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Onrush gets a free trial on Xbox One

Yes Xbox owners, it’s now your time to try out the amazing ONRUSH for free! PS4 owners had the privilege last weekend, but now it’s your turn! The free trial is now available, giving you a whole hour to see what you think of the game.

If you’re on the fence, this is a great way to finally realise that Onrush is a fantastic arcade racer, which I reviewed and gave a whopping 9/10. You can go and read that review right here!

ONRUSH review

There is a classic saying that states “When one door closes another one opens”. UK based Evolution studios know this only too well, as a few years back they were owned by Sony and were responsible for the Motorstorm series and Driveclub on the PS4, but when Sony closed the studio down in 2016 the talented team all faced an uncertain future. However, just one month later, the team joined Codemasters in order for the two racing game developers to pool their “shared DNA, passion and talents”. Codemasters has also allowed the previous employees of Evolution Studios to retain their own unique style in the short, two year development cycle of their new project.

That move created the team now known as Codemasters Evo, and that trust and faith given to that development team has created the amazing ONRUSH in that two year cycle. Yes, I am getting that verdict out there at the start of this review. ONRUSH is a really great game. Their stablemates at Codemasters created the fantastic racing simulator that is F1 2017, and ONRUSH is probably the polar opposite of that game with it’s obvious arcade styling, but made with the same passion and love to create a world class driving game.

ONRUSH is a racing game with a twist, and the in-game narrator points it out very early on. Theres not one chequered flag to be found on any of the courses. Theres no tracks, pit-lanes or spectators. Instead what you have are four distinctive game modes, eight vehicles, a ton of AI controlled fodder vehicles and as much mayhem and fun that you could wish for.

There is a single player campaign, which acts as a tutorial for the different game modes and vehicles. Multiplayer is handled at the moment by Quick Play, which gets you into a match as quickly as possible and then continues on by cycling through a random playlist of game modes and tracks, so you never feel too far away from some action. There is a menu option for ranked matches, which will become active a few weeks after launch. Whichever mode you jump into you’ll find the basic gameplay is quite similar. Your car earns boost by taking out the fodder vehicles, jumping or doing tricks. Boost is then spent in order fill your Rush meter. Get this Rush meter full and you can activate your vehicle’s special power.

Taking down the opposition also helps fill your Rush meter, and obviously when the opponents are out of the game they are not earning their team any points. This is where ONRUSH differs from other racing games and takes a huge dollop of inspiration from shooters. To win in any of the game modes will require a certain amount of team co-operation. For example, the Dynamo vehicle earns Rush by driving near teammates, and when the Rush meter is full and activated it gives extra boost to those nearby teammates, whereas the Titan gives a shield to nearby teammates, so you can see how working together will be beneficial.

The four game modes are uniquely different as well. Overdrive is the most basic and requires you to purely earn and spend your boost which earns your team points. Switch makes you start off on a motorbike but then requires you to switch vehicles after each crash or takedown with the loser being the team that runs out of switches. Countdown is a race through gates against a decreasing clock. Hitting the gates will add precious seconds to your teams time, keeping you in the game, with the loser running out of time, and finally (my favourite) Lockdown, which really shows off the shooter inspiration by implementing a moving “Capture the Flag” area. Each of these modes require differing tactics and I am sure that I have just scratched the surface of working out just what tactics to use. Winning teams and players who earn the MVP status will be rewarded with XP and Gear Crates but it doesn’t really feel like you are playing for rewards or progression, but instead just for the fun of it.

There is a huge amount of customisation possible with the vehicles and characters. Levelling up in ONRUSH will earn you a Gear Crate, and these are opened in the most apt and fun way possible, earning you skins, celebrations and motorcycle tricks. Before the Internet gets mad I will point out that these crates can’t be purchased with real money and the items you win are purely cosmetic. ONRUSH has an over the top punk/rock styling, with a equally insane pounding soundtrack, and playing with headphones turned up loud feels the way to go, especially when you add in the amazing sound effects of the cars smashing to the ground and crashing into each other. The tracks are all well designed and individual with my particular favourite consisting of a huge circular dam that you race through, an experience I don’t think I have ever witnessed in a racing game. On the Xbox One X ONRUSH runs at a solid 60fps or at 4K, with the option to switch between the two, which I believe to also be the case with the PS4 Pro. I have also tested the game on the Xbox One S, which runs at 30fps and is still a very satisfactory experience. I have not seen any frame rate drop at all on any console, so it appears to be a very solid performer.

