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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Having seen the trailer and read through the original concept for Murdered: Soul Suspect, I was immediately excited. It reminded me of the old school point and click adventures I grew up with; just gr...[Read More]

Murdered: Soul Suspect ‘101’ Trailer

Play as Ronan O’ Connor, a Salem police detective whose life is brought to a brutal end by a masked killer. Caught in a purgatorial world called Dusk, he must combine his investigative skills with pow...[Read More]

Murdered: Soul Suspect ‘The Bell Killer Trailer’

Delving deeper into his own murder, Ronan O’Connor begins to link his death to a series of brutal killings terrifying the town of Salem. Murdered: Soul Suspect challenges gamers to solve the har...[Read More]

Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 Walkthrough

With 11 awards and 28 nominations at this year’s E3 games show, Murdered: Soul Suspect impressed the world’s media with its new take on the action/adventure genre, challenging players to s...[Read More]

Square Enix E3 2013 Xbox Line-Up

Square Enix has today announced its broad spectrum of next-generation and current generation games to be unveiled during the E3 2013 expo. The company’s portfolio features new games from signature fra...[Read More]