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New Nyko accessory to keep your Xbox One cool


Nyko Technologies, a leading accessories manufacturer, earlier today announced details around the release of their Intercooler accessory for Xbox One consoles. The Intercooler is a clip-on accessory that once attached will improve the ambient temperature of your Xbox One console. Now available online at Nyko.com, Amazon and other select retailers, the accessory will set you back $24.99.

Intercooler Xbox One Featured Image

The Intercooler for Xbox One works by dramatically increasing the rate at which hot air is pulled away from the console. Built with one quiet, high-efficiency fan, the Intercooler for Xbox One helps ameliorate heat dissipation concerns for gamers who store their console in enclosed spaces or in close proximity with other electronic devices and is powered by a short cord that plugs into one of the console’s USB ports.

Gamers today rarely restrict themselves to a single device. Their game cabinets are bristling with hardware, consoles stacked on consoles in close quarters – under these conditions, ventilation could be an issue. The Intercooler for Xbox One is the answer to this problem.

said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be spending some hard earned $’s on this…


Nyko release the Modular Power Station for Xbox One

With a new console comes a whole host of new third party hardware to tempt us into cheaper controllers, charging stations or cooling systems. Nyko have jumped on the peripheral wagon and have released a rather funky looking docking system that bolts directly onto the left side of your Xbox One.

Taking design cues from the console itself, the ‘Modular Power Station’ is home to two battery packs that charge while the console is switched on. Two LED charge icons at the front of the docking station indicate the status of each battery while the compartment is easily accessed by ‘one touch’.

The Power Station is designed with marathon-session gamers in mind,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “It allows players to hot-swap their controllers’ batteries without breaking momentum, so running out of power will never again force an undesired gaming break.

With less wires to contend with and a back up battery pack, is this something gamers would be interested in? Check out the image gallery and let us know what you think.