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New Overlord: Fellowship of Evil trailer released

Codemasters today released a brand new trailer for their up and coming action RPG, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

Discussing the finer points of evil and terror, the video states that being evil isn’t just about who has the biggest sword, but how much you can kill and pillage whilst wielding it.

Carl Johnson, Chief Design Minion, Codemasters:

The Netherghūls in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil are a real bunch of ne’er-do-wells, as you’d expect from an Overlord game. They’re as likely to stab each other in the back as they are to work together.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a dark and twisted action RPG, written by the highly acclaimed Rhianna Pratchett, delivering an epic new quest, full of the series’ signature black humour.


The quest features four Netherghūls, undead servants resurrected in the absence of an Overlord, to bring evil back to a world overrun with good. Of course, you will also be joined, once again, by your merry band of Minions, with their charming chaotic brand of destruction waiting to do your evil bidding.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is set to launch on October 20, 2015, on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


Overlord: Fellowship of Evil want you to know your minions


Codemasters have been around for a very long time. They’ve been around the block as it were, as long as that block is metaphorically the size of Alaska. They are famed for their racing games. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is anything but a racing game. This pleases me greatly.

Written by the original Overlord author, Rhianna Pratchett, Fellowship of Evil promises four Netherghūls, undead servants of the dark arts, resurrected in place of a true Overlord, to bring evil back to a world overrun by unwholesome good. This dark, twisted action RPG looks to deliver epic evil, in a big way.

The Minionstry of Information have released the first in a series of informative trailers, this one concentrating on the staple basic soldier in your quest for evil; the maniacal minion.

Learn the value of your minion horde, absorb the arts of the carnage at their claw-tips.

Carl Johnson, Chief Designer at Codemasters likes the minions,

Minions have always been at the heart of the Overlord experience and the unique sense of fun and mischief they bring is a key part of Fellowship of Evil. Whether you evil alone or evil with company, just make sure there’s a weapon in your hands, carnage in your hearts and minions at your heels!

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is due to hit the digital store for Xbox One in 2015. I can’t wait to play in a world where your minions are mastered once more by Gnarl, voiced by the gravelly Marc Silk.

No minions were harmed in the making of this film.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is official for Xbox One


We knew it was just a matter of time, and that time is now. Today Codemasters have revealed that Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will indeed be coming to Xbox One this year. *Commence happy dance*

Overlord does things differently, which if you are familiar with the franchise you’ll know very well. No more being cast as the hero, who’s morales and permanent sense of self-righteousness sickens you to the stomach. Oh no, in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, (thank the dark Gods) you’ll be taking up the role of one of four Netherghuls and setting out to bring back evil to a word overrun by goodness and all things sweet and fluffy.

Overload 3

Boasting a devilishly good script written by the original’s award-winning scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil gives players a brand new, darkly comic quest to embark upon. Fans of evil doings can watch the first trailer in action below;

But where’s the fun in smiting fools alone? Join the Fellowship, grab three of your most devious friends – locally or online – and gleefully unleash a wave of delightful destruction across the land. For the Master! I can already see this going down extremely well with our very own Rich and Dave. I always thought they had some sinister, evil traits about them! Especially as you can turn on your fellow players. As The Master would tell us, evil never plays by the rules!

We’ve been scheming about a new Overlord for some time. We really wanted to do something that would allow us be evil alongside our friends, instead of the normal heroics in every other game. The idea of playing as a team of bad guys commanding Minions to do our utmost bidding, while also causing chaos for each other, just really made us smile. And as you know, an Overlord game never takes itself too seriously.

said Rob Elser, Executive Producer Minion, Codemasters.

Overlord 2

So my fellow evil and dark gamers around the world, get ready for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil coming to Xbox One, PC and other platforms later in 2015. We’ll keep you updated on further news and announcements as we approach the launch.