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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition – Free Halloween Texture Pack

Hardhitting block building super crafting Minecraft gamers on Xbox 360 can now obtain a free Halloween texture pack on Xbox LIVE to transfer the scariest night of the year into your digital world. Quo...[Read More]

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU9 Update Friday April 5

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is the best selling Xbox LIVE Arcade game of all time and now for all the millions of gamers who are enjoying this, the latest update known as TU9 has passed Microsoft Certi...[Read More]

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Heading For Retail

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition which is currently available for download on the Xbox LIVE Arcade is soon to hit retailers next month in the US. If you’re not one of the five million gamers who downl...[Read More]

Minecraft Xbox 360 To Eventually Resemble 1.2.3 Final PC Version – Updates Soon


4J Studio’s has taken to twitter to reveal information about the future updates for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Open Servers are currently in duscussion, although not fully confirmed – and...[Read More]

Minecraft Xbox360 Update

‘THE’ Most popular Xbox LIVE Arcade game ever! – well, not actually sure of ever, but the mighty addictive nature of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is keeping it at the top spot for the ...[Read More]