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New Xbox One guide takes best bits of Xbox 360 guide

Apparently it takes its inspiration from the Xbox 360 guide, although having used the new dash as part of the preview program, I fail to see the link with the old guide. Nonetheless, it’s been designed with the old 360 guide in mind – take a look at the video below and make your own mind up – you will get to see firsthand soon enough, the new dashboard launches November 12th.

Hopefully the kinks will be ironed out come launch, but I agree with Larry and Richard in the video below, the new guide is incredibly fast and far more intuitive and easy to manage, particularly the chat options. The best new feature is that party chat has been upped to twelve participants and notifications have seen a vast update by simply grouping your notifications.

Microsoft Beta Testing Spring 2012 Dashboard Update

Microsoft Staff Testing Spring 2012 Dashboard Update

It might not feel all that long since we had the latest Metro Dashboard update for all the Xbox 360 consoles connected to Xbox LIVE, but it seems Microsoft have a few more new tricks up their sleeve as internal staff are set to beta test new features inbound for the console later this year. Continue reading Microsoft Beta Testing Spring 2012 Dashboard Update