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Grabble your way to a new ID@Xbox experience


Some games are unique in every way and some remind me massively of games that I’ve played many, many moons ago, back in the days when games came on cassette-tapes (ask your parents) and floppy disks (again with the parents thing). This next announcement from GDC for the ID@Xbox program reminds me of a game I used to play on an older platform called Putty.

Noble Whale’s twin stick platformer turns you into a Grabble. Navigate your way through each level, not by running and jumping, but by utilising your Grabble’s two appendages to pull them through the treacherous alien world.

The game will include co-op, death match and race modes as well as the single-player platform story. Aim your appenadge using one of the sticks on the controller and fire using the trigger. Sounds easy, but you’ll need to have quick reflexes and be a very quick learner in order to master this I think.