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Payday 2 finally gets patched (again)

They’ve certainly taken their time, but Payday 2 on Xbox One has finally been patched… again.

Earlier today we got wind that there was patch about to drop and would you know it, the source was indeed legit and there’s a brand new patch ready and waiting to be installed – but does it work? Let’s keep everything crossed and hope that we can finally get heisting on Xbox One.

Payday 2 patch imminent?

There’s nothing worse than a broken game, particularly when the broken part prevents you from playing the game online. Unfortunately for Payday 2, online is the sole reason you would play, but the online lobby, crime.net, has been plagued with problems since day one – and even after a patch – the game was largely inaccessible if you weren’t playing with friends or lucky enough to get into a lobby.

The Payday 2 twitter account has been flooded with frustrated tweets from fans eager to play a game that they paid good money for, and it is a great game. There is no official word on a release date for this new patch but one twitter user has stumbled across a ‘target date’ after chatting with some from support.@NinjaDude811 hasn’t been on twitter long so is this a good find, or an evil scam to get our hopes up? Here’s hoping it’s legit!


Torment for Payday 2 developer Overkill

Payday 2 launched onto Xbox One at the beginning of June, and yet the online crime.net is still not working for some gamers. As if this wasn’t trouble enough for developer Overkill Software, there has been more fuel poured onto the fire with news that they are abandoning support for Xbox 360.

Revealed on their Steam product page – you know, the place for PC gaming – the FAQ notes that support for Xbox 360 will be ceasing, and efforts are being focused on the Xbox One – sounds a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face!

The Xbox One has just received a patch to address crime.net freezing, and for me, it has mostly fixed my online woes. The full patch content will apparently be revealed later this week.

I really enjoy playing Payday 2 (when it works) and I hope all these troubles don’t tarnish Overkill’s reputation too much, particularly with an exciting new Walking Dead project on the horizon – although I fear that the damage has already been done!


Crime.net comes back online for Xbox One


Payday 2 has had a rough start to life on Xbox One. Crime.net – the online hub map for selecting your next heist – has been suffering from intermittent freeze issues since launch, which makes the online game practically unplayable.

There was little in the way of communication from the developer and the official twitter account – ironic being that communication is the key to success in online heists – all we knew was that an online patch was being worked on.

I’m happy to report that you can all return to the world of Payday 2, put on your masks and enjoy some online heisting without any crime.net freezing – it also means that I can crack on with my review.

It’s a shame that a patch has taken so long to push out, and that the bug existed in the first place – now about giving us something extra for standing by a game that was unplayable without online…

Xbox One Payday 2 Crimewave Edition is rather broken


There’s nothing more disappointing than a broken game, and in the case of Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, it’s particularly disappointing because the broken part is the online crime.net map, which freezes every 3-4 seconds, making selecting and getting into a lobby extremely difficult – moreso than pulling of the perfect heist!

Sure, you can play offline – but as you may have heard – playing with AI buddies is pretty damn tricky.

The good news… I can go back to playing Batman Arkham Knight instead of reviewing Payday 2. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game on Xbox 360 and I would rather hold off on my review for TiX until a fix has been found to unfreeze crime.net’s map.

For updates, keep an eye on TiX and the official Payday2 twitter account, which currently seems to be making a lot of apologies to unhappy gamers. There’s no timescale on when a fix will be ready but they did have this to say… six days ago!

Nab 25% off of Payday 2 Crimewave Edition

For a limited time, Gold members can save 25% off the pre-order price of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition – that’s £29.99 for us UK folk!

Payday preorder

Set to launch June 12, the Crimewave Edition includes an “enhanced graphics engine” and the pre-order will give you access to the Lootbag DLC – I played the game back on the 360, and despite its bugs, I had a blast playing it with mates.

PayDay 2 Review


Overkill and 505 Games have released the highly sought after PayDay 2, which seemed to have had a brief drought in retail copies at launch due to demand, but for those eager to get robbing a few banks you can download the game digitally from Xbox LIVE as of right now! As a solo experience it’s absolutely rubbish (sorry to say so early in the review) and not worth the time or effort in your day, but as a multiplayer game over Xbox LIVE or co-operatively with friends it’s a whole different world that wants to lead you into the criminal underworld as you tackle some mean heists that can only be completed objectively by working as a team. Whilst touching on teamwork, this is something Xbox LIVE publicly has been missing for a long time on many multiplayer games, so if you have a few mates with the game already – they’re your best bet. Communication and interaction is key for survival, otherwise you’ll be captured and deemed a failure. Not to mention taking the shame on Xbox Live for your poor performance. This is not one of those games where you can just run and gun it and hope for the best.

