Ammunition used as Xbox 360 controller buttons

It was reported that yesterday bomb disposal experts were called to a home in West Belfast as a number of ammunition rounds were found. In an update today on the BBC website it has been revealed that ...[Read More]

Gears of War: Judgment Rank Transfer Glitch Rampant

An increasing number of gamers are using a very simple method to cheat level ‘Ranks’ on Gears of War: Judgment since a high ranked account by known modder: TheHackersLove went viral. Downl...[Read More]

Microsoft Allows Xbox 360 Tool For Pirated Games on Windows Phone Marketplace

An unauthorized Xbox 360 tool kit known as xk3y, allows any user to rip Xbox 360 game discs without any JTAG hack or flashing software. This kit assists with the use and playing of pirated games on an...[Read More]

Snitch a Glitcher – Name and Shame Xbox 360 Modders, Hackers and Cheats Here

Here at (TiX), we have decided upon a new feature (assuming we have your help of course) to name and shame the gamertags of those individuals that you have recently encountered.

Modern Warfare 3 Tenth Prestige Hacks On The Loose

If it’s not boosters sat crouching in corners, or young kids screaming about no scoping kills cussing and antagonising aggressive responses from the online Modern Warfare 3 community – it&...[Read More]