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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Real – Outed by Tesco UK With Box Art

Call of Duty for the current-gen Xbox 360 has been leaked early thanks to Tesco Direct who has since pulled down the listing from their online website in the UK. Titled ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ with the official box-art nothing much else is known than that it is from Infinity Ward.

Here’s the box art:


Activision has not made any official announcements about the title, but a next-gen exclusive Call of Duty is rumoured to be in development from Sledgehammer Games for the new Xbox when it is revealed on May 21st this year.

When official announcements are in – we’ll keep you updated as it happens.

How do you feel about Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty branching out of the Modern Warfare era?

Is The Road To Xbox Infinity Really Just Xbox Gold?


It’s been long rumoured that Microsoft could call the next-generation Xbox console a range of names based on what has been spotted about it’s design or functionality. Xbox Infinity was the more strongest of the rumoured names for quite some time and with the recent logo discovery appearing online – it fueled those rumours even further.

Another interesting leak that goes back as far as early last year was the name Xbox 8, a way of bringing the next-gen console in line with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 since all devices use the same core mechanics of the Windows 8 operating system. At the same time we were told of an Xbox 8 possibility the name Xbox Infinity came up in that it was meant to be an “Online Platform” – a way of integrating all the online functions of the next Xbox, Xbox on Windows and Windows Phone 8 together, a system in place that could also deliver apps to TV’s without the need of a console (somehow). Our Xbox Infinity information came our way February 2012 and since an 8 sign and infinity sign are very similar, only Microsoft has the answers. However with the likelihood of Windows this year being called ‘Blue’ a major update to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 it no longer seems feasible to have an Xbox named Xbox 8 for 2013?

More recently as noticed by Fusible, Microsoft has been out in force by taking ownership of domains that have XBOX GOLD in them. The latest acquisition XboxGold.org joins the new pile of internet domains that include: XboxGold.biz, XboxGold.com.co, XboxGold.us, XboxGold.at, XboxGold.ch, XboxGold.jp, XboxGold.mx, XboxGold.ru, XboxGold.tw and XboxGold.fr.

With the recently closure of the Xbox Gold Family Account on Xbox LIVE, the grabbing of domain names related to Xbox Gold could be due to an upcoming overhaul of the way that we pay for Xbox LIVE on the next-gen console, or that it’s going to be called Xbox Gold – which is a pretty bad name for a new console. Since all use of that name relates to a subscription service on current-gen, it’s more likely to relate to next-gen subscription services on the next Xbox because Microsoft would have taken these domains years ago. With the impending and long-overdue reveal of the next-gen Xbox, the timing of Microsoft acquiring these domains is pretty obvious.

Now for the speculation – if it does relate to a subscription service what we would like to see if the next-gen console does require an always-on connection to the internet, then how about a pay-per-console to Xbox Gold instead of pay-per-gamertag profile? With the decision on Microsoft’s part to cease without notice the Family Accounts – it would make more sense and a middle ground between becoming fairer in-line with the PSN Network to have each household connected to Live through the one console account?

Something is brewing up in Microsoft Corp’s HQ over Xbox Gold – and when the news of a next-gen announcement hit’s we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Next-Gen Xbox Could Be Out By November 2013


Admit it, as soon as you knew the release date for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (coming to next-gen consoles) was dated for November 1st, you must have wondered if this was to be a next-gen launch title releasing along side next-gen hardware?

Well, the developer of Assassin’s Creed IV in a recent interview with Outside Xbox, which appears to be the new Inside Xbox lately has pretty much hinted that the next-gen Xbox will be out by November this year. Whilst no other information was given since we’ve all read about the “it has blu-ray”, “no blu-ray”, blocks and doesn’t block used games, does and doesn’t require an always on internet connection – we’re still waiting on Microsoft to deliver the god damn news that we’re dying to hear… when, how much, what can it do etc?

At least for now we can start saving our cash for a likely Fall release.

Here’s the interview:

Thanks NOWGamer

Eidos Confirm Next-Gen Xbox Blocks Used Games


The next-generation of Xbox is one of the closest guarded secrets of the Microsoft Corp’ Camp – you’ll find no leaked controller pictures anywhere with this upcoming baby, but Eidos’ Ian Livingstone has confirmed in an interview that the upcoming next Xbox console will indeed watermark discs so they are unusable on other machines.

Livingstone is currently in India promoting the new Tomb Raider game and was interviewed by the GameGuru.in team whilst on his travels. The confirmation that Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Loop, Infinity (whatever it will be called) blocking used games will surely be a massive blow to retailers who rely on the trade-ins and used game market to supplement their sales.

It was also confirmed that the next Xbox does require an ‘always-on’ internet connection, so if you’re having bandwidth issues or on a capped data plan – you might want to consider upgrading!

Nothing has yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but with Sony soon to announce a new Playstation console and publishers looking to showcase their latest games on next-gen hardware – a reveal is logically imminent.

Source: GameGuru.IN

Next-Gen Gaming – Don’t Forget The Broadband!


We may be ready for the next-generation of Xbox (which is long overdue in my opinion), but with new technology and a shifting focus on home consoles being far more than just gaming machines – newly dubbed “entertainment hubs” that rely on our broadband connections, is yours up to speed? Continue reading Next-Gen Gaming – Don’t Forget The Broadband!

Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images

That’s right, Microsoft has high hopes for the future of gaming and quite literally want’s to plaster the environments from games around you in your own living room. What is said to be an “Enviromental Display” device that sits neatly on top of your tv next to your Kinect 2.0, a recent filing for a new patent states that “An immersive display environment is provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user. The peripheral images serve as an extension to a primary image displayed on a primary display.” Continue reading Next-Gen Xbox So Immersive It Will Plaster Your Walls With Images

Xbox 8 – Two New Domain Names Now Owned by Microsoft

Way back in February thisisxbox.com were first to point out that the next-gen Xbox console could be called Xbox 8 following on from a discussion we had with an ex-industry employee who claimed to have seen Battlefield 3 running on an alpha build of the next-gen Xbox – showing the game in its full PC glory equivalent. Continue reading Xbox 8 – Two New Domain Names Now Owned by Microsoft