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Become a member of the Mega Coin Squad


There are some great memories I have of old games. I may have mentioned it on occasion. Smashing titles like Rainbow Islands feature high on my all-time great games list.

Big Pixel Studios are busy carving their own niche in the gaming industry with various Steam and mobile platform titles such as Exit Through The Dungeon and Off The Leash and they have announced Steam hit, Mega Coin Squad will be released on the Xbox One, presumably through the ID@Xbox program.

This takes my vintage gaming noodle and tickles it with platforming goodness. The premise is simple, make your way over the procedurally generated platform worlds to collect coins and gather the 4 mega coins.

The action isn’t confined to single player either, with up to four players able to duke it out in one of four local multiplayer battle games. It’s like a mash-up of Rainbow Islands, IDARB and Mario and I want to play it. Now.

Find a minute to watch the trailer below, it looks great fun.

Mega Coin Squad should be coming to Xbox One soon.