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Little Nightmares will be had on Xbox One

Coming April 28, Little Nightmares’ Six is trapped in ‘The Maw’. Armed with nothing but a lighter, can you help guide Six past the darkness and the residents of The Maw and back to safety?

Riffing off of the style of Limbo and Unravel, Six must engage in a game of hide and seek, interspersed with puzzles where each room you have to navigate is a cell, and each resident is a potential threat – a series of Little Nightmares to solve.

The animation is superb – and the residents look like they would be quite at home in the world of The Nightmare before Christmas.

The ‘Six Edition’ is a digital exclusive for pre-orders or available at GAME in the UK – and includes the Scarecrow Sack and the Upside-down Teapot Masks, which can be used so that Six can blend in with the world of The Maw. Meanwhile, the physical edition will include the soundtrack, and for the Six Edition, a 10cm figurine, poster and sticker board.


Check out the new trailer below.

Pac-Man 256 review

In 1980, Pac-Man took the world by storm, and hasn’t stopped munching those pellets since. Through multiple revisions, from arcade cabinets, games consoles, and various mobile phone titles, Pac-Man has been played anywhere and everywhere… Now, he returns to the Xbox One in Pac-Man 256.

Pac-Man 256 offers the classic Pac-Man gameplay we’re so used to. Guiding the yellow guy around a level, with the goal to pick up all of the pellets whilst trying to dodge those pesky ghosts. 256 takes that base, and gives it a great little twist… Each level is a never-ending run, trying to accumulate as many pellets, and points, as you can without getting caught. Mix in various power pick-ups along the way, such as lasers, tornadoes, stealth, and the ability to make yourself bigger, and things start to get even more interesting. Power ups play a big part of Pac-Man 256, and can take a sinking playthrough to a victorious one. You have the option to choose three different power ups to take into the game with you, which you can change at any point from the main menu. Each of these power ups available to you can also be upgraded with the credits you earn along the way, making them more powerful.

However, your time in Pac-Man 256 is not limited to solo play, and you can grab three other friends for some local fun too. The aim of the multiplayer side is to gain the highest score, and to last the longest. Before long, living room rivalries shall develop, and it’ll feel like you’re huddled around the old arcade cabinet once again. Unfortunately there’s no online multiplayer, which I can completely understand. However you can still vie for top spot amongst your mates with the incredibly well-hidden online leaderboard, which you can only access once you’ve finished a game. It’s also here that you can see your single and local multiplayer stats, such as how many pellets you’ve eaten, which ghosts you’ve eaten the most, and which ghosts have caught you.

pac-man-256 (2)

The sights and sounds of Pac-Man 256 are what you’d expect from a Pac-Man game. What I did really like, though, were the various options for stage “skins”. You can change the appearance of the stage into an array of different themes, such as classic Pac-Man, the office, Crossy Road, and more. This adds a bit of variety into the visual aspect, and gives you the opportunity to find the perfect stage for you play on. The accompanying music and sounds are classic Pac-Man, from the ever familiar “wakka wakka”, to the dreaded death whine.

pac-man-256 (4)

Overall, Pac-Man 256 is a great little game to pick up and play, whether you have five minutes or 50. The familiar style and gameplay will suit anyone whether they played the original, or are just starting out. It offers an accessible challenge, which with the right strategy can result in fantastic scores, but of course, is met with the peril of completely screwing it up within seconds. Unfortunately the lack of online multiplayer does let it down a little bit, but it’s not a massive drawback.

Pac-Man 256 is now available to download for £3.99 from the Xbox store.

Thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe & Xbox for supporting TiX.

Xbox @ gamescom – Dark Souls III reveals some gameplay

Finally some gameplay footage! Pushing boundaries graphically, Dark Souls III looks stunning and looks like it runs really smoothly, we see some dark creepy locations and huge enemies with a healthy dose of gore. A new addition to the series is “Battle Art” attacks, which will enable you to deliver stronger attacks to break down your enemies defences and destroy them, each weapon is equipped with its own unique Battle Art.

Exploring the CAR of the Future


When it comes to launching a new game, and capturing the minds of the next generation of gamers, drivers and designers, Bandai Namco have it nailed. This week they’ve teamed up with Explore Learning, the leading provider of English and maths tuition to launch a nationwide competition in honour of the launch of Project CARS. They’ll be asking thousands of UK children one simple question; what will be racing cards of the future look like?

The aim of the competition is to find the most unique and well-designed car of the future from the next generation of drivers and gamers. The judge, world famous professional racing driver Nicolas Hamilton, will select the winning design and then meet and present the prize to the aspiring designer.


The prize itself is a good one! The winner will receive a framed picture of their design, a certificate, the chance to meet Nicolas Hamilton and… a…. PlayStation 4. (We are grinning through gritted teeth at this point but the generosity hasn’t gone unnoticed.)

Lee Kirton, PR and Marketing Whizz (or Director to you and I) at Bandai Namco had the following to say;

We’re thrilled to team up with Explore Learning on CAR of the future. Dreams, fun and inspiration are what games are all about; by engaging with Explore Learning members, we aim to inspire the next generation of designers.

5 runners up in the competition will be rewarded with a bagful of Bandai Namco goodies.

We are always looking for new ways to encourage creativity and engage the imaginations of our members and what better way than to invite them to think about how racing cars might look and operate in the future? One of the main reasons that parents bring their children along to Explore Learning is to help their confidence so they can overcome challenges they come up against whilst learning.  Nicolas is a great role model for young people; he’s showing them they can overcome any obstacles to gain success.

said Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning.

We love this idea and no doubt both Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios will be watching the winner and 5 runner ups very closely in the future for potential job offers! Good luck and we cannot wait to see the winning entries.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse experiences Euro delay


Namco-Bandai’s long-running Dragon Ball series’ latest game, Xenoverse, or XV for short, has suffered a slight delay to it’s European release date, the publishers have announced.

The fighter, originally slated for a February 17th release on Xbox One, has been shuffled back a full 10 days to the 27th of February in an effort to “ensure the highest possible gameplay experience” for fans of the game. The Stateside release is still going ahead on the 17th, however.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse promises custom created characters to guide through the Dragon Ball universe and it’s associated timeline. Travel back to right wrongs during landmark series events, fight alongside characters from the series and unlock moves and different costumes for your character.

So, be patient, young Dragon Baller, your time will come.

Deals With Gold: May 20th – 27th – Bandai Namco Titles on Sale

Deals with Gold


This weeks ‘Deals with Gold’, formerly Deals of the Week, will go  LIVE today. For this week’s sale Namco Bandai titles have been given up to 75% discounts:

Sadly these two games only appear to be discounted in the US, have reached out to @XboxUK for an update:

The ‘Deals with Gold’ offer for Xbox One has just been confirmed with Fifa 14 and Killer Instinct discounted, offer runs through June 2nd:

Xbox One


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Killer Instinct Ultra Edition (already own Combo Breaker)* add-on 50%
Killer Instinct Ultra Edition (don’t own Combo Breaker)* add-on 12%
FIFA 14* Xbox One game 40%

Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition Miniature Weapon Set



Here in the UK there is a Special Edition version of Dark Souls II which includes an authentic cloth game map, 30cm Warrior Knight figurine, collectible art book and the game sound track. However the Japanese have a special Special Edition which includes which includes a miniature weapons set. Check out the video below.

Dark Souls II is released for Xbox 360 on 14th March this year. Keep your eyes on ThisisXbox.com for more news in the build up to released and with any luck, an exciting review from one of the team.


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Out Today for Xbox 360

The latest fighting game from the Dragon Ball Z franchise is released today for UK and Europe on Xbox 360.

For the first time ever, the fans will be able to embody God Goku, Beerus and Whis, the three newest characters joining the epic Dragon Ball Z Universe! These new characters are joining a huge roster of more than 70 characters (including transformations & DLCs) with their unique playstyle based on the four different fighting types: Ki-Blast, Support, Melee and Interfere! On top of the amazing character line-up, NAMCO BANDAI Games included tons of exciting features such as the Genki gauge , Giant Bosses Battles, Premium Points and Dragon Points (to customize your favourite character), as well as different Modes where cooperation with allies is mandatory.

To celebrate this brand new game, the Limited Exclusive Goku Edition comes packed with epicness: the game, an amazing Artbook and a massive Figurine of the mighty Goku in his Super Saiyan form!

The Witcher 3 Gains European Distributor


Earlier today CD Projekt RED, the developer and publisher behind the highly anticipated fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, announced that Namco Bandai Games Europe will distribute the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

We’ve worked with Namco Bandai Games before, so our partners there know both The Witcher and the ideals that drive us as a studio. We’re convinced that they understand our vision for the game and that they will do a great job at letting gamers know how the game’s open world and great story are going to change the next-gen RPG landscape

said Adam Badowski, Head of Studio, CD Projekt RED.

Namco Bandai Games will be responsible for the distribution and promotion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Europe and will bring the game to Xbox One as well as other platforms.

CD Projekt RED has well earned its marks as a premier, innovative studio and it is with extreme delight and pride that we are today confirming we will be adding the eagerly awaited Witcher 3 to our line-up next year. We look forward to being once again the European partner of CD Projekt RED, and providing first-class service to one of the most revered video game franchises as it is coming to next-generation consoles in 2014.

said Alberto González Lorca, VP Third Parties, Namco Bandai Games Europe.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is scheduled for a 2014 release and has garnered over 80 awards so far.