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The Escapists welcomes us to Woodbury in Walking Dead style

What if the top down prison world of The Escapists got together with The Walking Dead? Take a look for yourself in the new Woodbury reveal trailer. Playing as the series lead man, Rick Grimes, you must escape from each area bringing as many survivors with you as possible. This time you aren’t avoiding the […]

Can you escape from Alcatraz?

Yesterday, The Escapists received its first piece of DLC – Alcatraz. For £1.99/€2.49/$2.99 and a 14.85 MB download, you can try your hand at escaping from one of the world’s most famous prisons and set a record escape time on the leaderboards? Check out the launch trailer below.

The Escapists launch trailer is out on parole

The Escapists will be released from prison on February 13th. Coming from Indie developer Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17, The Escapists is a charming pixellated prison adventure – see for yourself in the launch trailer below and be sure to swing by our review. It’s #MakeOrBreak time.

The Escapists review

I push my desk under the ventilation shaft and clamber up, the cover blocking my way is off in a matter of seconds using the screwdriver I had bought from Bob earlier in the day, working my way through the ventilation system I visit a fellow inmate who sells me a bar of soap. Together […]

Welcome to Center Perks – The Escapists

Welcome to Center Parcs Perks, come in, take a load off and see what goes on in the more ‘relaxed’ security prisons of The Escapists – now why would anyone want to escape from that? The Escapists is freed on February 13 – watch out for our review soon!

The Escapists make their getaway on February 13

One-man band Mouldy Toof Studios’ Chris Davis has joined development forces with Team17 to release The Escapists for Xbox One and PC on February 13. There are six different ways to escape from each of the six prisons; six is the magic number! The prisons vary from minimal security to the harsh confines of a POW camp. The sandbox environment of […]