I am not even going to bother going into great detail about the offline experience, I don’t want you to ever look at it, I tried it (naturally) and turned it straight off. Even thinking about that shit just makes me annoyed. The main grievance for offline mode is that the game is not a campaign, just a series of challenges with exceptionally bad AI, boring missions without the interaction of real players; so let’s pretend offline just doesn’t exist. Moving swiftly on then, everything within the core parts of this game centers on the in-game Crime.Net, (No – it’s not a website you visit) and it is here in this map style lobby that this becomes your massive crime map of jobs to undertake with varied difficulty and rewards. It’s the place where you will always find your next heist and challenge to complete against online players, and your friends list.


The focus for this review is on the “Online” Crime.Net because if you haven’t got Xbox LIVE Multiplayer I actually am forcing my opinion on you not to buy the game and save your money! So, back to the online Crime.Net – as soon as you’re logged in your first display is of a large map listing New, Public and Friends Contracts accessible to you. Each of which will have its own Pay Grade, Risk Level and an objective that will range from a simple Bank Job, jewellery store robbery, or smash ‘n’ grab, to the more Pro style where the “Entire” contract will be terminated upon any failure within the mission. It’s all about Risk and Reward, or simpler endurance tasks.

Each one of the contracts that you undertake is optional; there are no set paths, no story to follow, it’s a simple premise of you and up to three other players (or AI) taking on what is best described as a Horde mission. Each contract has its own environment consisting of interior and exterior locations (some more vertical than others) and a wave based enemy system in play where weaker cops and security men storm at you, to what later builds up to suited and armoured military with snipers on almost every roof! The objective is to destroy and steal as much as you possibly can hold and load up a getaway van with the goods. It’s not all plain sailing as making it out alive is a feat in itself with the slow walk to the getaway van an absolute nightmare as it is here, at that precise moment when you are your most exposed in the external settings.

Team work is key to your success as already pointed out, because each of the characters can have their own skill tree with extra abilities. Some might have to drill locks, whilst others can simply pick them, but most of your internal team work to secure the heist will involve trying not shoot civilians, rummaging around different rooms to find key cards and long waiting times whilst drills cut through doors and safe’s. To rank up the difficulty as enemies horde at you from all direction, they can often throw in smoke or gas for good measures. As you increase your ‘Reputation’ levels by playing really well you can also purchase better  weapons, armour and equipment. Replaying the challenges again will have different effects. Not only will you become and even better criminal than before with better upgrades, but due to the games’ dynamic scenerios it will feel a little different. Enemies come in different directions, random geometry and even rare events take place that might not have happened before.


PayDay2 does require a tactical mind-set with the ability to work as a team. Co-operatively taking out enemies together, helping each other when downed; whilst some may find themselves picking locks and looting with bags, others could be carrying them to the van – it’s a virtual heist in every sense – you can’t afford a fuck up in real life and the same applies to the game. Even the getaway vehicle can often be found moving around so as not to cause suspicion or alternatively to stay clear from the police!

Visually it’s not the best looking game on the market, but I can’t help but think that since this is a budget title then its appearance is looking and representative of a little lacking in budget! It’s a dated look, but the intensity of the action does mean you aren’t really looking around all that much because it forces you to focus on the events of the mission and not the cardboard looking rooms or buildings. You might not notice all the lego-looking characters or cars if perhaps I hadn’t pointed it out, but I don’t want to give an over bad impression because visuals aren’t everything and this isn’t triple AAA quality and nor was meant to be. The game is basically an average run of the mill experience that will offer a little fun here and there whilst you’re waiting for the best games of the year to come out in a few weeks’ time.

Worthy of a try at least, but generally you’re not missing much if you didn’t bother with it at all!

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PayDay 2 – Change of Plan, XBLA Game Is Now For Retail


505 Games and developer Overkill Software has announced today that their upcoming title PAYDAY 2, sequel to the 2011 hit PAYDAY: The Heist, will no longer be limited to the Xbox LIVE Arcade and other digital platforms, so will no go to retail.

Here’s a couple of comments to add to the news…

Game Director on PAYDAY 2 David Goldfarb said, “We have a bit of a problem here at Overkill – there are just too many great ideas and none that we were really happy to throw out – so PAYDAY 2 has become just too big to reserve release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network alone.”

“It’s an incredible position to be in, having a game that just keeps growing and getting better all the time,” added Head of Global Brand at 505 Games, Tim Woodley. “We wanted to do everything we could to make a game that truly fits the vision of the team at Overkill but most importantly delivers an exciting, rewarding experience for the player – be they a long-time fan or new to the series. We’re expecting great things from PAYDAY 2 and are really looking forward to working with our retail partners all over the world to make it the huge success it deserves to be.”

PAYDAY 2 will release for consoles and PC, via Steam, in August 2013.