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UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now free with EA Access

The week began with three new additions to EA access with the Mass Effect trilogy but it seems EA weren’t finished with the update to the EA Access Vault. As of yesterday, Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst joined the Vault, and as of today UFC 2 does.

[Edit] The previously mentioned Skate 3 has joined the ever growing list of backwards compatible titles, but is currently not in the EA Access Fault.

Both Catalyst and UFC 2 are relatively new titles, so it’s a great boon to see them hit the Vault so early. Moreover, our very own Rich Berry gave Catalyst a whopping 8/10 in his review, stating that:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst mixes open world mechanics from many other titles in the genre and lovingly wraps it in the slick style of the City of Glass. It looks stunning and runs smoothly…

Meanwhile, our own Derek McRoberts gave UFC 2 a staggering 8.9/10 in his review, stating:

If you have any interest in realistic fighting games, UFC2 is a sound investment I can’t recommend enough.

Indeed, if you’ve got EA Access we can’t recommend picking these title up enough.

What other EA titles would you like to see in the Vault? Why not tell us in the comments below.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst mixes open world mechanics from many other titles in the genre and lovingly wraps it in the slick style of the City of Glass. It looks stunning and runs smoothly but it’s ultimately let down with not enough depth to the levels… but I bloody love it.

Red climbable objects make a return, serving as a guide for where and how you can navigate the world. This time its use is explained as runner vision, delivered by a Beat link device given to Faith at the start of the game. Rather than marking objects in solid red, runner vision isn’t always active; instead it has a pulse effect with a red trail that zooms off leading you through the open world or away from a combat encounter.

mirrorsedgecatalyst-1Beat link also serves as a gateway into the paths of other online runners – both AI and UGC. You can set runs for others to beat and in turn try to complete runs. It perfectly integrates the DLC challenges that were released for the original game into the open world of Catalyst. These challenges and side running fetch quests offer quite the challenge too. Rather than stick to the red guiding line, you will need to plot your own route if you hope to beat the tight time deadlines.

Another side activity sees you ‘tag’ billboards with your runner logo. Getting up to these lofty heights is challenge enough – getting down is worse. Gridnode missions task you with scaling a Mission Impossible-esque tower filled with trip lasers – hit one and Krugertech will send security. It’s a shame some of these navigational challenges didn’t make it into the story, which focuses more on creating some spectacular set pieces that will get your blood pumping rather than challenging your grey mater into working out how to get through a government building.

The story can be picked up at any time, allowing you to stop and help out a number of Faith’s friends in numerous side missions. Unfortunately, the story is rather forgettable beyond learning about Faith’s past. The characters you meet never establish themselves enough for you to care beyond Drogen, who should have had more screen time to cement himself as a character finely balanced between good and evil. Complete with predictable twists, the story is far from terrible, but I was happy that it ran along like a runner on an urgent mission.


There’s far more emphasis on combat too, with skills upgradable in a skills tree – XP is awarded by completing missions and finding collectibles – strangely it works, although to start with it felt a little odd. Enemies are grouped together so you’ll need to be far more light on your feet and creative with the environment to take them down quickly, but there’s little time to think during these moments.

Instead, running, jumping and vaulting while scouting out your surroundings will keep a focus shield topped up allowing you to take a few hits before precious health pips are lost. This does make some combat sequences a little trial and error – playing more like a puzzle – how can you navigate the area and take out all the guards without stopping? Stop and these moments can be the clumsiest parts of the game, which is a complete contrast to how fluid Faith’s moves are.

mirrorsedgecatalyst-3The City of Glass looks stunning, and while it’s quite sterile with only the odd citizen lurking in corners of the rooftops, I got absorbed into it’s world – breaking into apartments or stalking through a company building to shut down nodes or steal vital information was exactly what I wanted from Catalyst. I could explore the rooftops, challenge my Parkour skills or just chill out in the gorgeous visuals that wash over the game.

Even the sound is perfectly composed, both in the musical score but also the background noises – from the screech of Faith’s trainers to her heavy breathing – the City of Glass is very immersive, begging you to explore its open world. What did feel out of place was the grappling hook. While it may be a great tool for traversal and stopping you from reaching areas of the game until you have the right upgrade it just felt clumsy, breaking the fluid momentum of running and vaulting over rooftops.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now available, tweet for Special Delivery!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is now available and to celebrate Rio 2016 hopeful Katarina Johnson-Thompson has swapped the track for one of London’s tallest rooftops to launch the world’s first ‘free runner delivery service’ for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst invites you to step into the shoes of Faith – a self-assured Runner thrown into a struggle against the oppressive Conglomerate in the city of Glass. Explore Glass from the beautifully lit rooftops to the dark and gritty tunnels below. Run free in the city districts with Faith at the centre of it all.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson said,

I was relieved to get the qualifiers out the way so I can focus on getting ready for the Games. You always have ups and downs in athletics and these only make you stronger. Doing what I do, I have to be determined and focussed to achieve my goals and you might draw comparisons with the main character from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith. The way she fearlessly scales rooftops and jumps from building to building in the game is epic, it’s every athlete’s dream, if only it wasn’t so dangerous!

