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Xbox One – All the Facts from Microsoft

Microsoft has compiled a fact sheet detailing all the important information you need to know if you didn’t watch the XBOX ONE announcement Live Stream earlier today. THE INTRODUCTION Xbox One is the all-in-one games and entertainment system for the living room of the 21st century. Xbox One puts you at the center of all […]

Is The Road To Xbox Infinity Really Just Xbox Gold?

It’s been long rumoured that Microsoft could call the next-generation Xbox console a range of names based on what has been spotted about it’s design or functionality. Xbox Infinity was the more strongest of the rumoured names for quite some time and with the recent logo discovery appearing online – it fueled those rumours even further. Another […]

Union Jack Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Launching May 25

Amazon has outed a new snazzy Union Jack Xbox 360 Console bundle featuring the flag emblazoned across the console itself, the controller and even the Kinect Sensor.