum. In order to repair your stricken ship you’ll need to show these aliens some close encounters of your own.

Build a base and defences, harvest resources and discover crazy sci-fi weapons. You’ll need these too as swarms of aliens try to take McDROID out.

McDROID is out now.

Publishing deal struck for McDroid


Don’t you just hate it when you crash land on a planet overrun by villainous alien forces? Isn’t it just the biggest pain in the robotic rear when you have to defeat those bug-eyed forces to be able to repair your ship and get back home?

That’s just what you’ll have to do in McDroid, a tower defence based action game from developer Elefantopia which has just been signed by publisher Grip Digital for a January 2016 release.

You’ll star as McDroid himself as you set up bases to defend. Along the way you’ll have to master sci-fi resources and mind-expanding space weapons. There won’t just be the story mode to keep you occupied though, there’ll be bonus survival levels thrown in for good measure too.

Here’s just a taster of the action that’s in store for McDroid, who should be crash-landing on Xbox One very early next year.