ONRUSH is not a subtle racing experience. It’s mad, insane, energetic and exhausting all at the same time. A real assault on the senses. And I mean that in a really good way. There’s never a break in the action, with the racing continuing between match rounds, so you are never taken out of the world. I do have a few niggles, but these are very minor. The respawn time feels too long, as it shows a killcam, and then a five second delay before you re-enter the race. Driving in the snow, whilst looking amazing, is a harrowing experience just like real life, and is too difficult to see where you are going. The biggest problem I can see, especially on release, are the number of game modes as four doesn’t quite feel enough. However, Codemasters Evo have confirmed that there are plans to support ONRUSH with new game modes and online events on a ongoing basis, details of which will be released over the next few weeks, but they need time to ensure that the player base is acclimatised to the game and that it is as balanced as can be before they add new features.

ONRUSH takes clear inspiration from Motorstorm and Burnout Paradise, however where it improves on those is in it’s track design. Burnout Paradise was too fast for its setting, and I spent an awful amount of time crashing. ONRUSH takes that speed and places it in wide open tracks and adds a huge amount of verticality, making it much more enjoyable. If you do crash and find yourself at the back of the pack the game will transport you back into the action almost immediately so you’re never too far from the chaos.

Hey, guess what? I love ONRUSH, and I can’t remember having this much fun in a driving game ever. Its Bold, Brash, Chaotic, Loud, Colourful and FUN and I cannot wait to see how the game is supported going forward!

ONRUSH Beta coming May 17th – Achievements revealed

The ONRUSH Beta is launching on May 17th at 2pm UK time and will run through to midnight on Sunday May 20th on Xbox One and PS4. Gamers who pre-order on the PS4 only will have a two day head-start and have access to the game from May 15th.

The beta will contain an interactive tutorial and both single player and multiplayer modes, along with a photo mode in the single player game. Two tracks are also available, with both Big Dune Beach and Volcano Lake featured in the beta. Two of the x game modes are available to play also. In Overdrive mode players are divided into two teams. They must chain together Boost moves and RUSH to earn points for the team. The round ends when a team reaches a set number of points that varies per map. In this game mode, it’s also the best of three rounds.

In the Countdown mode players are again divided into two teams and must drive through gates along the track. Each car that travels through a gate adds time onto the countdown clock for their team. The round ends when a team’s clock reaches zero, with the victor being the team with time left on the clock when that happens. The Countdown mode was the game mode I played at EGX Rezzed last month and it was an immense amount of fun!

The following four vehicles and their special abilities will be included in the beta.

Firewall: RUSHing leaves a destructive trail of fire behind
Crashbang: Your Tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents
Tumbler: Earn RUSH directly from front and back flips

Turbulence: RUSHing leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind
Touchdown: Timed boost landings are more effective
Spiral: Earn RUSH directly from performing barrel rolls

Rampage: Refill your RUSH gauge with every successful takedown
Surge: Initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly
Pinpoint: Earn RUSH directly from performing near misses

Blockade: RUSHing drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down
Shield: Give nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits
Impact: Earn RUSH directly from taking down opponents

For you Xbox gamers out there the list of achievements have also been revealed and are listed below.

What does this button do? – Use boost for the first time – 10
No Hard Feelings – Introduce yourself to the fodder – 10
Stay on Target – Takedown an opponent! – 10
Ready for the Rush – Rush for the first time – 10
Origins Superstar – Start ‘Origins’ – 10
Off the GRID – Reach player level 5 – 10
Ground Pound – Perform a ‘CRUSHED!’ Takedown – 10
Paying your disrespects – Smash 5 Tombstones in a single match – 15
Uprising Superstar – Unlock ‘Uprising’ – 15
Which way is up? – Perform a ‘VOMIT COMET’ action – 15
#Crashtag – Earn 10 Crashtags – 15
Fashion Victim – Personalise all 12 Characters – 25
Classy – Personalise all 8 Classes – 25
Stampede! – Play 10 OVERDRIVE Matches – 25
Another Consonant Please – Play 10 COUNTDOWN Matches – 25
Not now chief, I’m in the Zone – Play 10 LOCKDOWN Matches – 25
We’re DRINKING, Karen! – Play 10 SWITCH Matches – 25
Regeneration Superstar – Unlock ‘Regeneration’ – 25
Geared Up – Collect 250 or more Gear Items – 25
In the Spotlight – Feature in the player spotlight 10 times – 30
Burnt Out – Earn 50 ‘HUNTER’ Medals – 30
Starpower Superstar – Unlock ‘Starpower’ – 30
Formula 15 – Reach player level 15 – 30
Tag Evolution – Earn 5 Ubertags – 40
Driving Club – Perform 1000 ‘NEAR ALLY’ actions – 40
Snow Bound Superstar – Unlock ‘Snowbound’ – 40
Superstars Superstar – Unlock ‘Superstars’ – 50
Founder Superstar – Win the Founders’ Trophy – 60
Eat DiRT – Earn 50 ‘CHECKMATE!’ Medals – 60
Dizzy Heights – Reach player Level 30 – 70
It’s not an addiction, it’s a lifestyle – Earn 100 Gold ‘GAME TIME’ Medals – 90
ENTER YOUR INITIALS Superstar – Max out your Superstar Rating – 100

Tix’s Day Out at EGX Rezzed 2018!

