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MotoGP 13 Review


It’s not often I’m overcome with the immediate desire to mute a game, but Milestone’s MotoGP 13 is possessed of such an impressive array of irritating sounds that I had little choice. The audio assault began in the game’s menu, where you’ll be treated to some samples from generic racing game soundtrack 101, which segues swiftly into exposition-by-standard-narration-guy for dummies in the introductory voice over, before finally completing a marvellous trifecta of mediocrity with the bikes themselves. These are big powerful machines, so why exactly do they sound like the dirt bike from Vice City?

Setting out to disappoint the hardcore gamer from the very outset, the career mode has been relegated to a lowly fourth place in the main menu, shunned for the shallow, more cerebral options which require little commitment (or thought) from the user. Neither that, nor the game’s hideous soundtrack would be too much of a problem in of itself, if it weren’t for the fact that when you inevitably opt for the more immediate game types, you’re presented with ten minutes of fairly mundane bike racing. Giving the split-screen multiplayer a run out conjured a little amusement, but primarily because we spent the entirety of the race trying to knock people off their bikes and pop the biggest wheelies.


Eventually making my way to career mode, I found a little hope and MotoGP 13 found a little redemption. The added extras and attention to detail in the career mode are impressive, as you earn fans, create team interest and make your way up the ranks from Moto2 to the impressively (read: dangerously) fast MotoGP category. The Parc Ferme, interactive, walkable garage and ability to talk tactics with your team mates create a level of immersion missing from the usual fare, but that impression of immersion is shattered when you’re once again plunked onto the back of your bike and forced to careen around within some of the most poorly put together environments since Porsche Challenge on the PSX. This game is ugly, there’s no doubt about it and the graphics are in desperate need of a serious update.

Once you’re on the track and weaving your way through some impressively high octane corners, you’re able to forget for a moment how generally dissatisfying MotoGP 13 really is, but those brief moments of satisfaction are few and far between and completing the occasional perfect overtaking manoeuvre with glee doesn’t make up for the game’s short comings. True to life, the bikes feel heavy and getting your head around the braking system will take you a little while, whilst the helmet cam is a wonderful addition, making it clear just how insane those adrenaline junkies who do this for a living really are.


Ultimately, the game suffers from a lack of polish and the genuine attentions of an enthusiastic development and design team. Brief moments of intense on-bike satisfaction and some clever gimmicks can’t make up for an anaemic lack of character and ultimately, MotoGP13 left me feeling unsatisfied.

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Making Of MotoGP 13 Utilises Motion Capture Technology

PQube, along with Milestone, has released a new ‘behind the scenes’ video showing some of the motion capture sessions that took place during the development of MotoGP 13, the official game of the MotoGP World Championship 2013, due for release this month.

Speed…danger…adrenaline…excitement…these are the feelings that’s Milestone have recreated in MotoGP 13, thanks to the use of modern Motion Capture Technology.

Developed by Milestone studio, MotoGP 13 is currently available to Pre-Order and is scheduled for release in June 2013

Free Pre-order DLC for Rebooted MotoGP 13 Series


An all new, re-boot of the MotoGP franchise, MotoGP 13 is the only Official game of the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 2013 Championships – it’s packed full with all the official, fully licensed teams, tracks, riders and bikes.

Experience the whole 2013 season on and off the track as the new and unique career mode completely immerses you in the MotoGP universe, from in-depth bike set-up options, wild card races, bike tests and full championships, to, discussions with team mates, answering questions from press and monitoring your popularity by checking news feeds and your social network page.

Click to see more screenshots:

  • Fully licensed 2013 MotoGP season including all Official circuits, bikes, riders, teams, sponsors, Moto2, Moto3…
  • Authentic bike handling with customisable riding aids – the physics engine manages 300 parameters for the vehicle/engine, with 100+ just for the tyres, taking into account every force involved between the rubber & the tarmac!
  • In-depth bike set-up and upgrades
  • Rider customisation and progression system
  • Highly advanced visual technology and photorealistic style, creating accurately detailed bikes, circuits, riders and environmental conditions
  • In-game commentary and voice over by official MotoGP personality Gavin Emmett
  • A constantly online-updated feed of events brings the real-world happenings of the season into your game, within days. Relive all the thrills of the 2013 season just after seeing them unfold on the track!
  • Career Mode, Official Mode & Online Multiplayer Modes, each with varying race types & gameplay options will keep you hooked beyond the end of the season.

The pre-order DLC content introduces even more adrenaline thanks to 8 Top Champions and 4 Teams/Bikes. Everyone who pre-orders MotoGP 13 for Xbox 360 and PS3 will receive the free DLC.

MotoGP 13 Set To Receive a Demo Before Release


Milestone, has announced that a demo for its upcoming Motorbike title MotoGP 13, (the MotoGP World Championship 2013 official game, which will be out in June 2013) – will be released on LIVE in the coming weeks.

Valentino Rossi. Marc Márquez. Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya. Quick Race. 3 Laps. This is the special Milestone recipe for the brand new MotoGP 13 Demo. Once downloaded, the demo will offer the chance to select between two amazing riders and sprint for three laps on one of the best designed circuits of the recent era which won the much coveted IRTA ‘Best Grand Prix’ trophy in 2001. In addition, in order to give the gamers a quick sneak-peek of the game, all the options will be available, except number of laps selection will be locked.

Michele Caletti, Game Director Milestone has said that “it’s the first real hands-on for all users” and “will announce the official release date for the demo and for the game during the upcoming weeks”

You can watch the announcement video below: