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Neverwinter’s Maze Engine ticks over

Neverwinter maze engine

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studio yestrday released the ninth expansion for their hugely successful MMORPG, Neverwinter on Xbox One. It’s been available to PC players for a few weeks now and it’s finally made it for console players. Titled The Maze Engine, it continues on from where the previous expansion, Underdark, left off.

Even though your adventuring spirit quelled the efforts of Demogorgon, new threats have risen from the depths. The Horned King Baphomet has taken control of The Maze Engine. This powerful reality altering artifact can give Baphomet the capability to ensnare the Sword Coast.

The Maze Engine will also see the return of Castle Never. This has been captured and overrun by the Prince of Undeath, Orcus. He has used his powers to reanimate slain heroes of the Keep’s past and has raised an army of the undead.

The latest expansion has also brought new gameplay updates, including the return of four leveling dungeons and the previously mentioned Castle Never. The fortress has been upgraded to an epic dungeon, just to give you something else to worry about. All returning dungeons have been upgraded with fresh visuals and brand new content. Cloak Tower, Pirate King’s Retreat, The Frozen Heart and Caverns of Karrundax have all made a welcome return .

The Maze Engine also introduces a new Mounts System. This allows players to upgrade and customise their mounts and how they are stored. You can even use abilities from other mounts to augment the powers of your favourite. Also included are an improved queue system and of course, the all-new campaign.

To celebrate this release, we have teamed up with Perfect World Entertainment to give away 50 Boar Mounts for The Maze Engine. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts in the coming day or so for more details and your chance to mount up.

Neverwinter maze engine 02

Neverwinter: The Maze Engine is available now and free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold members.

Neverwinter to fire up The Maze Engine


It’s almost hard to believe that we are heading towards the ninth DLC expansion for Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter. The free-to-play MMORP has been a real hit with gamers across multiple formats. In the last expansion, Neverwinter: Underdark, demons were starting to escape from the Abyss and the next expansion, The Maze Engine, continues that storyline.

Coming firstly to PC in March, Neverwinter: The Maze Engine will also be hitting us lucky folk on Xbox One at a later date.

What can we expect to find in this next expansion? How about The Horned King Baphomet and the Prince of the Undead, Orcus? Down in the depths of the Underdark, Baphomet and his demons guard The Maze Engine, a magical mechanical device that can warp the fabric of reality. Orcus has taken control of Castle Never and has reanimated defeated enemies of the past.

Your task will be to eliminate these new threats by teaming up with Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc, Bruenor Battlehammer, Regis and many more of the classic D&D characters.

Have a look at the challenge issued below in the official announcement trailer and look out for further updates, hopefully including an Xbox ONe release date, soon.