It was a beautiful sunny day as my son and I caught the train to London to check out the latest Indie games on show at EGX Rezzed, which as usual was being held at Tobacco Dock in the heart of the city. This venue is the polar opposite of the large open spaces of the NEC in Birmingham, as it is an open air venue with lots of small rooms. My previous visit there in 2016 left me disappointed, as there were lots of people crowded into these small rooms, and with no queuing system in place there was more than a small amount of mayhem! Apparently feedback has been taken on board by the organisers, so let’s see what they have to offer.

With over 100 Indie titles on show, including a large presence from the folks at ID@Xbox, I knew we were never going to see everything on show, so a list was made whilst on the train, and our priorities were set. Here are my thoughts on some of the highlights of the day.


The newest racing game from Codemasters and developed by the team previously known as Evolution Studios, who were responsible for Driveclub on the PS4. ONRUSH is not your usual racing game where the winner is the first one to reach the chequered flag. This is an all-action team based car fighting game, where your aim is to takedown the opposing teams cars whilst racing around an off-road circuit. First impressions of Onrush is that it is quick, frantic and immense amounts of fun! We had an absolute blast on the four games we played, all on the Countdown game mode which require you to gain extra time by driving through highlighted gates. I was intrigued with what I had seen in previews, but after playing I am now really excited by what Onrush will deliver. Releasing on 5th June this is definitely one to watch.

The devs have been busy since Rezzed and have released new videos detailing the other game modes available. Check them out on their official YouTube page and on Facebook and Twitter.

We were also lucky enough to snag a goody-bag in one of their giveaways, which made my son’s day!

Strange Brigade

This is the one I was most hyped about going into Rezzed after seeing it and watching the dev session at EGX 2017. Strange Brigade is a Boys-Own style adventure game, with up to 4 player co-op. Each level sees you battling the undead, mummies and statues that have come to life. The areas are set with traps to help you destroy the hordes of enemies, and there is nothing more satisfying than luring the undead into one of them before shooting it and watching the blades scything through them. This is possible my most anticipated game of 2018, assuming it comes out this year!

The devs have been actively promising more news soon and commented that the playable demo was an old build, and that the new build is looking and playing much better. I cannot wait for Strange Brigade!

Check out the official website and their social media channels here – FacebookTwitter.

Insane Robots

This one came as a suprise to me as I knew nothing about it before the show. Anyone visiting the room they were located in couldn’t fail to miss the colorful stand and stop to see what Insane Robots was all about. Developed by Playniac it is a single player and multiplayer card battling game which eschews the deck-building element so frequently found in the likes of Hearthstone. Instead, all cards are randomly allocated during the battle and these must be used to attack and defend, along with additional bonus multiplier cards in order to defeat your opposition.

Insane Robots was colourful and full of energy, and will be released in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  Check out the official website.


Visitors to previous EGX events will remember the buzz around Gang Beasts, with huge crowds watching as well as playing. Well, Tyred had that same buzz. The premise is simple. You take control of a Tyre and battle against other tyres in a series of mini-games. Fans of the TV show Wipeout will be very familiar with Tyred and a massive amount of fun was had by all. It does need some tweaking as some of the games were over-long, but there is definitely a diamond in here. Developed by the UK team at SekritGames, Tyred is only currently available on Steam Early Access.

Big Crown Showdown

Yet another game that I knew nothing about, and another that caught my eye based on its graphical style. Big Crown Showdown is a four player battle game where you have to battle against three other players whilst also navigating a treacherous world with traps and chasms. Great for family get togethers and drunken couch co-op but will also have online capabilities added for launch. The graphical style is medieval inspired but also very cute and pretty as well, with lots of charm. Big Crown Showdown is developed by Hyper Luminal Games and coming out soon for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Check out their official website for more info.


Located in the same room as Double Fine – which due to the nature of the game was quite apt – Phogs is an interesting game where your have to control a dog with two heads using a control system very reminiscent of OctoDad. Developed by Bit Loom Games, Phogs is a puzzle platformer where the two dogs heads can attach to items by licking them, and then dragging them to a desired location. The body between the dogs can be stretched as well, and provided great moments where one head grabbed a light ball to allow the other head to function like a long stretchy torch. I smiled my way through this demo and look forward to what the devs will bring in the full game. Phogs was developed in conjunction with Coatsink and will be released in 2019.


