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Start your engines for the Trackmania Turbo open beta

If you’re a fan of racing games then you’re in luck as today Ubisoft announced that TrackMania Turbo open beta will be available on the Xbox One from March 18th.

Trackmania Turbo is the latest installment in the Trackmania franchise developed by Nadeo. Players will find themselves immersed in four enviroments containing a combined 200 tracks that will test your skills to the max. There’s also the option of the Trackbuilder tool so you can design and share your creations with others, however if that does not make you happy then why not use the random track generator. To top it all off Trackmania Turbo with allow you to race with friends either locally or online.

Trackmania Turbo beta will be available from the Xbox One store to download starting 1pm UK Time on the 18th March and will be playable until 1pm on March 21st, launching officially for the Xbox One and Windows PC on March 24th.

New multiplayer trailer released for Trackmania Turbo

Ubisoft have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming arcade racer, Trackmania Turbo, introducing players to the multiplayer option which will be available.

One of the multiplayer modes which has been announced is the innovative Double Driver mode where two players control a single car to try and achieve the fastest time possible.

Trackmania Turbo is set to release on Xbox One and PC on March 25, 2016.


Trackmania Turbo release dated


The latest incarnation of the Trackmania franchise was announced a few weeks ago, for Xbox One, and even in it’s early phases, it looks great. Well, developer Nadeo and publisher, Ubisoft are ready to release this petrol-filled thrill-ride to the world.

Trackmania Turbo is a combination of toy car fantasy and huge scale. The type of scale where helicopters are used to simply hold up advertising signage. The game will feature a track builder as well as more than 200 head-spinning, hurl-inducing tracks set across four stunning environments. Rev up and scream away in Rollercoaster Lagoon, International Stadium, Canyon Grand Drift and Valley Down & Dirty.

When is all of this fuel-filled insanity coming to Xbox One? I’m glad you asked, as the release date has been set at the 25th of March.

Before you buckle up and put your foot down though, have a look at the new trailer, a cautionary tale of speed and skill.