Gravel Review

One of the biggest problems that Gravel faces, particularly on the Xbox One (which is the version that this review is based on), is that it’s always going to be compared to the Forza Horizon series. W...[Read More]

Gravel season pass and DLC announced

Milestone is probably one of the most experienced developers when it comes to racing games.  Today Milestone have released details about the season pass and DLC updates about their off-road racing tit...[Read More]

Porsche races onto Gravel as DLC

Despite not launching until February 27, Milestone have announced the first piece of DLC for Gravel, which includes the Porsche 924 GTS Rallye and the Porsche 959 Rallye – with various liveries for ea...[Read More]

Gravel takes us on an off-road adventure to Montebianco

Releasing on February 27, Gravel is the latest racing title from Milestone. Rather than favour the more brutal off-road format that DiRT has taken on, Gravel looks like it is favouring a more arcade e...[Read More]

2-stroke bikes finally coming to MXGP3

You’ve probably heard them tearing up and down your street, ridden by next door-but-one’s feral kids. 2-stroke motorbikes are some of the most fun and most nimble of the motorbike vehicle ...[Read More]

Ride 2 review

Back in April 2015, I was handed what was in all likelihood, the first motorbike racing game I’d played since Road Rash. I won’t beat about the bush, Ride was distinctly average. Now Milestone have up...[Read More]

Ride 2 reveal pre-order bonuses

Italian racing game developer, Milestone, have been around the block a few times. They created one of the earliest games I reviewed on Xbox One, the frankly average, Ride. They’ve been busy, how...[Read More]

Ride 2 rolling in soon

UK based games publisher, PQube have sprung a little bit of a surprise today, by revealing the announcement trailer for Ride 2. This console-only sequel to Miletone’s motorbike simulator, Ride, ...[Read More]

Valentino Rossi shows us the MotoRanch

There’s was a happy sigh from MotoGP fans when The Doctor was revealed to be the face and, indeed, name of the next officially licensed MotoGP title. Valentino Rossi has been one of the names, f...[Read More]

Thrustmaster partners Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO for game launch

What better symbiotic partnership than a fast-paced, rally racing environment and a perfectly tailored racing peripheral? Thrustmaster are proud to announce today that they have partnered with Milesto...[Read More]

Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO set for American release

Serial racing game developer, Milestone S.r.l, have already teased the details of the rapidly approaching Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO on Xbox One. Initially only looking like a European release, Mileston...[Read More]

Milestone announce Valentino Rossi The Game

Milestone are obssessed with motorbikes. Almost religiously, they’ve released the MotoGP games and although Ride left quite a bit to be desired, they’re generally thought of as the MotoGP ...[Read More]

Get saddlesore with new Ride bike DLC packs

Back in April, I reviewed the first motorbike racer I’d played since Road Rash. Ride wasn’t perhaps as good as it should have been, but it’s main focus, the bikes, looked good. PQube...[Read More]

Sebastien Loeb shows us his bonuses

Ah, the ’80s. Home of the perm, day-glow socks and jeans with zips everywhere. In the rallying world, the likes of Juha Kankkunen were winning six consecutive World Rally Championships in a Lanc...[Read More]

Issues identified in MotoGP 15

It hit the Xbox One today, but already, Milestone’s MotoGP 15 has suffered some technical issues that might put riders into the pits for a short while. In a press release today, the Italian base...[Read More]

Ride review

I’m going to throw this out there, right off the bat. The last motorbike game I played was probably Road Rash. Sure, I had a pootle about on a bike in Grand Theft Auto a few years ago, who hasn’t, but...[Read More]

Take a ‘RIDE’ around Sierra Nevada

PQube keep on pushing the motorbike racing scene and their latest title RIDE is hoping to “tear up the rulebook” to bring a new lease of life to the world of motorcycling. Take a look at t...[Read More]

Milestone announce Ride release date

MotoGP developer, Italian studio, Milestone, have finally announced the release date for their upcoming motorbike fest, Ride. Featuring over 100 bikes in four different categories, Ride will take in c...[Read More]

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo announced for Xbox One

Italian developers, Milestone, makers of WRC Powerdrift, have announced a link up with Rally legend Sebastien Loeb. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo has been comfirmed for an autumn 2015 release on Xbox One. ...[Read More]

Moto GP to launch in Europe on June 20

Milestone have announced that MotoGP 14 will be available on Xbox 360 from the 20th of June 2014. Those of you who pre-order the game from GAME in the UK will receive an exclusive ‘Legends of MotoGP’ ...[Read More]

MXGP: The Official Motocross Game Dated for March 2014

PQube and Milestone have announced today that MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame will be available in the UK on the 28th March 2014 for the Xbox 360 and other platforms (not Xbox One sadly, or gla...[Read More]

Video: 2013 FIA World Rally Championship

Bigben Interactive in collaboration with the development studio Milestone have today released their  first video of WRC FIA World Rally Championship 4, the fourth chapter in the series that will be on...[Read More]

Making Of MotoGP 13 Utilises Motion Capture Technology

PQube, along with Milestone, has released a new ‘behind the scenes’ video showing some of the motion capture sessions that took place during the development of MotoGP 13, the official game of the Moto...[Read More]

MotoGP 13 Pre-Order Content Announced

Publisher PQube, along with Milestone has today announced free DLC content for all Xbox 360 and PS3 pre-orders of their upcoming motorbike title, MotoGP 13, the official game of the MotoGP World Champ...[Read More]

MotoGP 13 Set To Receive a Demo Before Release

Milestone, has announced that a demo for its upcoming Motorbike title MotoGP 13, (the MotoGP World Championship 2013 official game, which will be out in June 2013) – will be released on LIVE in ...[Read More]

MotoGP 2013 – New Engine Built From the Ground Up

PQube and Milestone, has recently announced the latest instalment of their motorcycle racing game: MotoGP 2013 – and Milestone’s new project will bring players into the 2013 championship through...[Read More]

WRC 3 Review

Milestone’s latest, WRC  3, is a game in a difficult place. It’s not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination and if anything actually kept me highly entertained for a good long while. It’s just t...[Read More]

SBK Generations Review

The video game racer is a genre that has always left me a little cold. A worrying statement you may think from someone about to embark on the writing of a review for newly released 2-wheeled throttle ...[Read More]

MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship Review

Appropriately titled MUD, since there’s certainly plenty of it to be seen in Black Bean Games recently published title from developers Milestone – it’s time to get down and dirty on the tracks in MUD:...[Read More]