To find out how you could be selected by 3Run to receive a parkourier delivered copy of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst tomorrow (Thursday 9th June), go to 3Run’s official Twitter handle, @3run_official.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst suffers a minor delay

The closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is about to kick off to test the game’s social functions, which include creating your own time trials and climbing the leaderboards to become top runner – it is with this in mind that the team at DICE have decided to delay the launch of the game until June 7 for North America and June 9 for Europe.

Nobody likes delays, but I’d rather we have a great game to play rather than a broken one – besides – it’s not like there isn’t anything else to play right now!

You can read the full letter from Erik Odeldahl, Design Director over at the game’s official site.

Latest Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developer Diary talks about Social Play

You can tell the hype is rising, it was only yesterday we were talking about the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta and no sooner had we finished tying our laces Dice announced the next installment in their Developer Diary series. This time Gameplay Producer Jeremy Miller and the team take us through their thoughts and insights in to the Social Side of the game and how it appeals to both the novice and the pro Runner.

Learn about creating your own Time Trials, the challenging Dashes designed by DICE, and placing Beat Location Emitters in the city of Glass for your friends to find.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on May 26th, 2016 on Xbox One.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta dates announced

With the launch of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst so close it was only a matter of time until the announcement came for the dates of the Closed Beta and today was the day. Dice have announced that the Closed Beta will begin on April 22nd and last five days, ending on April 26th.

If you are one of the lucky ones selected for the Closed Beta and you happen to be a Frontrunner, you will receive your access code via email on April 22nd, all others chosen will receive their codes on April 23rd, so not much in it really.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Fight

Lucky Closed Beta players will get their hands on several of the main missions in Faith’s story, Side Missions, other optional content, and the Social Play features within the game. Those not so lucky can keep up to date with all the action on the Beta Page, which will include videos and information from the testing community throughout the closed Beta.

So who’s looking forward to this game?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled for release on Xbox One on May 24, 2016.

New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst City and Narrative video released

EA’s latest developer diary video has us discover how DICE tackled Faith’s story, the city’s architectural design, and the factions which roam within the city of Glass in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

First focusing on how they developed Faith’s iconic look from the original Mirror’s Edge, and how DICE took inspiration from the comics, they discuss how her hard-edged look compares to the look and feel of the city of Glass.

The city of Glass has received a makeover as well, featuring areas similar in style to the gritty and grimy original Mirror’s Edge, to the bright and clean districts ran by the Authorities. DICE have created an exciting and dynamic environment for Faith to jump and slide around after spending two years behind bars.

Faith is not alone, however, and must overcome the Authorities, as she attempts to move on from her stay in prison, hopefully with the help of the resistance group Black November, or with the neutral Runners, who are forced to pledge their allegiance as Faith’s story unfolds.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due to launch on Xbox One on May 24, 2016. If you can’t wait until then to get your first-person free-running experience, the original Mirror’s Edge is available to play on Xbox One with backwards compatibility.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst reveals movement and combat videos

Two new gameplay videos have just been released giving further insight into the movement and combat systems within Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The first video focuses on movement and shows how Faith can navigate through the environment by running vertically or horizontally along any wall, using pipes to swing around corners and over gaps and by building momentum she can reach tops speeds that will allow her to do daring jumps between rooftops or sylish slides through tight spaces. There is also a new move called Quickturn that will allow Faith to do a rapid 90 or 180 degree turn. Add to this the use of gadgets with a Mag Rope and Disruptor and there is nowhere that Faith can’t go.

The next video shows combat with the game. Faith can use a mixture of light and heavy punches to force enemies off-balance or to allow her to gain an advantage when they’re stunned. As Faith fights she gains Focus, this is achieved by maintaining movement and action. While in Focus enemies cannot hit her and when fully focused Faith will enter a Flow state allowing her to dish out more powerful and new attacks.

So what do you think of the gameplay videos, and are you excited about this game? Drop us a note in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due for release on Xbox One on the 24 May.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta

Ever fancied being a free runner, experiencing the life of carefree thrill-seeker, well nows your chance. EA have excitedly announced that some of us will be able to step into the shoes of Faith before the official launch of the game by taking part in the Closed Beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

So if you fancy being part of the beta on Xbox One then sign up now. All you need is an EA Account to register for the beta but don’t fear if you haven’t, you can easily grab one here. As always registering doesn’t necessarily mean you will get access to the beta but take a leap of Faith.



Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches on May 24, but if you have EA Access, you will be able to play the game first for a limited time on Xbox One. In the meantime check out the great trailer below.