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UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now free with EA Access

The week began with three new additions to EA access with the Mass Effect trilogy but it seems EA weren’t finished with the update to the EA Access Vault. As of yesterday, Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst joined the Vault, and as of today UFC 2 does. [Edit] The previously mentioned Skate 3 has […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now available, tweet for Special Delivery!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is now available and to celebrate Rio 2016 hopeful Katarina Johnson-Thompson has swapped the track for one of London’s tallest rooftops to launch the world’s first ‘free runner delivery service’ for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst invites you to step into the shoes of Faith – a self-assured Runner thrown into a struggle against […]

CHVRCHES “Warning Call” is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s new theme

CHVRCHES, a Scottish synthpop band, have produced the new theme for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Titled, “Warning Call”, the theme hasn’t made much of an impact on me, unlike the original theme, “Still Alive” by Lisa Miskovsky, which I absolutely loved – but I’m sure it will grow on me.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst suffers a minor delay

The closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is about to kick off to test the game’s social functions, which include creating your own time trials and climbing the leaderboards to become top runner – it is with this in mind that the team at DICE have decided to delay the launch of the game until June 7 for North […]

Latest Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Developer Diary talks about Social Play

You can tell the hype is rising, it was only yesterday we were talking about the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta and no sooner had we finished tying our laces Dice announced the next installment in their Developer Diary series. This time Gameplay Producer Jeremy Miller and the team take us through their thoughts and […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta dates announced

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta

With the launch of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst so close it was only a matter of time until the announcement came for the dates of the Closed Beta and today was the day. Dice have announced that the Closed Beta will begin on April 22nd and last five days, ending on April 26th. If you are […]

New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst City and Narrative video released

EA’s latest developer diary video has us discover how DICE tackled Faith’s story, the city’s architectural design, and the factions which roam within the city of Glass in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. First focusing on how they developed Faith’s iconic look from the original Mirror’s Edge, and how DICE took inspiration from the comics, they discuss […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst reveals movement and combat videos

Two new gameplay videos have just been released giving further insight into the movement and combat systems within Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The first video focuses on movement and shows how Faith can navigate through the environment by running vertically or horizontally along any wall, using pipes to swing around corners and over gaps and by […]

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta

Ever fancied being a free runner, experiencing the life of carefree thrill-seeker, well nows your chance. EA have excitedly announced that some of us will be able to step into the shoes of Faith before the official launch of the game by taking part in the Closed Beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. So if you […]

EGX 2015: Mirrors Edge Catalyst impressions

With massive queue’s lasting upwards of 3 hours, the 8 berth showing of Mirror’s edge was a thing of beauty. The City of Glass is still the same dystopian society plagued with nondescript white buildings, pastel orange bill boards and red interactable environments, but beneath the rooftops lie the sprawling, dark, myriad of pathways that […]