Ah, the long awaited Below. This was one I was most excited for. Originally debuted at E3 2013 before disappearing in order for Capybara to concentrate its efforts on finishing the game, Below is now resurfacing with extended gameplay trailers and demo’ing at both PAX and EGX Rezzed. I hate to say it but I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I would be. But that’s not intended as a negative as I believe that Below is not a game you can immerse yourself into for 5 minutes on an Xbox with other gamers queuing behind you for their shot. Below will need time and concentration in the peace of your own home.

Below is an action-adventure game viewed from a top-down perspective with your character being a “tiny warrior exploring the depths of a remote island”. The game is about exploration, though that goal is contingent upon the character’s survival. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer described the game at E3 2013 as a “creative take on roguelike gameplay” in a “mysterious world”. The environments are randomly generated.

Below is still a huge one-to-watch for 2018, and I for one cannot wait to immerse myself in the world that Capabara Games has invented.

So, thats my review of EGX Rezzed. Was it better than my previous visit? Yes, without question it was loads better! There was plenty of time to chat to the wonderful developers, and minimal queuing for games. The game rooms felt larger than previous, although finding the games you wanted to play in these rooms was sometimes difficult. We did come away without seeing at least one title that was on our wish-list. But it is safe to say that Rezzed is on our to-do list for the coming years and my 13 year old son now prefers it to the larger main EGX that takes place in the larger venue.

ONRUSH and Conan Exiles playable at EGX Rezzed

There are now over 100 games announced to be playable at EGX Rezzed in April, and that list now includes ONRUSH and Conan Exiles. Strange Brigade was previously announced as being playable, but the list keeps on growing!

ONRUSH is the latest action racing game from UK based racing experts Codemasters and is coming to both PS4 and Xbox One on July 5th 2018. There will also be an open-beta in May, so gamers can check it out before release. ONRUSH is developed by Evolution Studios, the creators of Driveclub, who were purchased by Codemasters, and is the game that F1 Creative Director Lee Mather hinted at in our interview back in 2017.

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game, in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian. You are an exile, one of thousands cast out to fend for themselves in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged on every side by Enemies. Here you must fight to survive, build and dominate. It has been available for a few months on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access.

Playstation have also announced that four indie titles will be playable, including the sequel to the awesome Guacamelee!

The Swords of Ditto – The Swords of Ditto is a compact action RPG that creates a unique adventure for each new hero of legend in the relentless fight against the evil Mormo. Explore a delightful but dangerous overworld, brave menacing dungeons, and improve your hero in a charming village, during your quest to overcome the evil that plagues the island. Unleash the mystical Sword of Ditto and grab a co-op friend for an unforgettable adventure filled with delightful characters, extraordinary loot, and heroic battles!

Guacamelee! 2 – Seven years after defeating Carlos Calaca, Juan Aguacate is forced to don his luchador mask again to face a new threat — this time to the very fabric of space and time. Punch your way through a whole new action exploration-style world and try to save the Mexiverse!

Heaven’s Vault – From the creators of the multi-award winning 80 Days and the Sorcery! series comes an archaeological science fiction adventure game. Uncover a forgotten past and decipher a lost language in this narrative archaeological science-fiction adventure. The search for a missing roboticist leads archaeologist Aliya Elasra and her sidekick Six into the depths of the Nebula where they live, and to the ruins of a lost age – and a discovery that will change things forever.

The Adventure Pals – An epic adventure fuelled by imagination. Enter a beautiful world in a game about friendship, exploration and riding giraffes.

For full details of all 100 games check out the official Rezzed website.

ONRUSH gets a July 5th release date for PS4 and XBOX One

ONRUSH is the latest action racing game from UK based racing experts Codemasters and is coming to both PS4 and Xbox One on July 5th 2018. There will also be an open-beta in May, so gamers can check it out before release. ONRUSH is developed by Evolution Studios, the creators of Driveclub, who were purchased by Codemasters, and is the game that F1 Creative Director Lee Mather hinted at in our interview back in 2017.

ONRUSH is definitely not your standard racing game, think Rocket League mixed with Forza Horizon and you’re probably not far off! There is some awesome fun to be had here with a group of friends!

ONRUSH will feature eight different vehicle classes called – Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan and Enforcer. Each class has its own unique style, handling and abilities which will be key to RUSHing your team to victory, especially in online competition; where tactics are key.

Some abilities are more tailored for the offensive minded – those of you who have a bit of rage built up and want to inflict devastating takedowns on your rivals. For the more pacifist players, support abilities are also hugely important in clinching victory.

For more details, and to learn more about the beta timings, follow ONRUSH on the usual social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter and the official Codemasters blog.