Milkstone Studios

Ziggurat hits retail shelves Feb 19th

It’s been almost 10 months to the day since dungeon-crawling first-person bolt-thrower, Ziggurat was released digitally on Xbox One. The title saw you enter the ever-changing Ziggurat as a nephy...[Read More]

Milkstone Studios tease Pharaonic

Milkstone Studios, the developers behind Ziggurat, have released a teaser trailer for their next game. Pharaonic is a side-scrolling Role-Playing Game set in ancient Egypt. Little else is known about ...[Read More]

Ziggurat review

Ziggurat brings Roguelike procedurally generated content along with the twitch reactions of a first-person shooter, all inside a fantasy comic aesthetic. It’s Tower of Guns but with magic, and it’s br...[Read More]

Scale the Ziggurat on Xbox One

Milkstone Studios have been busy dusting in corners and herding rats into the darker recesses of the dungeon, all in readiness to reveal what many have considered to be the Indie game of 2014 on PC, Z...[Read More]