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UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst now free with EA Access

The week began with three new additions to EA access with the Mass Effect trilogy but it seems EA weren’t finished with the update to the EA Access Vault. As of yesterday, Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst joined the Vault, and as of today UFC 2 does. [Edit] The previously mentioned Skate 3 has […]

E3 EA Conference – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

I thoroughly enjoyed Mirror’s Edge but the game didn’t give away too much about Faith’s origin story, that is until now. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst looks beautiful, see for yourself with EA’s E3 trailer below, certainly the highlight of their show for me! Catalyst promises complete open-world freedom with various environmental puzzles and time trials all […]

Incredible real-life Mirror’s Edge Catalyst short

Claudiu have been busy working away on something a bit awesome… a real-life Mirror’s Edge Catalyst time trial short – it’s so good that it took me a few minutes to realise that it wasn’t in-game footage! Watch and behold: The personal project was shot with a GoPro in Croydon, UK and took eight months […]

Xbox Store – EA Sale Now On with DLC and Games discounted

  Another Xbox LIVE Sale has appeared and this week it is a big old EA Sale going on. With Full EA Games for £5 and DLC for Mass Effect 3, its a great time to pick up some classic EA games and content: The Sale has the following offers Mirror’s Edge – $4.94 – £4.94 […]